What Does E05 Mean On Breville Toaster Oven? (Explained)

Breville toaster ovens are famous for many outstanding features. But sometimes they also show some errors that leave the user confused about the faults. 

This item could show several errors on the display. In case you’re having a problem with your device and you don’t know what E05 means in the Breville toaster oven, this guide is for you. And helps you to fix the issue so you can reuse your appliance.

Breville company claims that E05 on their toaster oven means there is a usual environmental or non-resettable issue. However, some electricians say this code represents a bad triac. A filled triac means the component called the thermostat fails to work properly which helps the oven to regulate the temperature.

People who fail to solve this error on their device usually decide to replace the appliance. But it is not the solution to fix this error.

Let’s see what you should do to fix the E05 error code on your Breville toaster oven.

What Does E05 Mean on Breville Toaster Oven?

The BOV800 DIsplays an E05 Error:

Whether it’s a BOV800 or BOV650XL oven, the E05 code can be caused by a bad triac on every oven. 

It seems very unsatisfactory to see that this E05 error on Breville toaster ovens can cause it randomly, no matter if it’s a new oven or an old one.

Usually, people get this error on their appliance display when they overuse the appliance continuously for a long time. Many people found that drops in voltage and 40 – 50 minutes of continuous use cause this error on the device. 

All users have their theories and guesses but the actual cause is still hidden by the company as they said that this error can be only solved by their team.

Many discussions between users and electricians show that E05 on the Breville oven stops their appliances. And unfortunately, they fail to use the oven. 

Our experts also solve this problem by replacing the temperature-regulating element of the oven and replacing the control board. 

You’re not the only one who is getting this message on the Breville oven display, several people like you have the same problem with their old and new Breville ovens. 

But the Breville company officially mentioned on their product manuals that this is a non-resettable issue. 

Unfortunately, the company does not have described the fix for this error, but we have described some important points that you should take to prevent further malfunction in your oven.

How to Fix Breville Toaster Oven Error Code E05?

Now you have an E05 error code on your Breville toaster oven, but there is no DIY fix represented by the company on the product manual. But they only ask the users to contact their support by giving the contact information.

Note if you want to contact their support contact, reach them and ask them for the fix. It will be great if your oven is still under warranty as the company can return your faulty device that is under warranty.

Here’s how to fix Breville toaster oven error code E05:

  1. Check whether the error is showing continuously or not, if it displays continuously, follow the next step.
  2. Turn off the device immediately.
  3. Unplug the unit to reset. 
  4. After a few minutes, plug the unit into a dedicated outlet.
  5. Now, you can use the device and the error will go away if it’s a temporary code.
  6. In case, the error is still there, check the thermostat of your oven. But first, unplug it to check for faults.
  7. Replace the thermostat if it goes bad and restart the device.
  8. Besides, if the E05 is still on display, contact the company to fix the appliance.

We’ve found that unplugging the Breville toaster oven and plugging it back after some time resets it. Once it gets reset, the error will go away and it allows us to use the device again. 

If you think about why we can check the thermostat, let’s know. Every oven has a thermostat inside its hardware system that helps the device measure and regulates the temperature. 

It helps the oven to cook better and keeps its hardware from extreme hotness, so the oven avoids malfunction in any of its elements.

All Breville Toaster Oven Error Codes:

The Breville toaster oven can show several different error codes. Each error has a meaning that indicates to the user about the issue within their oven. 

Some people already reported these errors with under-warranty ovens that they have used fewer times. Furthermore, some third-party electricians have created ways to fix each error aside from brand repair services. 

If you have a Breville oven and you don’t have bad luck with having errors on the display, you should also understand those errors to be aware of these usual error codes.

Here Are some typical errors on Breville’s ovens:

The LCD screen displays E01: Thermistor open circuit

The LCD screen displays E02: Thermistor short circuit

The LCD screen displays E03: When the oven temperature is above the set maximum limit

The LCD screen displays E04: When the room temperature is below the set minimum

The LCD screen displays E05: Triac Failed


When the display of your Breville oven shows an E05 error, it means something is wrong with the appliance. 

Try to unplug the device immediately. Restart the device after plugging back into a dedicated outlet that has a dedicated wire from the home’s power circuit. Also, check the temperature-regulating component of your own.