Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? (Solved)

As technology is growing, nowadays we can find touchscreens on air fryers instead of buttons. Having a touch screen on an appliance makes work a little bit more enjoyable and easy. 

However, If the touch screen of your Philips Air Fryer is not working, you cannot use it until it is fixed. This is not a common problem and not a small one. 

There could be several reasons behind the Phillips air fryer touch screen not working, such as software glitch, lack of cleaning, no power, damaged touch screen, faulty circuit board, and internal wiring problem. However, investigation of fault is essential to address actual fault.

You have to check every reason behind the unresponsive Philips Air Fryer touch screen which is mentioned in this guide to fix it.

Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working? (Solved)

Why is the Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen not Working?

Most Philips Air Fryers come with a touchscreen to set temperature, timer, and function. It becomes impossible to use the Philips Air Fryer when its touch screen is unresponsive. Sometimes this issue comes temporarily and if it remains permanent, it requires professional repair.

The following are the Possible Causes of the Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working: 

  1. Software Glitch

A Philips Air Fryer operates with software that shows the settings and symbols on the screen and sends inputs to a circuit board that is made on the touch screen. 

If a software glitch happens, it can freeze the unit along with its touch screen and you will see no change in the setting by touching the screen many times. 

Software glitch means faults occur temporarily for a short period in the operating system. 

If there is a software glitch, it would exist for a short period and get resolved by factory reset.

  1. Lack of Cleaning

Cleaning is the most important and main part of appliance care. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the air fryer after each and a few uses. 

Sometimes we touch screens with dirty hands. Sometimes grease stuck on our fingers gets stuck on the touch when we make any change. 

So if the user doesn’t clean the touch screen of his Philips Air Fryer, dirt and dust get stuck on it and make the touch screen unresponsive. 

Don’t use water to clean the touch screen.

  1. No Power available

Are you sure the device is plugged in and the outlet has power? If not, check if it is plugged in and if the outlet has power. 

As an electric power device, your Philips air fryer won’t turn on and its touch screen will not light up if there is no power available to the unit. 

However, if it is turned on and displaying symbols but still is unresponsive, consider investigating the fault.

  1. Damaged Touch screen

If the touch screen is not working there could be many possible reasons, but most repair cases show that the touch screen itself is probably faulty or damaged from the inside when it stops working. 

The other fact is that we cannot get a new touch screen of Philips Air Fryer easily for replacement. 

If the touch screen is found damaged after testing, consider reading the model number given on the right of the model number sticker. 

Usually, model numbers of Philips Air Fryers start with HD. 

If this is the case with your unit, contact the manufacturer or a professional technician for touch screen replacement as it cannot be repaired.

  1. Faulty Circuit Board

Every air fryer has a circuit board inside it that controls entire smart programs and works on the user’s declared input. 

The control board receives input from the touch screen and works on it. 

If the symbols are displayed on the screen and it shows change but the unit doesn’t respond, the circuit board may be faulty. 

You might mistakenly assume that the touch screen is unresponsive. 

However, if the circuit board is faulty, it can be replaced only.

  1. Internal Wiring and Membrane Switch Problem

Every air fryer has a membrane switch and wiring that plays a role in communication between the screen and touches when you make any command. 

If this tiny part has technical issues, the given command will not make any change in the setting. 

It also has tiny wires connected to it, in case any wire is broken and burnt, this can also break the communication bond between touch and screen.

How to Fix Not Working Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen?

There are several proven methods to fix unresponsive touch screens of Philips Air Fryers. We’ve described all of them in this section. However, you may have to contact manufacturer support or a professional technician, if you’re not sure to fix it yourself and have no experience in technician work.

Below are steps to fix the Phillips air fryer touch screen that’s not working:

  • The first thing you must do is clean the touch screen. Yes, verify that the dust is not the issue. Take a soft piece of cloth and rub it to the touch. By doing this, if the invisible grease is stuck on the screen, it will go away and make the touch responsive again. If it still won’t work, proceed.
  • Be sure the unit is plugged in and the outlet has power. Check this when the touch screen is black and the device shows no response. If the appliance is turned on and the display is frozen, unplug the unit immediately. Wait for a minute before plugging it back in. By doing this, the unit will reset if there is a software glitch or hand due to overheating.
  • If the touchscreen still does not work, you have to disassemble its cover to investigate the internal issue. First of all, unplug the unit as it is necessary for your safety. Take a screwdriver and open the cover screws. Remove the covers, now, you have access to the back side of touch screen connections. Take a closer look at the back side of the touch screen. If any of the wire is burnt, replace them. In case any part of the touch screen is damaged or burnt, you have to replace it. Get a new touchscreen for your unit. Check the model number of the unit which is given on the sticker label on one side. The model number starts with an HD word. Once you have a new touchscreen connected to the unit. You might need a soldering tool to connect the wire connections with touch screen connections. However, the Internal fighting system depends on the model number.
  • If the problem is in its printed circuit board, replace it. Follow the same procedure as shown above.

Note: Must get help from a professional technician or contact Philips support if you are not a technician.

What to Do When Philips Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working?

Whatever the Air Fryer is, its touch screen should be working well so we can set smart functions and cook the food we want. 

Most of the time touch screen issues come off due to internal hardware faults. Still, we suggest cleaning out the touch screen and ensuring dirt or dust is not the issue.

Most of the time, your device requires professional repairs when any hardware-related issue happens. 

The main thing you can do is to test the touch. Sometimes the touch of the screen becomes unresponsive and needs to be replaced. 

Old units mostly got this issue. Replacing the touch screen requires a technician approach. 

So you can take the help of a professional technician to fix this issue. Moreover, if the unit is brand new and is under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer for assistance. 

Philips has many models of air fryers. Finding the same touch screen for replacement is easy according to the model number. 

Most of the time, we have to contact manufacturer support to know where we can get spare parts for a unit to replace.