How to Know If Washing Machine Drum is Broken?

Every washing machine comes with a washing drum, whether the model is top load or front load. One of the most common problems with washing machines is a broken drum. 

If you noticed something is wrong with your washer, you must know the signs of a broken washing machine drum that we’ve covered in this guide.

This is important to have a well-working washing machine drum to securely clean your garments. However, if it has any issue, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

By reading this post you will understand how to know if the washing machine drum is broken.

How to Know If Washing Machine Drum is Broken

5 Signs Washing Machine Drum is Broken: 

  • Unusual noises

If your washing machine is making unusual noises such as banging, scraping, or grinding sounds during the wash cycle, it could be a sign that the drum is broken. 

However, you will need to manually check its condition. Sometimes loose belts or bad motors can also make unusual noises.

  • Vibrations

A broken washing machine drum can excessively vibrate during the spin cycle. This happens when it has a poor bearing or is broken from the bottom.

  • Leaks

If you see water leaking from your washing machine, immediately check the bottom of your washing machine’s drum. Broken or cracked drums also water outside from the washer.

Machines require water to washout clothes, so if the drum is leaking, this work can’t be done properly.

  • Clothes come out torn or ripped

A Broken washing machine drum can affect the fabric of clothes. In case your clothes are coming out of the washing machine torn or ripped, it could be a sign that the drum is damaged or has sharp edges. So, inspect it as soon as possible.

  • The washing machine won’t spin

Is your washing machine spinning? As If the washing machine won’t spin, it could be a sign that the drum is broken or has become detached from the motor. 

However, a broken belt or other factors can also be the reason behind a non-spinning washing machine. This is why manual checking of the cause or possible fault is always important whenever someone decides to do repair work.

  • Visible cracks or dents on the drum: explain it in two lines

The most common sign of a broken washing machine drum is some visible cracks or dents on the drum. 

If you find there are visible cracks or dents on your washing machine drum, it is likely that the drum has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Can You Still Use a Washing Machine If the Drum is Broken?

The drum is an essential part of washing machines. It should be working well and has no damage before we put in the load. 

In simple words, If the drum is broken, it is not recommended to use the washing machine. In case you suspect that the drum is broken, it is best to stop using the washing machine.

A broken washing machine drum will tear the clothes. Moreover, the water will continuously leak through the broken parts and cracked area of the drum.

Even if you try to use a washing machine with a broken drum, it will not wash your clothes as water doesn’t stay in the drum and clothes remain half-washed.

What Does a Broken Washing Machine Drum Sound Like?

You may or may not hear any noise when your washing machine’s drum is broken. This varies from model to model. Some washing machines start making various sounds, depending on the severity of the damage. Some common sounds include banging, scraping, grinding, or rubbing.

However, whenever you hear this type of noise coming out of your washer, it is necessary to inspect the machine and check if the reason is a broken drum or other parts.

You should only verify whether a drum is broken or not by looking at all the sides of your drum manually. Hearing sound doesn’t verify that the drum is broken. Most of the time manual inspection clears doubts and helps in repairing bad components. 

NOTE: Other factors such as unbalanced loads, loose parts, or worn bearings can also cause unusual noises. 

If the drum is broken from the area where it connects with the motor shaft, you will hear a rubbing sound. This sound is produced when the drum runs against its outer body due to detachment and breakage.

Can a Broken Washing Machine Drum be Fixed?

In most cases, a broken washing machine drum can be fixed. However, the cost of repair can vary depending on the extent of the damage. 

In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire washing machine. Sometimes fixing a broken drum again causes the same issue after a period. However, it depends on the technician what they will suggest to you for fixing the drum.

Sometimes, it becomes impossible to fix a broken drum because of its material. If the damage is small, this can be fixed. A too-broken part on a drum is not meant to be repaired or fixed. And you may need to replace the drum.

If you decide to replace the broken drum, make sure the new one will be compatible with your washing machine’s model. Taking the help of a technician can make this work easier for you.

Once you got repaired or replaced your washer’s drum, leakage, and unusual souls would go away. However, if changing the drum still doesn’t fix the noise, its bearing or belt may require a checkup.


You will need to do a manual inspection of your washing machine’s drum condition to verify if it is broken or not. There will be cracked or broken parts if it is broken and requires repair. This is the fact that a broken washing machine drum can cause various problems and should be addressed promptly. 

In case you notice any signs of a broken drum in your unit, it is best to fix them yourself or get help from someone.