Electrolux Washer Filter Location? (How to Locate)

As an owner or user, you must know the Electrolux washer filter location. Not every model is the same in design, but their specification and parts locations are almost similar. 

This becomes easier to keep the filter clean, and the draining system is maintained when we know where each filter in the washer locates. According to the model number, you can find fewer or more filters, So don’t worry if you find fewer.

Electrolux Washer Filter Location

Here’s where is the filter on the Electrolux Washer:

Electrolux washers have a filter in front at the bottom exterior behind a small hatch. However, some models have a pump filter called a sump filter inside the drain pump hose. It is necessary to keep this filter clean to prevent draining issues in the unit. 

Open the small hatch with your fingers to access it. You must put a towel down and first remove gray water through the emergency hose before opening the pump filter.

If the wastewater is not draining at all or going away slowly, it is a sign that the drain filter might require cleaning. If it is clogged, the water remains in the washing drum even when the drain cycle is turned on.

Grit, small dirt particles, and metal entered through laundry clothes can clog the filter. So make that the reason you should keep this part clean is to avoid blockage and bottom-side leakage.

Electrolux  front load washer filter location

There are two types of washers available manufactured by Electrolux – front loader and top loader. But, their front loader models are more popular as their third-party online stores show.

Electrolux front load washers come in different designs, and some models have a filter in the bottom behind a small panel in the front exterior, but some front load models have a filter inside the pump drain hose which can be accessible after removing the front panel as it locates under the unit. 

First of all, you have to check the model number of your Electrolux front load washer. Take a look at the bottom of the front exterior of your washing machine. 

If there is a small panel, it means it has a filter behind it. Just open a small panel to access the pump filter.

In case there is no small panel or hatch available in the bottom font exterior, it means the unit has a filter inside the drain pump hose. This filter is called a sump filter and you can only access it by removing the hose from the pump. 

It has two names: ‘pump filter’ and ‘Sump filter’. These names are different but both are names of one object. You have to remove the front panel to access the pump hose for cleaning or replacement of the Electrolux front loader filter.

Electrolux  efls627utt filter location?

The Electrolux  efls627utt model doesn’t directly access the filter. It doesn’t have a small hatch in front to provide direct access to the pump filter, you’ve to remove the front panel of the washer to access its sump filter.

It is not designed as most front loader washers are, and it is not easy to access its sump filter as it requires the disassembly of some parts. 

The reason why there is no filter access from outside is that its pump is fairly self-sufficient and doesn’t require regular cleaning.

Some people think there is no filter in their Electrolux  efls627utt model washer, but that’s a wrong assumption. It has a hidden sump filter inside a rubber-made hose connected to the drain pump.

Practically, It is not too easy to access this filter. Here’s how to access its filter: First you have to remove the front panel and after that the inner cover which is located around the washing drum. 

Once these parts are disengaged, you will see a thick black colored hose connected to the drain pump and washing drum. 

You will get sump filter access by removing that hose from the drain pump housing. Remove this filter with the help of your fingers to clean or replace it.

Electrolux  Luxcare washer filter location?

Like other companies’ washers, you will not see any hatch in the bottom of an Electrolux luxcare washer model. 

This model doesn’t provide direct pump access. It means you will not be able to access its pump filter directly from its exterior.

The Electrolux luxcare washer model has a filter on the front at the bottom on the right side. But, it requires removing the front panel to get to it. Some of their front loaders have small panels at the bottom, and these models don’t require removing the front panel.

Whether you want to clean or replace the filter of an Electrolux luxcare washer, first remove the front panel with the use of a screwdriver, and then remove the inner cover that is located around the washing basket. 

Follow the same steps that are described above to clean and replace Electrolux  efls627utt.

Its filter looks round and cylindrical but is different in appearance from other brands’ drain filters, like Samsung washer drain filters. 

This is unique in appearance because it is a sump filter and the pump of this model does not entirely depend upon the filter.

Here’s How to Access and Clean Electrolux  Washer Filter:

As we discussed before, we’ve to check two different locations to access the filter in Electrolux washers as filter location varies on model design. Follow the below steps to access the drain filter:

  1. Look at the front of your washer at the bottom side. If there is a small hatch, a filter is behind it.
  2. Open the hatch by pulling it with your fingers.
  3. Take a towel and put down the location.
  4. Take a container and remove the water first through an emergency hose or cap of the filter(if available)
  5. Now rotate the filter coin trap counterclockwise to remove it.
  6. Clean the filter with a brush or piece of clean cloth.
  7. Lined up the bottom notch with the housing’s small tab Insert the filter back in the housing, and rotate it clockwise to securely lock and tighten it.

In case your Electrolux washer model doesn’t have filter access outside, you have to remove the front panel to get to it. To do this, Follow the below video:


If you own an Electrolux washer, it’s important to know where to locate its filter. Most Electrolux washers have a front filter located at the bottom exterior, which can be accessed through a small hatch. However, certain models may have a sump filter inside the drain pump hose.

Keep the filter clean to maintain the drain system of your washer.