Can You Cut Washing Machine Drain Hose? (Must Read)

A properly sized drain hose works well, but if it is too long then the washer user may get many problems. If you’re thinking of trimming your washing machine hose drain, this guide will help a lot.

You can cut the washing machine drain hose, but make sure the hose size will work fine during washer use. Don’t make it too short. You need to pay attention to where you cut the hose, so you don’t trim the wrong end. Otherwise, it becomes useless if you cut it in the wrong size(too short).

The way of cutting a drain hose matters most to avoid any specialized issue. Let’s discuss how you can shorten your washer drain hose in the right way.

Can You Cut Washing Machine Drain Hose

How Do You Cut A Washing Machine Drain Hose?

The right tools are necessary to cut the drain hose properly. Do not use unsharpened blades for knives to cut it. If we use an unsharpened blade then it will make a bad shape on the hose end.

Use a sharp blade to cut a washing machine drain hose. You have to measure the aimed length of the hose. Use a marker and mark on the hose where you want to trim. Use your sharp blade and start cutting the hose slowly and consistently.

Make sure the shape of the hose end looks good after cutting. Always remember that your washing machine needs a standard or proper length hose, so pay attention while cutting the hose. 

If the size of the house becomes wrong and too short, you have to change it. Sometimes we cut anything without measuring the size we want to cut, which results in use issues. Keep your mind fresh and pay full focus during the process. 

If the material of the drain hose is very hard then cut it slowly. A too sharp blade may lose its sharpness by using it forcibly and fastly on the hose. 

It’s not mean that you should use a less sharp blade. You have to use a sharp item to cut the hose end, just make sure you will cut it slowly.

How Long Can A Washing Machine Drain Hose Be?

There is no custom fixed-length number for drain hose length. Honestly, it depends on your machine and the place where you use your washing machine. But don’t make the drain hose too short. 

The answer is simple, You should take hose length as long as it needs to be. It needs to be empty below the height of the drum in the machine. Make sure, the tube provided with a machine is about 2m.

You can manually check the perfect length of the hose. Most times those standard-sized Drain Hose work great for many users. 

If you think the size of your washer hose is too long, you should cut it and give it the perfect length you want.

First, you need to mark your preferred length on the hose. Take a tape measure and mark on the hose where you want the end. Use a marker or a pen to mark the length.

If you think that your hose standard length is perfect for your drain system then don’t cut it. People cut their washer hoses because it may cause issues during draining.

Keep in mind that sometimes the washer drains water and it causes overflow. If the size of the hose is too short then it will not handle the water overflow. Pay attention during selecting the length of the hose. 

How To Change The Washing Machine Drain Hose?

If your washing machine drain hose is damaged, you should change it immediately. Not every washing machine model is the same, which means every machine hose fixing mechanism is different. 

Some washer hoses are fixed inside the body but some washers have outside fixed hoses. You need to follow some steps to change the washing machine drain hose.

Following are steps to change the washing machine drain hose:

  1. Open the top panel of the washer because we have to unscrew those parts from inside.
  2. Access the drain hose, and unscrew it.
  3. Free the hose from the top, pull it down, and release the hose clip.
  4. To take the old hose out, take it off with light force.
  5. Take a new hose and fix it on the drain pump.
  6. Fix it properly in all clips.
  7. Review the hose and fit the top panel of the washer.
  8. Make sure everything is fitted properly to avoid water flow on machine parts.

Make sure the new drain hose is built up with quality material and it’s not too thin. Always look all over the new hose because it may have cuts and cracks(rare cases). 

Will Cutting Drain Hose Cause Any Issue?

If you cut the drain hose in the right way and properly then it will not cause any issue. You may be required to change the hose if you cut it in the wrong way and with the wrong method.

It is a very simple and easy to cut drain hose, you just need to pay attention for a minute. If you think your washing machine hose is too long and it needs to be cut, cut it. As we discussed earlier if it becomes too short then it will no longer work. 

There is no restriction or rule to avoid cutting the washing machine drain pipe. It depends on you what size you want and what tool you will use to cut.

A too-short Hose causes drainage and ventilation issues, keep in mind washer drain pumps need extra space for water overflow situations.


You can cut your washer drain hose if it is too long. But make sure the size after cutting will work well. First, analyze what size of hose you want in your washer. Keep in mind that if you cut it in the wrong size, you will need to replace it with a new one.

If the drain hose is damaged, there is no need to cut it. Your washer requires a new hose if the old one is damaged.