Maytag Washer Lid Recall? (Explained)

We have seen many Maytag washer users who complained about the quality of the lid and asked about Maytag washer lid recall. There could be creation reasons behind broken/cracked/shattered washer doors. 

Sometimes the lid breaks because of flaws in their manufacturing and poor quality, or sometimes they crack mostly from the hinge’s sides due to incorrect way of use. However, users often get surprised when their lid breaks and they find them randomly cracked. 

Furthermore, it may cost you more than 300$ to replace the lid if done by company support. The best is to try to replace it yourself, so you can save repairman service fees. 

Yet it is on you which way you like to fix your Maytag washer lid. We, ve gathered important information regarding the Maytag washer lid recall. Let’s dive into the guide.

Maytag Washer Lid Recall? (Explained)

Why did Maytag Washer Lid Break/Cracked/Shattered?

As we discussed before, there could be certain reasons behind a cracked washer door. It happens because the user uses it in the wrong way or the issue is material quality.

Some users’ feedback shows that their Maytag washer lid cracked for no reason. They even don’t know when the door was cracked. They just randomly found the lid broken when they reached it to use it.

If your unit is new, you should contact Maytag support, so they can come up with the best solution for your appliance. However, it mostly happens with old units, you may have to replace them.

Companies recommend using their appliance as they represent in the user manual. But, some people ignore the instructions described in the user manual. 

If someone places some items on the lid, it puts a burden and pressure on the material and can crack it.

You may have noticed that some women like to sit on washing machines. This is not a good hobby as it can also break the lid of the washing machine. 

If a heavy item hits the door, the washer door will crack or break as it is made of plastic material. You should always avoid placing any item and sitting on the washing machine. 

Almost all washing machines” lids are made of plastic. As we know plastic is a weak material, it cannot handle excessive weight and pressure.

What to Do When the Maytag Washer Lid is Broken?

You may get worried when your Maytag washer lid is broken as your washer won’t work now. By the way, you don’t need to worry, you should replace it. You can do it yourself, or hire someone to do this. 

In case, the company support asks you to get a warranty claim, you can communicate with them. Maybe they can fix it for free for you. 

If you are thinking you can fix the cracked lid, unfortunately, it is a temporary fix. You have to replace it for a permanent and complete fix. You can grab the new lid online or offline. The offline way may be hard as you only need the same model lid. 

You must keep an eye on the model number of your Maytag washer before recalling it or buying a new part for it. You can fix it easily as it requires less work and will be completed in a few minutes.

Here’s how you can replace the Maytag washer lid:

  1. You must turn off the washer, it is necessary.
  2. Open the lid and keep an eye on the left and right side hinges. You will find one that hinges on both sides.
  3. Have a screwdriver and open the screws holding the lid on the hinges. Consider collecting all the screws in one container, so you cannot lose them.
  4. Grab the lid and remove it by applying force in your direction.
  5. Have a new lid and connect it on the hinges as the cracked one was.
  6. Grab those opened screws and attach them back to their position. Use a screwdriver to tighten them properly.
  7. Now a new lid is installed on the Maytag washer, to test how it’s working.

How to Prevent a Washer Lid From Being Cracked?

Caring is the number one must to make appliances long-lasting. You must take care of your appliance’s parts. Some individuals just assume cleaning is a major part of a device’s care. 

But this is not the case, care means you should avoid placing the item or sitting on the lid, you can clean it, don’t close it hard, and be sure things are working fine. 

Once you follow this type of care for your appliance, it helps you to prevent cracks on the Maytag washer lid. On the other hand, care doesn’t work when the lid itself has manufacturing flaws. 

It means sometimes the lid cracks from the hinges for no reason. Some people faced this situation. If the door cracks itself, unfortunately, it will be replaced.

Final Thought

You can contact manufacturer contact support if the washer is under warranty and know what help they have for you. Otherwise, replying to it is the only way to fix it and use the washer again. Get a new lid from any store and do the replacement.