Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Making Noise? Here’s Why

Listening to unexpected noise from an air fryer looks like there could be an issue with its mechanism. But it’s not that challenging to make it silent again. If your emergency air fryer is making noise, you can fit it yourself by reading this post.

Typically, grease buildup, dirt/oil on the fan motor shaft, and loose fan blades can lead the Emeril Lagasse air fryer to make noise. If you’re hearing too much noise, turn off the appliance, and inspect its fan blades immediately to address the cause. Then, apply a fix according to the issue.

Let’s understand how to fix a noisy Emeril Lagasse air fryer! 

Emeril Lagasse Air Fryer Making Noise?

Is an Emeril Lagasse air fryer supposed to make noise?

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that all kitchen appliances like air fryers make some level of noise while in operation. However, This noise can vary depending on the brand, model, and components used in a particular unit. 

It’s not uncommon for an Emeril Lagasse air fryer to emit some noise during use while it is true that some air fryers are designed to be quieter than others. In case you’re hearing unusual noise from your Emeril Lagasse air fryer, then it requires repair.

Why is Emeril Lagasse’s air fryer making noise?

Several factors can contribute to the noise coming from your Emeril Lagasse air fryer. The most common causes are related to fan issues in the air fryer.

Here are some common reasons:

#Cause no.1: Fan Operation 

Every air fryer uses a powerful fan to circulate hot air and cook the food evenly. The fan can generate noise when operating at higher speeds. But in this condition, it only produces noise at the lower level. 

Sometimes the loose fan blades also produce too much noise when they run at normal speed.

#Cause no.2: Heating Element 

The heating element in the air fryer generates the heat required for cooking. It may produce clicking or popping sounds as it turns on and off to maintain the desired temperature. 

This only produces noise for a few seconds. In case the noise comes continuously, the air fryer possibly needs cleaning.

#Cause no.3: Dirty fan blades

We always recommend our readers keep their appliances clean always. We usually use some amount of oil in air fryers, but if we don’t clean the unit, over time it starts to produce some noise. 

The grease buildup on the fan blade makes some pressure on the motor resulting in a noisy fan when it rotates.

#Cause no.4: Poor ventilation

Aside from blockage, one more thing affects the airflow(ventilation) inside the air fryers. This is the wrong selection of place for the air fryer. You should always choose a place to place the air fryer where it can have good access to free space in the surroundings for ventilation. 

If the unit is placed in the wrong place, it could increase overheating situations in the components. And when the unit detects overheating, the fan starts to run faster to maintain the temperature. This process makes the device noisy.

How to fix the noise issue in the Emeril Lagasse air fryer?

You can take some steps to minimize it while it is challenging to eliminate all noise from any air fryer. This is a simple process to silence an emeril lagasse air fryer. Just follow all the steps carefully.

Here’re the best practices:

First of all, you must ensure your air fryer has proper placement. The place must have open space for airflow and circulation. In this process, you need to ensure that your air fryer is placed on a level and stable surface to reduce vibrations that may contribute to the noise.

Next, inspect the cleanliness of your unit. Keeping your air fryer clean and well-maintained is important as it can prevent any potential rattling noises caused by loose and dirty components. 

If you found some grease buildup in the air fryer, it probably requires repair. Take a soft piece of cloth and clean out the grease buildup. You can also use a non-flammable silicone spray for easy cleaning. 

NOTE: It is necessary to unplug the device before touching it. You may have to remove some covers of your air fryer to access the fan for spraying cleaner. Only use a small amount of non-flammable silicone spray if you prefer to use it.

Overloading the air fryer basket can obstruct proper air circulation which leads to louder fan noise. If you’re using the air fryer currency and heard some unusual noise, make sure the device is not overloaded with dishes.

We hope that your Emeril Lagasse air fryer has stopped making noise. In case you still hear the noise, it is best to inspect the fan and its motor.

How much noise is normal from an air fryer?

New air fryer users usually don’t know about the noise level that air fryers commonly produce during operation. As we mentioned earlier, some level of noise is to be expected while using an air fryer. 

The noise level can vary between different models and brands. We reported that most air fryers produce a noise similar to that of a microwave or a small convection oven. 

However, if the noise becomes excessively loud, inconsistent, or accompanied by unusual smells or smoke, it may indicate a problem that requires attention in your air fryer.

Final Thoughts!

Emeril Lagasse air fryer usually makes some noise during operation due to the fan rotation, heating element, and other mechanical components involved in the cooking process. Normal noise is generally not a cause for concern, but it should not be excessively loud. If you find that your Emeril Lagasse air fryer is making an unusual amount of noise or you suspect a defect, it is best to contact Emeril Lagasse’s customer support for guidance. 

Keynote: You must remember to clean and maintain your air fryer regularly to ensure optimal performance and a quieter cooking experience.