Instant Pot Air Fryer C9 Error? (Solved)

The Instant Pot air fryer works uniquely than air fryers manufactured by other companies. However, it still shows error codes when the unit encounters malfunctioning components.

If your Instant Pot Air fryer is displaying C9 Error and you don’t know what it means and how it will go away, this guide is for you. Each error code on this unit has a unique meaning, cause, and fix. As a user of this appliance, you must know about the C9 error.

Instant Pot Air Fryer displays a C9 error when its lid sensor connectors and cooker base are not properly connected together. Just press the lid slightly to ensure the lid sensor connector contacts the base sensor connector perfectly. If the error remains, there is a hardware-related problem in the unit.

Let’s understand how to fix the C9 error on the Instant Pot air fryer.

Instant Pot Air Fryer C9 Error? (Solved)

What Does C9 Error Mean in Instant Pot Air Fryer?

If you have the same error on your unit, it’s a true fact that it’s not working as well. However, every error informs the user about problems that occurred in the hardware functionality.

When the unit detects the lid sensor connector is not connected to the cooker base, it represents the C9 error code. 

Furthermore, the device won’t run until the error gets fixed. Sometimes slightly pressing the lid fixes the issue, if the error still exists, there could be a hardware problem.

Don’t panic when the C9 error comes and the device stops working. 

Instant Pot air fryers are loaded with safety features that’s why when this error comes on the display the device immediately stops working because it prevents further damage to happen in the unit.

Instant Pot air fryer lid has electrical components which contain a sensor to detect the connection between the cooker base and lid. 

If the lid is not properly connected to the cooker base, the sensor will not allow the unit to run the function unit the lid gets properly connected to the cooker base. 

This is because if the lid is not properly connected to the cooker base, its components can break when the fan runs. 

The fan on lead created vibration and that vibration can drop the lid on the surface which will result in damage. That’s why the lid should be connected perfectly to the cooker base.

We’ve found that not only you, some other users of this model also have faced the problem. Even people having brand new Instant Pot have reported C9 errors as feedback represents.

In case the printed circuit board is faulty or the lid sensor is not working, the C9 error on Instant Pot Air Fryer will remain Displaying even if the lid is connected to the cooker base.

How to Fix C9 Error on Instant Pot Air Fryer?

There are multiple methods to fix C9 errors on Instant Pot air fryers. Some methods are easy and take less time to do, but some take a few more minutes and technician skills. However, addressing the cause is necessary first.

Follow the following Steps to Fix the Instant Pot Air Fryer C9 Error: 

  1. First of all, as this error comes when lid sensor connectors are not connected to the cooker base, verify if they are connected or not. Just press the lid slightly and make sure the connectors get contacted. In case the lid is properly connected to the cooker base, the error is in the hardware. Thus, remove the lid and look at the lid sensor connector, to make sure it is clean. Press it manually and check if the error will go or not.
  1. Sometimes software glitches can also cause the C9 error randomly, even if everything is in the right manner as it should be. Once the error is on display, simply press the ‘Cancel’ button. If the problem was with the software, the error will go away. If the error is still displaying, proceed.
  1. Unplug the unit and take a soft cloth. Wipe the cloth on the lid area where the sensor is located. This will clean the dust and provide a clear path for the sensor to sense.
  1. Now, check the lid screws. One user of this appliance has fixed this error by simply tightening the lid screws. If the lid screws are loose, this can also cause this issue. Take a screwdriver according to screws, and one by one tight all the screws and confirm no screw is loose.
  1. In case an error still exists after applying all the above methods, take the help of a professional technician or contact manufacturer support for assistance. Sometimes a faulty circuit board starts creating errors for any reason and replacing the circuit board becomes necessary.

Note: If the unit is brand new and has errors on first use, contact the manufacturer and describe the problem. They could replace the faulty unit if it is under warranty.

How to Prevent any Errors on Instant Pot?

I think nobody wants to see any error code on their appliance. But, the truth is that most of us don’t know when errors will get displayed. 

Still, we can adopt some instructions to prevent these errors from being created in the unit.

If you have an Instant Pot Air Fryer and you want to prevent errors from being displayed on it, you must read the user manual given with the new unit. 

Each error occurs when the appliance detects something is not on point. For example, If the lid is not connected to the device, a C9 error will show on the display.

Understand the cause of every error and prevent those mistakes given in the manual which probably result in errors.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Problems:

Noisy fan, not working fan, not working heating element, and not connecting lid is common Instant Pot air fryer lid problems. 

Its lid is more than a lid as it contains a control panel, fan, heating coil, cord, and wiring connected to it. 

Sometimes the lid problem gets resolved with few efforts, but sometimes users have to repair or replace the faulty element. 

If the Instant Pot air fryer lid fan is noisy, it is probably dirty and needs cleaning. If the heating element is not working, damage to the heating coil, a wiring problem, or a faulty circuit board could be the issue. 

In case any error comes, understand the cause and apply the recommended fix.