Why Do Indesit Washing Machine All Lights Flashing?

Indesit new technology washing machines series come with different indicator lights that help users to be alert about issues, requirements, and running functions. This feature indicates possible faults at different times.

When you fix the fault, the machine will automatically restore the lights to their original status, and the flashing will stop. However, this can be solved manually, and you don’t need to be an electrician.

If the Indesit washing machine all lights are flashing, this means there could be a blockage in its filter or drain hose. In some models, it indicates to the user other possible faults. For example, It can also happen when a load is unbalanced or excessive, inlet hoses need to open, when the program dial is moved from its original position, or when the cycle has reached the end of a wash program.

These faults are simple to solve, and once you have fixed the defect, the machine lights will stop flashing. Let’s understand more about this topic!

Why Do Indesit Washing Machine Lights Keep Flashing?

Indesit Washing Machine All Lights Flashing f05

All lights are flashing on your Indesit washing machine means it’s an error code that indicates to the user that waster water is not going out from the machine due to blockage in the drain filter or waste pipe. In some models, it can happen when the water has not been pumped away successfully or the pressure switch has jammed.

When a washing machine is full of water, it refuses to spin.

Washing machines usually need a signal that the water is pumped away successfully. But if it has not been pumped away, the machine will show an F05 error and all lights will flash continuously.

Check the filter and pump to verify the clog. If the pump or filter of the machine is clogged, this error shows. Fixing this error is simple, you have to drain the water by pumping it through a drain pump.

The Solution to fix the F05 Error:

You have to clean the blockage from the drain.

  1. Take a towel or tray and lay it on the floor in front of the filter.
  2. Unscrew the filter with the use of a screwdriver.
  3. Check if there is an object or blockage.
  4. Remove the clog and clean the filter and drain.
  5. Reattach the filter.
  6. Run the machine and test the fix.

Indesit Washing Machine Start/Pause Button Flashing

If you have just turned on your Indesit washing machine and its start/pause button is flashing, the device is telling you that there’s a fault inside the filter, drainage system, or inlet valves. This issue is mostly caused by a blockage.

Check if there is a clog inside the machine filter, in the water-filling hose and valve, in the drain hose, or in the drain pump. Clear the blockage and restart the machine, the start/pause button will restore automatically after it.

If your Indesit washing machine start/pause button is flashing but the machine is not working, it’s an indication that the device’s draining system has a fault. 

It means water inside the drum is failing to pass away from the drum through the drain pump. Be sure water is filling in the drum properly, if it doesn’t, check clogs inside inlet valves or verify inlet hoses are open.

If the problem is in the filter, you have to clean the blockage.

Here’s how to fix the Indesit washing machine start/pause flashing:

  1. Reach the filter and check the blockage, its filter is located at the front of the machine at the bottom on the right.
  2. To verify that it is a filter, check its shape. Usually, it looks like a gray or black round dial and is 5 – 10 centimeters in diameter.
  3. Take a towel or cloth and lay it on the flower in front of the filter location to avoid failing to drain water from the filter on the floor. If possible, use a tray.
  4. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the filter anti-clockwise, and detach it from its location.
  5. You will find some detergent residue or a sheet in it. You may also find odor. Clean the filter and make sure it is fully cleaned before reattaching it.
  6. Run the machine, and test the solution working. All done!

Indesit Washing Machine Lock Light Flashing

We can find many types of flashings in Indesit washing machines. To restore the light, we have to know the actual cause.

Indesit washing machines’ lock light usually starts flashing when the door interlock gets faulty. 

The door lock is the most common part of failure. Doorinter looks to require a replacement to fix this issue. This fault prevents the machine from working and instructs the user to replace the door interlock.

Repair experts reported a cause that mostly caused this issue, that’s an open lid or led lock not moving properly in the lock position. 

Unfortunately, repairing an interlock is impossible if it’s bad, the machine needs a new interlock to be connected with the LED lock properly in 91% of cases.

To Summarize:

The washing machine lock can flash if the lid lock does not move into the locked position, issue in the washer, something is clogging the lid, and the motor cannot be powered on.

The Solutions to fix lock light flashing:

Check if something is not blocking the door lock from going into the interlock. If there’s something, clean the lock. 

Replace the interlock, check the motor if something is wrong, and fix it.

Types of Flashings in Indesit Washing Machines:

You will see many lights and flashings in the indicator series of Indesit washing machines. All these flashings work for a special indication regarding the fault to the user. 

Once the user fixes the fault, flashings will stop automatically.

The following are some common flashings in Indesit washing machines:

Pre-Wash Flashing: If by chance the inlet water supply is not open and you make a cycle, the Indesit machine indicates a pre-wash flashing. 

To restore the light status, check whether the water is filling or not by inlet hoses that are located on the backside of the machine and if the connection is off, open the supply.

Wash Flashing: This flashing light indicates to the user that the program dial has just moved from its original position. 

To stop the flashing, the user has to set the dial to its original command number.

Spin Flashing: Sometimes, the user fills excessive weight that is overloading and unbalancing the machine drum. Which is not good for machines. 

In this case, Spin flashing turns on and indicates the user to remove some garments.

End Light Flashing: Many people don’t like to stand near machines when they’re doing laundry. 

The end light flashing indicates to the user that the cycle is near the end. It alerts the user to be close to the appliance so that the user can take out the load at the right time.

How to Fix Flashing Light on my Indesit Washing Machine?

There is no one fixed solution to fix the flashing light on the Indesit washing machine. 

These indicator series machines have many types of lights that help the user to be aware of a fault in the machine. 

Each flash means a different and specific fault. For instance, if the cycle is near the end, end light flashing will occur.

First, users have to understand the type of flashing that the machine is indicating. 

After knowing the actual fault, fix that fault. Once the fault is removed, the flashing will stop automatically and the lights will restore their original status.


Your machine is indicating you to solve the fault in the washer by flashing all the lights. Removing blockage from the drain filter or from the drain hose, the machine will stop flashing all the lights.

If a single or two lights are flashing only, the cause and solution would be different. First, see which types of lights are flashing, then fix the fault according to the error. It will restore the lighting and the flashing will stop automatically.