Kalorik Air Fryer Fan Not Working? Here’s How to Fix

A fan in every air fryer is an important component that must be working to air fry any item in the appliance. However, if your Kalorik air fryer fan is not working, there is a technical issue in the unit.

This part is connected to the main printed circuit board of the unit that operates its movement. It is fixable but sometimes requires replacement when it is damaged.

Technically, several types of faults can affect the working of the Kalorik air fryer’s fan. It can’t work when the wires connected to the fan motors fail to supply power, or the fan motor is faulty. Additionally, if any object is stuck inside the fan blades, it can also stop it from rotating.

Kalorik Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Let’s understand the process to fix the faulty fan of the Kalorik air fryer.

Reasons Kalorik Air Fryer Fan Not Working:

Before we think about fixing the non-functioning fan of the Kalorik air fryer, we must know the actual cause of this issue. Users need to inspect their units and need to find the cause. Note: Always unplug the appliance before starting to fix it.

Here’re the probable causes of this issue:

  • Disconnected Wiring:

The fan is an electrical component in your air fryer. It requires a power supply along with the on/off signal from the PCB of the unit. The main board of the appliance is responsible for operating the fan movement and it also supplies power to it. 

There is a wiring connection inside the appliance which links the fan to PCB. In case the wiring is broken due to any reason, the connection between the control board and fan gets broken. As a result, the fan of the Kalorik air fryer will not work.

  • Faulty Fan Motor:

If you have a little bit of technical knowledge, you may know the fan has a motor that rotates it. In case the fan motor in your Kalorik air fryer is not working as it could be burned or faulty, the fan will not work. 

Unfortunately, this is a non-repairable part. You will need to replace the fan motor to use the fan again on your device. Appliance motors usually stop working when they get burned due to an electric circuit short.

  • Something Stuck Between Fan Blades:

The fan blades connected to fan motors rotate and generate air flow inside the appliance. Sometimes people overfill their air fryer baskets or containers with food. 

When any part of food goes inside the gap between the fan blades, it can prevent the blades from turning in any direction. 

This is because the fan blades don’t require open and empty space around them to move. Overfilling the air fryer basket usually causes this issue.

What is the Fan Function on Kalorik Air Fryer?

The fan in the Kalorik Air Fryer plays a crucial role in its operation. It is an essential electrical component that contributes to the overall cooking process. The primary function of the fan on the Kalorik air fryer is to circulate hot air within the cooking chamber. 

The fan helps distribute the heated air uniformly and ensures that the food is cooked evenly and achieves the desired crispiness. The Kalorik air fryer cooks food using the principle of convection with the help of air circulation created by fan movement. 

The air fryer would rely solely on static heat without the fan which results in uneven cooking and potentially compromising the texture and taste of the food.

How to Fix a Kalorik Air Fryer Fan that’s Not Working?

If you’re facing the issue of a non-functioning fan in your Kalorik Air Fryer, there are a few steps you can take to address and potentially resolve the problem:

  1. Check Wiring Connections: First of all, you should start inspecting the internal wiring connections that link the fan to the appliance’s control board (PCB). you will need to remove the upper cover of your air fryer to access the internal wiring. If you find any broken or disconnected wiring, it’s likely the cause of the fan not working. In such cases, you may need to repair or replace the wiring to restore the connection and enable the fan to operate again. A soldering tool is required to reconnect the broken wiring connections. In case you’re not familiar with these things, get the help of a technician.
  1. Assess Fan Motor: in case the wiring connections are fine, check the fan motor’s functioning. First of all access the fan motor and remove it from its position. Test it with the help of a digital meter. Unfortunately, a malfunctioning fan motor is generally not repairable, and the most effective solution is to replace it with a new one. Keep in mind that appliance motors can stop functioning due to issues like electric circuit shorts. Get the same model and specification fan motor to replace. Once this process is completed, the fan will work again.
  1. Clear Obstructions: Sometimes, the fan blades can become obstructed by food particles or debris that may have inadvertently entered the cooking chamber. You must carefully inspect the fan area. If you find any obstructions between the blades, remove them. This obstruction can prevent the blades from turning and cause the fan to malfunction. The fan should be able to operate normally after removing the obstruction.

Note: In case you’re not sure to fix it yourself, contact a qualified technician for help.

How to Avoid Fan Problems in Kalorik Air Fryer?

We can prevent fan problems in our Kalorik Air Fryer by following some simple practices. First of all, proper loading is important. You must avoid overfilling the air fryer basket or container with food. Overfilling can lead to food particles getting caught between the fan blades, which can impede their movement. Moreover, it can also damage the fan blades. Just ensure that there’s enough space for the blades to rotate freely.

Next, you must follow the Regular Cleaning rule. This is necessary to maintain the cleanliness of your air fryer’s interior to prevent the accumulation of debris and food particles. Regular cleaning is proven to reduce the likelihood of obstructions interfering with the fan’s function.

Always handle your air fryer and its components with care. Rough handling can potentially damage the internal wiring or the fan motor, and it leads to operational issues.

Preventing liquids from coming into contact with the interior components of the air fryer, including the fan is typically necessary. Liquid exposure can lead to electrical problems and damage the fan motor.

Bottom Line

If the fan of your Kalorik air fryer is not working make sure nothing is stuck inside its blades. Moreover, you will need to remove the outer cover of your appliance to inspect its internal components like fan wiring and fan motor working. Make sure the air fryer is unplugged before proceeding ahead to fix it.