Lg Washing Machine Filter Leaking? Here’s How to Fix

Lg washing machines have a drain filter in the front exterior, which sometimes leaks when it deals with an issue. However, there are other filters that cannot be leaked. 

Sometimes users report their LG washer leaks from the bottom, which is also caused by the drain pump filter. Fixing this issue as soon as possible is necessary to stop wasting water.

Technically, the filter of your LG washing machine can leak when it is not securely installed, has a broken seal, or cracked coin trap. However, it is tested that a clogged filter can cause leakage. Manually investigate the issue to address it.

In this guide, we’ve described everything you need to know to fix a leaking LG washing machine filter.

Lg Washing Machine Filter Leaking?

Reasons LG Washer leaking from the bottom filter?

If you’ve noticed water leaking from the bottom of your LG washer, the probably issue is caused by the drain filter. Below we’ve listed some possible causes that you should check in your unit when the same issue occurs.

#1: Improperly Installed Filter:

Sometimes we mistakenly install the pump filter incorrectly, resulting in leakage. There is a small notch at the bottom of the filter which should be lined up with the trim tab situated inside the filter housing. 

If the notch is not lined up with a housing tab, a gap gets created between the seal and housing endpoint which allows the water to flow outside. 

So, if you recently have done filter cleaning and the washer started leaking, remove and reinstall the drain pump filter. 

#2: Contaminated Or Broken Seal:

The role of the bottom drain filter is to trap particles and solid dirt from gray water, so the pump remains secured. As there is a black seal on the filter, it gets contaminated with grit and fine particles when it is not cleaned for longer. 

Sometimes trapped sharp particles cut the seal as this is made of rubber. 

Thus, if the seal is contaminated or damaged, this weakens the lock between the filter and its housing and causes leakage. Replace the seal if required.

#3: Cracked Coin Trap:

The coin trap is the cap of the filer which we hold and rotate to remove the drain filter. This is a plastic-made component that still is solid in manufacturing. 

Sometimes the user applies excessive force on the coin trap to remove a stuck filter, and doing this can crack this part. 

As cracked parts can cause leakage, it becomes necessary to replace them.

Can a Washing Machine filter cause a leak?

Yes, a drain pump filter of a washing machine can cause leakage when it is not securely locked, blocked, broken, and has a broken seal. 

It’s important to regularly check and clean the filter in your washing machine to prevent clogs and potential leaks. 

If you notice any signs of damage to the filter, you should replace it as soon as possible to avoid leaks and other problems.

LG Washing Machine leaking after cleaning Filter?

Often cleaning your washer filter is a necessary part of its maintenance. The more you keep it clean, the longer it will work issue-free.

If your LG washing machine started leaking after cleaning the filter, this means you’ve installed it improperly. It should be locked securely. To fix this issue, reinstall the filter.

Here’s How to install the filter properly:

  1. Isolate the washer from the mains before cleaning it or its parts.
  2. Take a towel and container to store water that will come from the emergency hose. Put the towel on the floor down to the filter position.
  3. Remove the filter from the housing and clean it.
  4. There is a notch at the bottom of the filter, lined up with the small tab inside the housing.
  5. Push and rotate the filter clockwise until it is securely locked and tight.

Note: Always remove water from the drum before opening the drain filter. And also fill a small amount of water first after cleaning and reinstalling the filter. If there is still leakage due to improper installation, you will be able to fix without removing all water again.

Can a dirty filter keep leaking?

A dirty filter cannot leak, but if it is clogged with dirt, this can cause leakage problems. Drain filters in a washing machine only exist to trap dirt and particles so these things cannot enter the drain pump.

It is recommended to clean every filter of a washing machine once every four weeks. If you have noticed that the drain pump is not draining water, you must check if the pump filter is cleaned or not. 

The more you use the machine, the more frequently you need to consider cleaning the filter.

You need a brush, a cloth piece, and water to clean the filter of your washing machine. It is necessary to clean it whenever you get it dirty. If it is clogged, this prevents gray water from going inside the drain pump.

You must consider that not only is it a dirty filter, but it can also keep leaking when its cap is loose. Some people only focus on cleaning the mesh, but more is needed to maintain the cleanliness of the filter. 

It means you also have to clean its seal which is mandatory to keep grit and fine particles free.

Some washing machines have a sump filter which is located in the drain hose. If you haven’t found any filter on the exterior body, consider checking the hose connected to the drain pump.

To Summarize

This is necessary to fix leaking LG washing machines as soon as possible to stop water wastage and prevent water on the floor. Whenever you notice leakage at the bottom, immediately check the drain pump filter, and if there’s a blockage, broken part, or loose connection issue, fix it according to the instructions.