Indesit Washing Machine Lock Light Flashing? Here’s Why

Indesit washing machines have different types of lights and symbols to inform the user about specific faults and actions. If you don’t know why your Indesit washing machine locks light flashing, this post is for you. Moreover, the cycle won’t start until this light stops blinking.

If your Indesit washing machine lock light is flashing, it means the door is not closed and locked correctly. The machine will not start washing clothes until the light does not stop from blinking. Open the door and reclose it and make sure it is now locked.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to know how to stop the flashing lock lights on any Indest washing machine.

Indesit Washing Machine Lock Light Flashing?

Why is Indesit Washer Lock Light Flashing?

Technically, every light you see flashing on your Indesit washer has a mean, and flash for informing you to correct the fault and show the change. Most new users don’t know about these signs and alerts.

The flashing door lock red light on the Indesit washing machine means the user has not closed the door properly after filling the load. This is a safety feature to prevent water from leaking and coming out of the washer. 

You need to resolve this fault before running a wash cycle as the drum will not spin until its lid is opened.

If your Indesit Washing Machine Lock Light Flashes when Closed and will not Wash, you will need to open its drum door and re-close it. 

However, if it is locked, but still flashes and won’t start, this means its lid switch is not working or there is a temporary fault in the software.

If the lock light on an Indesit washer is flashing due to malfunctioning in its mechanism, then it may be the machine’s door lock mechanism is not functioning correctly. 

As we know, The door lock is an essential safety feature that prevents the door from being opened while the washer is in operation, it should be working well to use the appliance.

How to Fix Lock Light Flashing on Indesit Washing Machine?

It is important to know first what causes any light to flash and how to stop it.

The Following are Steps to Fix Door Lock Light Flashing on Indesit Washing Machine:

  1. Firstly, check if the washing machine door is closed and locked properly. If not, close the door properly and try running the machine again to see if the problem is resolved. If the lock light stops flashing, then it was likely due to an improperly closed door. 
  1. If the lock light continues to flash even after you have ensured that the door is properly closed and locked, then there might be a problem with the door lock mechanism, or there might be a temporary software fault. 
  1. First, you should try to reset the unit. Just turn it off and then unplug from the main. Now, plug it back in and see if the error is still there or not. If the light is still flashing, In this case, switch off the washing machine and unplug it from the power source.
  1. Now, Open the door of your washing machine and check the door lock mechanism for any visible signs of damage, such as a broken latch or loose screws. If you notice any damage, you may need to replace the door lock mechanism. 
  1. If you do not see any visible damage, check the door lock for continuity using a multimeter. If the continuity is not there, you may need to replace the door lock mechanism. 
  1. If the door lock mechanism is not the issue, then the problem might be with the control board or wiring. 
  1. First, you need to access the control board of your washer, which is probably located under its control panel.  Once you access it, Inspect the control board and wiring for any visible signs of damage or wear using a multimeter to check for continuity and voltage output.
  1. Troubleshoot the components of the washing machine, such as the door switch, and capacitor to identify any faults that may be causing the door light to flash. Repair or replace any damaged components or wiring to fix the fault and prevent it. All done!

Indesit Washing Machine Lock Light Flashes when Closed and will not Wash?

You may think the washer is closed, but it is not. The machine will not run the wash cycle until the control board knows the door is locked. So open the door and fully close and lock it to use it. 

Practically, It’s important to always ensure that the washing machine door is properly closed and locked before starting a cycle. This not only ensures that the machine operates safely and correctly, but also helps prevent water from leaking out during the wash cycle.

It’s important to double-check that the door is fully closed and latched before attempting to use the washing machine. 

If the lock light continues to flash even when you’re sure the door is properly closed, there may be an issue with the lock mechanism itself, and you may need to have it repaired or replaced.

The Door lock mechanism can become faulty due to various reasons such as wear and tear, physical damage, electrical faults, and environmental factors. 

Exposure to moisture, dust, and other environmental factors can cause damage to the mechanism’s electrical components. So, you should also consider cleaning your washing machine components after a few uses.


The door of your Indesit washing machine may not be closed and locked properly. Simply open and reclose the door, making sure it’s fully locked. If the problem persists, inspect the lock mechanism. By doing this, you can quickly and easily resolve the issue, allowing your machine to start washing your clothes again.