Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer Not Turning On? (Why + Fix)

If you’re one of Kalorik appliance users and your Kalorik Maxx air fryer is not turning on, this guide is especially for you. 

We can say that your appliance would start turning on again by implementing the information described in this guide.

Your device is not getting the power supply to its main unit called PCB that’s why it is not turning on. This can happen when the fuse connected between internal red wires goes bad, the power outlet has no power access, or the power cord of the appliance is damaged.

Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer Not Turning On?

Below we will dive into the in-depth information to troubleshoot a Kalorik Maxx air fryer that fails to be turned on.

Why isn’t the Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer Turning On?

We have seen many reports where many users of the Kalorik Maxx air fryer said that their Kalorik Maxx air fryer doesn’t turn on even if it is plugged into the right electrical outlet. If you are facing the same issue, you probably need to repair your appliance. But, having the knowledge of probable causes is important.

The most common issue behind the non-working Kalorik air fryer is an open fuse. This device has a very small fuse connected to the power supply wire inside its mechanism. 

This fuse protects the main unit from issues that could be caused by incorrect power supply. But, the incorrect voltage coming from the power cord can damage this fuse. 

You can find this fuse connected between red colored wire inside the appliance. The red wire has a white color cover on it. If you move that cover left or right from its position, the fuse will be visible to you.

Once you have access to the fuse, it is recommended to check its status. Status means you have to know whether the fuse is open(damaged) or not. 

If we talk about other possibilities, lack of power and the faulty printed board could be the other reasons why the Kalorik Maxx air fryer is not turning on.

You should make sure you have plugged your air fryer into the right electrical outlet that has power in it. Moreover, inspect the power cord also. The power cord is responsible for supplying power to the air fryer’s main unit called PCB.

If the main printed control board of the air fryer is faulty, it will not turn on the device(even if every other part is working). It requires a professional checkup of the PCB by a qualified technician to test and repair/replace it.

Why Does an Air Fryer Suddenly Stop Working?

Air fryers usually stop working suddenly due to two reasons; power outage, or when any internal part gets faulty. If you also have heard a pop sound when this happens, it means an electric part inside the unit gets damaged due to a short circuit.

In case no sound was produced by the unit, it simply turned off due to power cuts. Check the electrical outlet of your kitchen to know whether it has power access or not. 

If electricity is available, check the power cord. A burnt or damaged power cord is also the reason for this issue. So, also keep an eye on the power cord of your air fryer to know its status. If the power cord is damaged, replacing it will fix the issue. 

How to Fix a Faulty Kalorik Maxx Air Fryer that’s Not Turning On?

The fact is resolving the predicament of a non-responsive Kalorik Maxx air fryer demands a systematic approach to troubleshooting. You will need some tools with you to proceed further, such as a wiretape, screwdriver(according to screw size and type), and a new fuse (if necessary).

Follow the Below described steps to troubleshoot the Kalorik air fryer and restore its functionality.

  1. Inspect Power Sources: 

First of all, you must verify that your air fryer is connected to a properly functioning electrical outlet with power. Additionally, it is also important to examine the power cord for any visible signs of damage that could impede the supply of electricity to the air fryer’s main control unit. 

If your found the power cord broken, you will need to replace it. Get the same specification power cord to replace the old one.

  1. Check Fuse Status: 

If the above reasons are not the cause, the issue could be caused by the fuse. First of all, unplug your Kalorik air fryer. Now have a screwdriver and take off the back cover of your unit. Here you can find different colored wires. From these wires, you will find a red color wire. 

Now, Access the internal fuse by adjusting the position of the white cover on the red wire. Evaluate the fuse’s condition – if it is open or damaged, replacing it could be the solution to the non-working issue. 

Order the same fuse according to the model number of your air fryer. Once you have the new Fuse, replace it. After completing these steps, reassemble the back cover again on the appliance.

  1. Examine the Printed Control Board: 

If all power-related components seem to be in order and the air fryer still does not turn on, the printed control board (PCB) might be at fault. This critical component is responsible for managing the appliance’s operations. 

You will need to consult a qualified technician to assess and potentially repair or replace the faulty PCB.

How to Turn on the Kalorik Air Fryer?

Follow the below steps to use a Kalorik air fryer:

  • Place the air fryer on a flat surface near a power outlet.
  • Plug the air fryer into the electrical outlet.
  • Familiarize yourself with the control panel and buttons.
  • Press the power button to turn on the air fryer.
  • Set the desired temperature and cooking time.
  • Load ingredients into the cooking basket.
  • Slide the basket into the air fryer.
  • Monitor the cooking process through the window.
  • When cooking is done, press the power button to turn it off.


The unexpected failure of a Kalorik Maxx air fryer to turn on can be attributed to several factors, such as an open fuse, inadequate power supply, or a malfunctioning printed control board. It’s crucial to inspect power sources, assess the status of the fuse, and seek professional assistance for a faulty control board to troubleshoot and potentially resolve this issue.