Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working? (Why + Fixes)

An air fryer has many components, such as a fan, heating coil, circuit board, etc. Every element should have to work fine to using the appliance. If you own a Gourmia Air Fryer and its fan is not working, this guide describes everything you need to fix it.

If your Gourmia Air Fryer fan is not working, an open thermal fuse may be the problem. Apart from this, a bad fan motor, wiring problems, and faulty circuit board can also stop its fan from rotating. Consider checking the cause yourself and rectifying the fault accordingly.

Let’s understand what you should do to fix the Gourmia Air Fryer fan that’s not working.

Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working? (Why + Fixes)

Why is Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

No doubt Gourmia Air Fryers are useful and last longer, however, they also have some drawbacks. Fan issues are most common in Gourmia Air Fryer models. First of all, take note that a software glitch is not the cause of this issue, it is a hardware-related fault.

A fan is a necessary element in the air fryer that regulates hot air in the appliance. Many components play a role in the working of an air fryer fan. 

Technically, a fan is just a blade that is fixed on a motor shaft. A fan motor is located on the top side of the main unit under the top cover. 

When the motor rotates, it rotates the fan blade and circulates the hot air around the food. The fan motor requires voltage to run. 

A small transformer connected to the printed circuit board supplies voltage to the fan motor through wires. The wires that transfer power from the transformer to the fan motor have a thermal fuse connected in the middle of their connection. 

In case a single element from the fan motor, thermal fuse, transformer, wires, or circuit board gets faulty, it prevents the fan from working, in the end, your Gourmia Air Fryer fan will not work. 

So manually investigating the root cause of this problem in your unit becomes necessary to address the cause and fix it. 

However, you must check if the unit is plugged in. In case the outlet is not providing a sufficient amount of voltage to the Gourmia Air Fryer, some of its high voltage-consuming elements won’t run.

Reasons Gourmia Digital Air Fryer Fan Not Working?

This is important to know how an air fryer fan machine works to understand its working, probable issues along with fixes. Sometimes we are cooking food in the unit, and its fan randomly stops working which pulls many questions in mind, like why it stopped and what to do now, etc, etc. If you know all the probable causes of a fan problem, you would be the pro in fixing it.

The Following are Probable Reasons Why Gourmia Digital Air Fryer Fan not Working:

  1. Open Thermal Fuse:

An open thermal fuse means a Damaged thermal fuse which fails to transfer voltage from the transformer to the fan motor. 

There is a single set of wires that goes from the transformer to the fan motor, but in their middle points, there is a thermal fuse. 

The thermal fuse gets open/damaged when the unit gets overheated. If you’re using too much oil in the basket and making the drawer overfilled, it can overheat the air fryer. 

In addition, using the air fryer in a place where there is poor ventilation can also overheat it. 

You can access the thermal fuse by removing the top cover of the Gourmia Air Fryer as it is located on the top side under the top panel.

  1. Damaged Fan Motor:

Fan blades don’t rotate by themself. There is a small motor inside the unit on top that rotates the air fryer fan. 

If this motor gets damaged for any reason, such as overheating and electric shot, it won’t run and fails to rotate the fan of your Gourmia Air Fryer. 

The fan motor has a shaft where the fan blades are connected. However, if the fan motor has no electricity access, this can also make it unresponsive if it gets a power supply. 

Many times people assume that the fan motor is damaged without testing it. 

In case you want to test the air fryer fan motor, you can connect it with another unit where it gets the right voltage range and gets tested.

  1. Low Voltage:

Gourmia Air Fryer consumes 1700 wattages to run, which is a higher electric consumption number than some other companies’ air fryers. 

However, whatever the air fryer is, it requires proper voltage as it is required for running. 

Sometimes the outlet has less voltage where we’ve plugged in the unit. So be sure you’re using the right outlet that can fill the 1700 wattage needed for your Gourmia Air Fryer. 

Voltage drops typically cause electrical components to stop working. Eventually, low voltage results in unworking appliances.

  1. Burnt or Broken Wiring:

Every air fryer has several wiring connections inside it. Wiring transfers voltage from one component to another.

Sometimes thin wires get damaged due to overheating as thermal fuse do. However, electrical shorts are the most common reason for burnt wires.

If any of the wire that provides power to the fan motor is damaged, the Gourmia Air Fryer fan will not work. To access the wiring, you have to remove the top cover of this unit.

  1. Faulty Circuit Board:

The Printed Circuit Board is the central component of every air fryer. It has control over every electrical component of an air fryer. 

It takes input through buttons and a touch screen and starts working on them. When the selection of a smart program is completed by the user, the control board has to run the output elements, such as Fan, heating elements, timer, etc. 

If it is faulty and fails to turn on the fan motor, the fan of your Gourmia Air Fryer will not work. 

A printed circuit board has many tiny electrical components. 

Most of the components are interdependent, which means if any single element will stop working, then others will also fail to work due to broken working chains. 

So it is also important to check this part when these issues come off in the unit.

How to Fix a Not Working Fan Of Gourmia Air Fryer?

It requires experience and technician skills to fix any air fryer’s hardware-related problem. However, we can say that you can probably fix it by yourself by following this guide. A screwdriver is required to disassemble the unit to investigate the root cause. Time required: 10 – 15 minutes.

Follow the Below Steps to Fix A Gourmia Air Fryer Fan that’s Not Working:

  • Unplug the air fryer from the outlet. Make sure the unit has no power access before you proceed further.
  • Take a Screwdriver and open the cover screws and remove the top cover first. Now, open the main body cover screws and remove the side cover of the unit.
  • By disassembling covers, now, you have access to internal components. Keep an eye on each component and check its status.
  • There is a thermal fuse connected to wires near the transformer. Check this thermostat. Probably it is the main reason why air fryer fans stop working. If it is open, you have to replace it. You can also use a digital multimeter to test whether the thermal fuse working. Just set the digital multimeter at continuity checking and connect its probes to thermal fuse wires. If it shows no measurements like continuity, the thermal fuse is damaged. Get a new thermal fuse and connect it there. This will fix the fan.
  • If the thermal fuse is fine, check the wiring that supplies voltage to the fan motor. If any wire is broken or burnt, replace it. Use a soldering tool to connect the wires.
  • If the wires are fine, check the printed circuit board. If you find black marks and damaged electrical components on the PCB, it is damaged. If it is faulty, replace it.
  • You can try to plug the unit into another outlet where no appliance is connected. Sometimes low voltage also causes non-working component problems in electric-powered devices.

Note: If you’re not sure to do this fix by yourself, get help from a professional technician or contact manufacturer support. However, if the device is under warranty, the manufacturer might replace or repair the unit for free.


Don’t directly change the fan motor, if the air fryer fan is not working. In our air fryer fan repairs, we found that most of the time open thermal fuse is the main cause behind non-working air fryer fans.

Furthermore, You must investigate the root cause to fix it according to instructions. 

If any part requires replacement because it was found faulty and burnt, read the model no of your unit to get the same component for replacement.