Can Samsung Washer Use Tide Pods? (Explained)

When it comes to using detergent in the Samsung washer, we have to consider some necessary points, such as if the detergent is suitable or not for the washer.

If you’re going to use tide pods in a Samsung washer for the first time and don’t know “do you put tide pods in Samsung washers”, this post is for you.

High-efficiency Tide pods are suitable to use in a Samsung washing machine whether the machine is top-loaded or front-loaded. The company officially mentioned that using simple regular detergents is not suitable to use since regular detergents can damage the washer. Put Tide pods inside the drum instead of a detergent container. 

Proper detergent usage knowledge can prevent harm to your washer, there is more to know about this topic. Let’s dive into the guide.

Can Samsung Washer Use Tide Pods?

Can You Use Tide Pods In A Samsung Front Load Washer?

Many types of detergents are available to clean clothes, but not all are recommended by Samsung to use in their washers. If you are a front-load model user, you need to be careful while choosing a cloth cleanser.

Tide pods are fine to use in Samsung front-load washing machines. Make sure the pod you use, must contain HE(high efficiency) detergent. As tide pods contain liquid solutions, they’ll easily dissolve during the laundry cycle. 

Don’t put these pods in the detergent container of the device. Put pods inside the front loader drum before putting clothes on. 

Here are some points to consider whenever you put tide pods inside the front loader drum:

  • Make sure pods are original and contain high-efficiency detergent solutions.
  • Always put tide pods before putting clothes inside the drum whether you use a top load or front load model.
  • Use pods according to the wash load, if the clothes are fewer than half washing drum filled, two pods will be fine. 
  • Don’t put an excessive amount of pods in the drum since it will waste detergent and can affect the quality of the drum working.
  • Tip: If the cleaning solution has HE(high efficiency) property and is officially mentioned on packing, feel free to use it. You Use Tide Pods In a Samsung He washer.

Where To Put Tide Pods In A Samsung Washer?

People new to Tide pods usage typically get confused about where they can add this type of detergent to a Samsung washer. If you’re one of them, don’t worry this section will help you a lot.

Tide pods are specially made for putting directly into the drum, no need to add a pod into the detergent container as their working method is different from other forms of clothing cleaners.

Ether the machine front load or top load the following steps are the same for them:

Open the door of your washer, and make sure there is no other detergent in the drum. Analyze the number of clothes that you’re going to put into the drum. If the clothes load is high and can fulfill the washer drum, use three tide pods.

You should use an accurate amount of Tide pods according to the wash loads. If the amount of pods is not equal to the need, it will not wash your clothes effectively and may waste your laundry time. So always keep the tide pods according to the number of garments that you’re going to wash in your washing drum.

How Much Tide Pods To Use In A Samsung Washing Machine?

A less and excessive amount of Tide pods is not suitable for the proper washing of clothes. 

If the pods are less than the clothes amount, garments will not clean properly as the detergent amount is not up to need. On the other hand, if the pod’s amount is excessive, it will cause damage to the drum over frequent use and also cause friction between fabrics. 

If the washer drum is filled ⅓ with clothes, use one Tide pod since it will provide a sufficient amount of detergent to wash the ⅓ filled drum.

When a washer drum becomes ⅔ filled with garments, two pods will be okay to put into the washer drum. 

If you have a large number of clothes to wash and the drum can be fulfilled by the wash load, use three Tide pods per fulfilled drum laundry cycle.

Don’t use pods containing natural substances such as Vinegar, soda, mints, etc. Natural substances containing pods and other detergents are restricted to use by Samsung in their washers since these substances have the potential to harm the quality of washing machine parts.

Don’t forget to check the detergent specifications or details on its pack. If by mistake you use the wrong detergent, it can affect the device’s quality.

Is It Better To Use Pods, Powder, Or Liquid Detergent In Samsung Washers?

Samsung officially mentioned on their site that Liquid detergents with high efficiency are way better than powder detergents. Liquid form dissolves easily into water within seconds. On the other hand, powder form detergents take longer to properly dissolve in the water even though most don’t dissolve properly.

If the liquid detergent contains natural items such as lemon extract, vinegar, and soda and has no high efficiency, don’t use it in Samsung washers since it can be harmful to use.

HE-Pods are suitable for every kind of Samsung washer. You just need to follow recommended detergents by the company whenever you use your washer.

How To Use Pods In Samsung Washers?

It’s easy to use pods in a Samsung washer. You just need pods and garments that you want to wash. Your laundry will take the usual amount of time to wash whether you’re using liquid detergent or pods. However, time consumption depends on the laundry size. Make sure your pods are high efficiency as they are suitable and recommended by Samsung.

Steps to use pods in Samsung washers:

  1. First, turn on the washing machine, but don’t set any cycle right away.
  2. Next, collect your laundry and analyze the laundry load to select the number of pods.
  3. Now, put clothes in the washer and see how much the drum is filled.
  4. Use one pod if the drum is filled ⅓, two pods for ⅔, and three if the drum is full with laundry.
  5. Put pods in the drum with laundry. Don’t put them into the detergent container of the machine as pads made especially for direct use.


You can use tide pods in your Samsung washing machines if you prefer.  A user just has to use only high-efficiency pods as recommended by the company. An accurate number of pods tasks your laundry clean and machine secure.

First, learn how to use tide pods which we already mention in this article, then try them in your Samsung washing machine.