Indesit Washing Machine Not Heating Water (5 Common Reasons)

There are few most common faults which cause no heating water problem in Indesit washing machines. First, you have to find the main reason for the unheated water issue before fixing it.

Damage to the heating element, drain issues, thermostat fault, worn-out wires, and the motherboard fault are the common reasons for Indesit washing machines not heating water. The combination of various parts helps the washer heating element to heat water if any one part is damaged then the machine stops heating water. 

If you recently noticed that your Indesit washing machine is not heating water, you need to check all the above-mentioned faults.  We describe all these faults in-depth in the next section. Let’s Dive into the guide!

Indesit Washing Machine Not Heating Water

Why Does Indesit Washing Machine Not Heat Water?

It became challenging to wash dirty clothes without hot water. Sometimes we think that we are operating the machine in the wrong way, and that’s the reason the machine is causing this issue, but it is not true.

The following are the most common causes of why Indesit washing machines did not heat water:

Damage To Heating Element

The heating element is the main electric part in the washer drum which heats water during the wash cycle. The technician called it a heater. Most of the time the heater stops working because of any fault in its body. The most common problem with a heating element is that they stop working when we continuously use them for more than 3 hours daily. 

The heater is an electric part which requires rest after 1 hour of work. You can find it in the washer drum. You should check the other parts when the machine heating element is working properly. Replace the heater if it is damaged.

Drain Issues

If your machine has drawing issues then it may not heat water. Washing has to store water for at least 20 minutes to heat it, if the machine continuously drains the water then water will not heat. Water has to stay in the washer drum for a maximum half-hour to change its temperature. 

Make sure water is not leaking from the drum. Try to fix its drawing system whenever you notice any fault in it. Make sure the water gets enough time to warm up. Water will not heat up If there is a fault in the drain hose.

Thermostat Fault

A Thermostat is a hardware in washing machines that tells the washer timer that a certain temperature has been reached. If the thermostat’s internal parts are defective, the heater will not heat up. As we know, a heater is the main hardware that heats water and if it stops working, water will not heat up.

If there is no fault in the thermostat you need to check the wiring condition and make sure the timer is getting the right signal from the thermostat. If you see black burned signs on the bottom of a thermostat, change it because it is damaged internally.

Worn-Out Wires

Short circuits and high voltage supply cause worn-out wires. It is very common to see wires worn out after using the machine continuously for long hours. The heat develops in wires when we use an electric machine over time. Is easy to identify which wire is worn out, just open the back cover of the washer and see all the wiring. 

There will be a lack of burned parts on the wire where the Wire was worn out. Take off that worn wire and fix the new wire in its place. Make sure you’re replacing it with equal-sized and voltage wire.

Motherboard Fault

A Motherboard is the main hardware that controls all the functionality of washer hardware. It starts, runs, and completes the wash action in the machine. The motherboard will not work properly when there is a short circuit in the motherboard. It is a green color plate on the top of the machine. It is located inside the top of the machine, down to the buttons. 

If the motherboard is defective, it won’t authorize your appliance to heat up. If you have no experience in technical work, Please approach a technician before opening the motherboard or any hardware of the washing machine.

Can You Fix an Indesit Washing Machine Not Heating Water?

Yes, It is possible to fix an Indesit washing machine if it is not heating water. You can do it yourself if you have experience in technical work. Hire a technician to fix this issue if you are not able to fix it. 

The only way you can fix it is by knowing the exact cause of this issue. If you found damaged hardware inside the machine then change it.


The problems inside the Indesit washing machine are responsible for no heating of the water. If one or more hardware is damaged or if the hardware has a fault then the machine heating element stops heating water.

The heating element, drain, thermostat, wires, and motherboard are the main hardware in a washer which play their own role in the water heating process. If you didn’t find any fault in any hardware then hire a technician to fix this issue for you.