Does Nikwax Damage Washing Machine? (Solved)

If you have never used Nikwax cleaner in your washing machine, it is good to know if Nikwax will damage the washing machine when you are going to put it in the device for the first time.

It’s a great solution for cleaning jackets and outerwear and helps you to maintain technical synthetic wear. 

Nikwax tech wash is suitable to put in the washing machine which means it doesn’t damage the device. It helps in safely cleaning synthetic outerwear. Users can use it after using detergent in the washer to remove cleaner residue on garments such as raincoats and jackets.

Let’s dive into the guide!

does nikwax damage washing machine

Can you use Nikwax in He Washers?

Yes, you can use Nikwax in a high-efficiency(he) washer by using the recommended amount of solution. But if you use excessive quantities it will create an issue since it can suds up the place. Just use the recommended amount in a he-washing machine. 

Make sure the amount of solution is not excessive in the drum of the washer since an excessive quantity of Nikwax may damage the quality of clothes.

Always remember to only use suitable Nikwax products because not all of their products are suitable to put into a HE machine. Use Tech Wash-named products to clean your outdoor jackets, raincoats, and other waterproof outfits in the HE washer.

If you would feel that the clothes inside the HE washer are not cleaning as you expected, check the solution quantity since most individuals mostly use an unsuitable amount of Tech Wash.

You can wash synthetic sleeping bags, and rain and ski jackets in your HE washer by using Nikwax Tech Wash. if you don’t want to use your regular detergent, you can use it instead of detergent.

How do you Use Nikwax Tech Wash in Front loader?

It is simple and easy to use Nikwax tech wash in a front loader. Follow our below-described steps. Please don’t skip any step of the cleaning process as we described below.

Here’s how to use Nikwax tech wash in a front leader:

  1. Open the washing drum door of the front loader and place your technical clots such as jackets. You can wash more than one jacket if you want. Make sure there is no other load in the drum aside from technical clothes.
  1. Take Nikwax Tech Wash, add 100ml about two cups of tech wash in the machine with more than one jacket. If users have an HE machine, use about half the recommended amount because an excessive amount can suds up the place. Note: if using it in top-loader, add 150ml about three full caps for 1-3 clothes. If the quantity is five, use 250 ml for 4-6 clothes.
  1. Run the wash cycle by setting the spin for washing. Wait until the machine has done its cycles.
  1. Once the cycles are complete, take clothes from the washer drum and place them for drying. However, a single cycle might be enough to revive a jacket state.

Do you use Detergent with Nikwax in Washer?

No problem if users want to use detergent with Nikwax in a washer. The company of Nikwax officially mentioned that users can use Nikwax tech wash instead of detergent which clearly showed that we don’t need to use detergent with it.

You can use your detergent first before using Nikwax since Nikwax provides the best cleaning of technical clothing when users pre-ready clothes with detergent. However, it depends on the need for cloth and user standards to use both at the same time. After putting on the Nikwax, follow the clothes label washing instructions also.

In simple words, if you’re using Nikwax, using detergent with it is not a great choice since there is no need to use regular detergent with it.

Does Nikwax Damage Clothes in Washing Machines?

Nikwax is not made for every type of fiber, it is a cleaning solution for technical clothing such as synthetic sleeping bags, rain, and ski jackets. It can damage clothes if the fabric is not suitable for its solution chemicals.

It is great for cleaning rain jackets and pants, ski jackets and pants, synthetic-filled jackets, and synthetic-filled sleeping bags. If you’re going to wash other clothes than recently described clothes, it can damage those other fabric-made clothes in the washing machine.

So pour it into the washing machine when you want to clean technical clothing since it is not good for another type of clothing.


You can clean your outdoor waterproof technical clothing such as synthetic sleeping bags, and rain and ski jackets with the use of Nikwax Tech Max in your washing machine. It is a machine-safe technical clothing solution that doesn’t affect or damage the washer. 

If you want to use it, just follow the usage instructions given on the labels.