Kalorik Air Fryer Smoking? Here’s the Solution

Are you noticing smoke coming out of your Kalorik air fryer? This could be normal or a sign of a fault within the device. 

Some level of smoke is usual in some models of air fryers. But, if you think it is unusual, you probably need to inspect the device.

The most common reason why your Kalorik air fryer is smoking could be food burning inside the basket, and burning grease/oil on the heating element. Additionally, if you’re cooking something that has too much moisturizer and oil on it, this can also produce white smoke from the air fryer.

Kalorik Air Fryer Smoking?

Let’s understand what you can do to stop your Kalorik air fryer from smoking.

Why is there smoke coming out of Kalorik Air Fryer?

The user manual of some Kalorik air fryers mentioned that “It is normal if some smoke or smell emanates from the appliance when using it for the first time.”

However, Smoke can emanate from the Kalorik Air Fryer for various reasons. Let’s take a look at the cause of the smoky Kalorik air fryer.

  • Initial Use:

It is normal for some smoke or smell to come from the appliance when using it for the first time. This can occur because of residual manufacturing oils or coatings that are burning off as the appliance heats up. 

This initial smoke should dissipate after a few uses, so you don’t need to do anything. If you want to get rid of the initial smoke and smell, let your air fryer be turned on at high temperatures for 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Oil Residue:

If there is oil residue in the oven of your Kalorik air fryer, it can become a source of smoke when the device is heated. The oil residue may be left over from previous cooking sessions or might have accumulated due to improper cleaning. 

Some people don’t pay attention to cleaning their appliances, which results in oil residue left in the appliance.

  • Accessories and Grease:

Excess grease residue on the cooking accessories(such as the air rack or basket) can also contribute to smoke. This can be a result of not cleaning the accessories thoroughly after each use.

  • Dripping Oil:

If oil is dripping onto the heating element, it can lead to smoke as the oil gets heated and evaporates. This can happen if the cooking process involves greasy foods or if the accessories are not positioned correctly. 

So make sure you place food to cook properly. Sometimes we cook food that has too much moisturizer. The fact is, too much moisturizer causes white smoke at unusual levels.

How to Stop the Kalorik Air Fryer from Smoking?

If you want to avoid or reduce the amount of smoke coming from your Kalorik Air Fryer, here’s what you can do:

  1. Clean it up: Before you start using the fryer, give it a quick wipe-down. Make sure there’s no oil residue hanging around inside. This can help prevent unnecessary smoke.
  1. Keep it clean after use: Take a moment to clean the cooking accessories after you’ve made your delicious meals, like the air rack or basket. Grease and food bits can build up, and that buildup can lead to more smoke when you use the fryer again. Most air fryer models’ manuals recommended keeping the device basket/oven clean after each use.
  1. Use a baking pan: If you’re cooking something that tends to be a bit oily(like certain meats), you can put a baking pan underneath the food. This catches any dripping oil, so it doesn’t reach the heating element and create smoke. However, you can implement this technique in a French door or direct-door Kalorik air fryer.

Is It Normal for My Air Fryer to Have White Smoke?

It is normal for your air fryer to give off white smoke sometimes. You can find this in every air fryer whether it’s the Kalorik one or any other brand. This often happens when the fryer is new or hasn’t been used for a while. 

Those oils and coatings I mentioned earlier can cause that white smoke when they’re burning off. It might seem a bit alarming, but it’s nothing to worry about. Once those initial oils are gone, the smoke should go away too.

However, if your air fryer is producing unusual and high amounts of white smoke, this could be due to high moisturizer evaporation from the dish.

Why do Air Fryers Smoke So Much?

Air fryers can be smoke machines. However, It’s more about what you’re cooking and how well you’ve cleaned the fryer. If you’re cooking foods with a lot of oil, that oil can turn into vapor and make smoke. It’s like when you cook bacon on a regular stove and it gets smoky in the kitchen.

If you don’t clean the fryer and its parts properly, the leftover oil and food can also create smoke when heated up.

If you find your air fryer is smoking too much, Check the combination of what you’re cooking and how clean your fryer is. You can’t stop smoking if the dish contains too much moisturizer.


Seeing a bit of smoke from your Kalorik Air Fryer is quite common, especially at the beginning. It is usually because of oils and coatings burning off, leftover oil inside the fryer, or the type of food you’re cooking. 

But no worries. This smoke is harmless and should go away as you keep using the fryer. Just remember to keep the fryer and its accessories clean, and you’ll be enjoying your air-fried treats without the extra smoke show!