Philips Air Fryer Leaking Oil? (Why + Fixes)

Cooking food without or with the use of oil is the number quality of Air fryers. However, this becomes unusual when your Philips air fryer starts leaking oil. 

Clinging grease and food is easy to clean, but when the grease leaks from the air fryer basket, it needs to be fixed immediately.

There can be a few reasons behind an oil-leaking Philips Air Fryer, such as a broken basket, overfilling, lack of cleanliness, incorrect drawer insertion, etc. To prevent this issue, the user needs to check and follow up on the root cause in their unit. Instructions for correcting the defect.

In further sections, we’ve described all the causes of the leaking Philips air fryer along with fixes.  

Philips Air Fryer Leaking Oil? (Why + Fixes)

Why is my Philips Air Fryer Leaking Oil?

Generally, people have two options for cooking food in an air fryer – 1. Use oil, 2. Cook without oil. But if you prefer to cook food with the use of oil, your air fryer shouldn’t leak. 

Sometimes we cook food that already has too much liquid in it. Thus, it becomes necessary to have a non-leaking Air fryer for cooking any type of food in it. 

If yours leaking, just check the below-described causes and apply their fixes.

Below are the Reasons Philips Air Fryer is Leaking Oil:

Broken or Cracked Food Basket:

The basket is the main container where we put the tray/pan and add food. The oil you use on the pan base is inside the basket. 

Hot airflow circulates the oil dispersed on the dish in the container. If the basket is cracked or broken, there is a 99% chance of leakage. 

If you’re cooking a specific type of food that has water in it, it might create more leakage, and oil along with water would come outside the appliance. 

No doubt the basket we get with Philips air fryer is strong in build, but still, it can crack when dropped from a height or heavy items hit on it.

You’re Using too Much Oil:

Most people use air fryers because they don’t want to use oil. However, if someone uses a small amount of oil on an air fryer basket, there is no problem with it. 

It is necessary to use oil within a small limit. If you are using too much oil, this is not perfect. Try to minimize the use of oil in the air fryer, so the excessive oil amount wouldn’t cause leakage-type situations. 

If the oil is dispersing all over the basket and comes out from it, chances are higher that you’re using enough oil.

Lack of Cleaning:

Are you cleaning your air fryer after a few uses? We asked this question because cleaning an air fryer after one or two uses is an important task to maintain its performance. 

When someone doesn’t clean their air fryer from the inside, oil residue builds up which becomes hard to clean if not cleaned for a long period. 

When there is oil residue builds up in your appliance, this dirt can prevent the drawer from going fully inside the unit. 

If the drawer is a little bit out, this can also cause oil leakage in Philips’s air fryer when the fan runs.

Basket is Overfilled:

You have to pay attention while adding food to the basket. You must note how much food you’re going to fill and how much is already in the basket. 

This is because if the basket is overfilled, added oil and food might come out of the unit due to less capacity. Overfilling can also overheat the appliance. 

We always recommend to our viewers to prepare food in batches if they have a lot to cook. 

However, every time you add food, consider taking it to the limit. Not only oil, moisturizer can also come out of the container when the basket is overloaded.

Manufacturing Flaw:

Philips is an old and quality brand. But it doesn’t mean that an old and leading brand cannot make mistakes. 

Sometimes the unit we bought from a retailer could be faulty in design. You must check if the basket of the air fryer is perfect in shape and build. 

Verify that there are no holes and irregular shape corners. 

In case the unit is brand new and you’re using it for the first time, and it has manufacturing flaws in design or components, you have the option to contact the manufacturer’s support contact to get assistance. 

You can also contact the retailer if you bought it from a local store.

Improper Inserted Drawer:

Philips air fryer is an up-to-date appliance. Their food drawer provides you with several facilities to cook food in many ways. 

As we know, It has a food drawer that has removal parts, such as a base tray, basket, and pans. If any one of these items is placed improperly, it can affect the position of the drawer. 

If it creates a gap from any site, oil and water inside the air fryer get a chance to leak. So always be active while organizing parts inside the air fryer drawer.

How to Fix Philips Air Fryer That’s Leaking Oil?

This is simple to fix an oil-leaking air fryer, although it takes effort. The first thing the user requires is to detect the main cause. 

As there are several possibilities behind this issue, you must check them all one by one. You don’t need any tool to fix this problem. 

Sometimes oil/grease leakage could also develop an odor, so it is better to fix it as soon as possible.

Here’s how to fix a Philips Air Fryer That’s Leaking Oil:

  1. First off, Unplug the air fryer from the outlet.
  1. Remove the food drawer from the unit and place it on the counter space.
  1. Remove the basket from it, and now remove the base tray.
  1. Once every item is apart, take a closer look at the design and body of each component.
  1. If any component is cracked or broken or if there is a manufacturer flaw, you’ve to replace the faulty one.
  1. If there is no hole or cracked side, you might be overfilling the basket or using too much oil. So next time use a little bit of oil and don’t overfill. You must take care of inserting everything in the right way, whether it’s a basket or food.

Can you use Oil in Philips Air Fryer?

Air fryers are popular and helpful because you can cook food in them without the use of any oil. However, you can also use oil and water in little amounts to cook food in a Phillips air fryer. 

Make sure the oil is not too much. If the oil you’re using is not a little bit, this can cause problems, such as device overheating and leakage.

Some types of foods require oil to be prepared. The pro tip is to always check the recipe requirement by cooking it in an air fryer. 

You can find hundreds of air fryer recipes online that you can use for your meals.

Philips Air Fryer Where to Put Oil?

If you want to add oil to food you wanna cook in a Philips air fryer, you should know how to add it, how much to add it and where to put it.

You can put oil on the base tray or on the pan which is located inside the Philips air fryer food drawer. 

However, you can only add half or one spoonful of oil to it. If possible, don’t use too much oil for cooking in the air fryer.