Miele Oven Making Noise? Here’s Why + Solution

Typically Miele ovens don’t make noise when they’re turned on or cooking something. However, some people got their miele oven making noise. So, if the same happens with your unit, you probably need to work on fixing it.

First of all, you will need to identify the source of noise as a problem with the fan, thermostat, turntable, or bad electrical parts that can cause this issue. However, this is simple to identify which component is making noise inside the oven when you research correctly.

We’ve gathered all the information that you can implement to fix a Miele oven that’s making noise. Let’s dive in.

Miele Oven Making Noise

What does it mean when a Miele oven makes noise?

Whenever an appliance like a Miele oven starts making an unusual noise, it directly means there is an issue with one of its components. We’ve done several fixes of the oven related to their sound making noise and found mostly problems with rotating or electrical components producing unusual noises in ovens.

Here are common causes of Miele oven noise:

  • An Issue with Oven’s Fan: The number one reason behind noise from ovens is their fan. The Meile oven also has a built-in fan that regulates air flow in the unit to cool it down. In case, the user has not cleaned this component for a long time, over time, dirt and grease get stuck on the fan’s blades. When this happens, the fan becomes noisy, and you will hear an unusually loud noise from your oven when you turn it on. This oven also has a feature to cool down its components after food is cooked. When the user just stopped using the oven, but left it powered on, its fan still runs to cool down the internal components. If this fan needs to be cleaned, the unit will probably make noises.
  • Faulty thermostat: Every oven has a thermostat. It is a component whose purpose is to regulate the heat inside the oven evenly according to requirements. However, the thermostats usually don’t make noise, but being an electrical component, it could produce noise when the oven is preheating and the thermostat is faulty. This is an internal part in Miele ovens, so you can’t see it from outside the appliance.
  • Loose tray or utensil: if the noise you’re hearing is Rattling or Banging, the cause would be loose parts, such as loose screws, tray, or utensils. If the same thing you’ve noticed in your appliance, immediately turn it off. Once it will be cooldown, open the door and inspect all the internal and outer components. Make sure every part is assembled tightly and perfectly.
  • Heating Source working noise: Some Miele ovens have a burner which helps them in heating up quickly. However, some only have heating coils as a heat-producing source. In case the burner or heating element needs to be cleaned but the user ignores it, this element can make noise during the heating of the unit. Make sure this element is cleaned, but only when the appliance is unplugged and cool.

How to fix a Miele oven that’s making noise?

You might require the help of a technician if the problem is situated in an electrical component of your oven. However, if you’re a technician or have experience in fixing appliances, the below steps would help you to get rid of noise from your Miele oven.

  1. First and the most important step is to identify the source of the noise. You can identify it by getting closer to the oven. Open the door and find the fan inside the oven. Make sure the unit is not preheated and is cool down.
  1. Now, run the fan and note if the noise was coming from the fan. Inspect the fan by looking at its blades and shaft. If you find it dirty and some grease or oil is stuck on the fan blade, you need to clean them.
  1. Turn off your oven and unplug it from the socket. Now, Get a clean cloth and start cleaning the fan blade. Do this work slowly as it could be difficult for you when you do this for the first time.
  1. Once the dan is clean, test the oven again by running it. If it is now working quietly without any noise, the issue was a dirty fan. However, if the noise is still coming, the issue is probably in the electrical component of your oven.
  1. Now, unplug your oven again. Open its door and look at every part. Make sure the tray, screws, and utensils are fitted perfectly and are not loosened. If anything is loose, tighten it according to the method. If it is a tray, place it correctly, or if it is a loose screw, use a screwdriver to tighten it.
  1. Note: if the noise is still coming, get help from a technician as they have experience in fixing electrical component issues in the appliances. Don’t try to repair yourself, until you’re not sure.

Is it normal for an oven to make noise when on?

Some ovens don’t produce any noise even if they run their fan or just cook something. However, some oven timers make the sound of a tick-tick when the appliance is running any cooking cycle.

If you’re hearing noise from your oven when it is on, this is not normal. You should analyze the level of noise coming from the device. It means if the noise is very little that is only hearable when we go too close to the wall of the oven, it is a normal sound. But, if the noise is louder or unusual, the oven might require a checkup from a technician. So, things get fixed at the right time.

Generally, some oven fans typically make a normal sound. In case the noise is getting louder use by use, ensure that every component is clean and working fine.


Noisy and dirty fans, loose parts such as screws, trays and s, utensils, and issues with electrical parts are the main reasons behind noiMieleele ovens. Once you will identify the main source of the noise and fix the faulty part according to instructions, your Miele oven will stop making noise. You may need to replace an element if you will find it faulty and responsible for noise production.