Miele Oven Fan Keeps Running? Why + Fix

If you find your Miele oven fan keeps running, this could be an issue with it or it is due to normal functionality. The main thing you need to note is how much time the fan stops. In case it is not turning off until you unplug the device, there is an issue with your Miele oven.

Several possible causes can lead to this issue, such as a faulty sensor, an issue in the control board, or the oven being overheated and the fan is just trying to cool down the unit after cooking is done.

We’ve tested some units, and gathered all the information in this post related to the Miele oven fan keeps running issue. Let’s dive in.

Miele Oven Fan Keeps Running?

Why is the Fan on the Miele oven constantly running?

The fan is one of the important components in Miele ovens. It helps in cooling down the unit by circulating the air inside the oven. 

However, if it is constantly running which is unusual, there is an issue in the appliance which needs to be troubleshooted at the right time.

You can check the below-described causes if your Miele oven fan keeps running:

  • Cooling cycle: Most Miele oven models often have a cooling cycle that runs the fan for some time after you turn off the oven. Some people get confused about why the fan is running after they have turned off the oven, so there is no need to get confused. This is normal behavior and is designed to cool down the oven and its components.
  • Faulty fan switch: However, if this is a usual condition in your oven, there could be a faulty fan switch that is stuck in the “on” position which can cause the fan to continue running even when it should be turned off. You may not note this cause as this switch is located inside the oven system. This can happen due to wear and tear or electrical issues. 
  • Malfunctioning control board: If the control board of your Miele oven is faulty or experiencing a malfunction, it may send incorrect signals to its fan. When the fan gets incorrect signals it causes it to run continuously. Most of the time this happens due to power surges or other electrical problems. We can only verify this issue by inspecting the control board manually.
  • Temperature sensor issues: Every Miele oven has a heat sensor. Basically, this sensor checks the temperature level inside the unit. If it notices the unit is getting overheated or is overheated, it sends a signal to the control board for the running fan. However, If the temperature sensor of your oven is faulty, it causes the oven to incorrectly perceive that it needs additional cooling. And when this happens it leads the fan running continuously.
  • Wiring problems: There are sets of wires in the Miele oven that interconnect all parts of the oven. If there are issues with the wiring connections within your oven, it can result in the fan staying on when it should be off. Technically, Loose connections, damaged wires, or short circuits can all contribute to this problem.
  • Mechanical issues: this is a rare cause, but mechanical issues within the fan itself, such as a faulty motor or a blocked ventilation system can also prevent the fan from turning off as intended.

How to fix the Miele Oven Fan that keeps running?

If the fan of your Miele oven is running only to cool down the oven even if the unit is turned off, it should be turned off automatically. In case it doesn’t turn off, it requires a technical check-up. 

First, you will need to encounter the cause behind the problem. If the fan is running continuously, it doesn’t mean that the issue is there. Sometimes parts linked to it cause it to work unusually. 

You can follow the below steps to fix the Miele oven fan problem:

  1. First of all, you should wait for more time than usual and see whether the fan will automatically turn off or not. 
  1. If the fan stops after a few more minutes than usual, it is not an issue. This is because the sensor may have detected that the oven needs a little more time to cool down because of overheating inside the unit. 
  1. In case it doesn’t stop running, you will need to make sure no specific settings are selected related to the fan or cool-down feature. If all settings are okay, reset your appliance. 
  1. Simply turn it off, and unplug it for a few minutes. Once it is cool, plug it back in and use it again. If the fan turns off automatically, there was a temporary glitch in the software of your appliance.
  1. If the fan still hasn’t stopped running, the device requires repair by a qualified technician. 
  1. A technician will remove the side panels of your Miele oven and inspect the wiring, temperature sensor, and circuit board with the help of tools, such as a digital multimeter. Once the faulty part gets replaced or repaired, the fan will start working fine as it should.

Why does the fan on my Miele oven keep running after I have turned it off?

If the fan of your Miele oven keeps running after you turn it off, don’t worry. This is a normal functionality in these ovens. 

It is running because the oven is not cool. The sensor sends a signal to the control board that the oven is heated and requires cooling down. Then the control board sends a signal to the fan motor to not stop until it stops.

It will automatically stop after a few minutes if you immediately want to stop it, unplug your oven.


Typically, Miele oven fans run for a few minutes after turning off the unit. However, if it doesn’t stop running continuously, it could be faulty in the control board, temperature sensor, or in the wiring of the oven. Manually inspection of these parts is necessary to fix the fan problem.

However, users should also try to reset the unit as a temporary fault in the system can also lead to this issue.