Does Hot Water Damage Washing Machine?

The majority of people use hot water in their washers but some of them don’t know using hot water may lead to some problems over some period.

It is necessary to know which type of water temperature is suitable for a washing machine, so users can avoid making mistakes. In this guide, we described whether hot water damages the washing machine or not.

Hot water causes the rubber seal of the washer to wear more quickly and can also develop stains on the body over time. However, it helps to wash out clothes fast due to high temperature. If users regularly use hot water twice a day, it can affect the state of the washer body. 

Let’s dive into the guide!

does hot water damage washing machine

Can I put Hot Water in Washing Machine?

Hot water helps users and washing machines to wash clothes fast since molecules start vibrating rapidly and fastly when the temperature is high in water.

Using hot after time in a washing machine is fine, but if the user uses it many times a day for a few months it will be not good for washing machine parts like plastic body, rubber seals, and bright color properties. In short, you should use hot water a few times a week, but don’t use it daily to maintain the quality and working of the washer.

Moreover, if it’s a cold water washing machine, it can damage and manipulate the washer if you use hot water. A Coldwater device requires only a cold water supply as its body and mechanism are only built to work with specific cold temperatures.

Once the seal of the washing machine wears out, water will leak and cause damage to the placing area such as the floor and walls by water leakage.

Water leakage is not good for the place where you placed your device since water has the properties to weaken and ruin wooden floors and walls of basements and houses. It can also develop mold and moisturizer in the laundry place.

Once the stain develops on the washer body, it can decrease the selling cost of the device since the buying party might offer less due to stains on the body parts. 

If you want to use hot water, make sure the temperature is not high enough and cannot burn the plastic washing drum of your washer(if you’re using a plastic drum washer).

Can you use Hot Water in a Portable Washer?

Users can only use hot water in a portable washer after reading the instructions given by the device manufacturer. Most portable washing machines work fine with hot water, but it depends on the washer type.

If you use hot water in a cold water portable washer, it may worsen the quality of the drum and seals. First, know the water temperature using instructions in the user manual of the device then make the decision.

Some new technology portable washers come with self-water heating features. Not all portable washers are the same and each has different properties and abilities to perform the task.

Experts recommend using hot water when needed in portable washers since it can affect the quality of clothes and washers if used daily.

It’s not a secret that scalding water is very effective to remove dust from fabrics. It can also fade the clothes and that’s why most individuals avoid high-temperature water to use.

Pros and Cons of using Hot Water in a Washing Machine?

Users using hot water know the advantages of it, but few of them know its disadvantages. Both temperature states(cold and hot) of water have different properties means both can be perfect for various times.

Let’s discuss them

Pros of hot water in a washing machine:

  • It helps the user and washer to wash clothes quickly as when we use hot water in the washing drum, it speeds up the vibration in molecules. Moduclutes move rapidly and remove dust from clothes quickly.
  • The use of hot water saves more time than using cold water for laundry since it cleans fabric faster.
  • How water is proven to kill germs and it can kill bacteria and germs on your clothes within one or two wash cycles.
  • Helps to wash clothes in winter since cold water on winter days is hard to touch for many individuals.

Cons of hot water in a Washing machine:

  • Clothes in the washer might fade when the user uses hot water in the washing drum.
  • When we use it often, scalding water can develop stains on clothes and the washer body to set permanently. 
  • If a user is doing laundry under budget, having hot water for laundry might be costly for him since it requires resources and energy to heat water.
  • Affect the state of washer parts, such as rubber seals and plastic drums.

Will Hot Water Damage a Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers are great for washing objects. If you’re using it for the first time, chances are higher that you don’t know which water is suitable for use in pressure washers.

No, you can not use hot water since it can damage the device. This device is not made to withstand heightened temperatures and requires a cold water supply. Before using your pressure washer make sure you’re following the instructions given in the device user manual.

If you recently used hot water in a pressure washer and no effect appeared, don’t repeat the process. If you often use hot water in this device, it can affect the state of the device parts and damage it permanently.

Bottom line

The frequent use of hot water tends to be bad. Read the device user manual to know which temperature water can you washer handle. However, using it in a cold washing machine leads to damage in parts. Hot water develops stains and might wear out the parts, especially rubber seals.