Do Essential Oils Damage Washing Machine? (Must Read)

Some people like more natural fragrances in their clothes, and they mostly use essential oils in the washer during laundry to add fresh and long-lasting fragrances to their clothes.

We found that essential oils don’t damage anything in the washing machine, but need to be added in the right quantity with the proper technique.

Typically, Essential oils are flammable, but if the washing machine is full of water, essential oils cannot damage the washing machine in any way. If you use these oils without adding water to the washer drum, they might cause fires.

There are many simple things to consider when using essential oils in a washer or dryer. Let’s dive into the guide to learn more!

Essential Oils

Will Essential Oil Ruin A Washing Machine?

The answer to this question is probably no, but not 100% because it depends on several factors. Actually, the way you use oil in the washer is responsible for the washing machine’s run condition. Several types of essential oil catch fire at different temperatures, the flashpoint can vary from 37 to 102 Celsius.

If you use essential oil in more quantities without adding water to the drum, it will ruin the washing machine. Essential oils have flammable properties which become active when there is no water added to the washer drum.

The essential oil will not ruin the washing machine if you also add water to the oil. Oil-flammable properties cannot become active and will not ruin machines when they are in water contact.

Hence, you can feel free to use oil in the washer by adding the water first in the washing drum.

Is Lavender Oil In Washing Machine Okay?

Lavender essential oil in washing machines is highly preferred by laundry individuals. People use it to create a fragrance in their clothes. It’s a natural oil that has an excellent fragrance.

It is safe to use lavender oil in the washing machines, it will not ruin or damage the washing machine. Just use it in a perfect way to add lavender plant fragrance to your favorite clothes. It’s a first-choice essential oil for laundry for many people.

You must use quality lavender oil in your washing machine to minimize the risk of any damage occurrence.

If you want to use it on your machine, you have to follow some instructions. It’s really simple and easy to use in the laundry. Don’t add this oil before adding detergent or fabric conditioner.

Add a few drops to your liquid detergent(powder form is not best) or fabric conditioner before you put it into the washing machine. Make a regular wash cycle and dry your clothes, after drying them, you will smell lavender from them. Fragrance your clothes using lavender essential oil in your collapse drier.

Can Essential Oils Damage Clothes in Washing Machine?

Essential oils used in the laundry are gaining popularity day by day among fragrance lovers. We often hear that people don’t use essential oils because they worry about the damage to their clothes, which is not true.

Essential oils don’t damage your clothes, they just add natural fragrance to your clothes. They don’t create stains or cuts on fabric. Your clothes will get that type of fragrance and which type of essential oil you use.

The best advantage of essential oils is they provide a long-lasting natural fragrance. The fragrance will stay for many days after many washes. If you think oil can damage clothes then we suggest experimenting with old clothes.

If somebody asked you if the essential oil ruined their clothes, maybe they were making wrong assumptions. Sometimes a washing machine agitator can also ruin the clothes in the washer if we wash clothes in bulk and by following the wrong method.

Is It Safe To Put Essential Oils In Washing Machines?

The way you use essential oils in the washing machine is responsible for the machine and clothes’ safety. If you don’t know how to use them in the right way, you have to learn the usage instructions. However, we can put essential oils in the washing machine as long as we do it right.

You can add essential oils to your laundry, they’re safe to use in the washing drum during washing clothes. Make sure your method is suitable for your clothes and washer. moreover, you can use your favorite essential oil without any hesitation.

If you want a natural fragrance from your fabric then adding essential oils is the best way to fulfill your wish. However, it can also damage or create fire conditions in the washer drum if you use essential oil without water.

Don’t worry if water is already added and you’re using the oil with smart tactics(like in the proper quantity, and the right method of use).

What Essential Oils Are Safe For Laundry?

There are many types of essential oils available in the market, such as lemongrass, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or lavender essential oil. All these are safe choices.

However, An essential oil becomes unsafe for laundry when we forget to consider some useful points. You have to recognize the needed quantity per fabric quantity. 

We don’t suggest using an essential oil on unsuitable fabrics, as we know some fabrics are not suitable for adding artificial chemicals or natural oils, these fabrics may lose their quality and color if the essential oil is not suitable for them.

Always try to use suitable and great fragrance oil to add to your precious fabric, however, adding the extra quantity of oil will not affect the quality of the fabric if the oil is suitable for laundry.

A great and pure extracted oil from lemongrass, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, or lavender provides a fresh and unique feel for your laundry. Just make sure that you’re using them in the right way.

How Do I Get Oil Out Of My Washing Machine?

Seeing oil in a washing machine may look difficult to wash and flush out, but it’s not difficult to get oil out of my washing machine. 

You can easily remove the oil with a simple cleaning & hot water. The following process only just requires 5 – 10 minutes to completely get out of the washer.

The following are steps to get oil out of my washing machine:

  1. Put hot water into the washing machine drum.
  2. Make a wash cycle and run the washing machine on a full cycle with hot water.
  3. Take vinegar as a cleaning agent.
  4. Add 1 cup of white vinegar to the wash cycle to remove any last traces of oil and grease and clean out the internal spaces of the washing machine. 
  5. The machine will get wet after this process, we have to dry it by leaving it free for some time.
  6. Leave the washer door open after the cycle is finished to air dry its surface.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils cannot damage your washing machine. However, if you’re not using it in the right way, it may cause serious issues like fire in the washing drum. Take the proper amount of essentials for laundry and make sure you’re following every important step to use it in the right way.

First, learn how to use essential oils for laundry then start using them. If you think your washer is not working perfectly after using essential oils in it, check its inside parts properly.