Miele Oven Door Won’t Close? Why + Fix

 Ovens have a door to trap the heat inside the oven, but in case the Miele oven door won’t close, the heat will go out from the unit. However, this is a common issue that can be fixed easily after identifying the cause behind it.

There are hinges on the door that hold and help the door to close and open. If parts like hinges, door gasket, and its body deal with issues, then the door of the Miele oven will not close properly.

So, by understanding the cause and solutions of the Miele oven door not closing problem, you can fix it. Let’s dive in.

Miele Oven Door Won't Close?

Why is the Miele oven door not closing?

If the Miele oven door is not closing, the issue could be stuck particles in the hinges, or there may be an issue with components that help the door to close, such as hinges, grease, or gaskets. As each unit is unique and there are several possibilities of cause behind the door not losing issue, you will need to understand each.

Check the following causes of oven door not closing issue to address the issue: 

  • Damaged or worn-out door seal: Every Miele oven has a seal on the door. It is also known as a gasket. This is a rubber strip that creates an airtight seal when the door is closed. If this seal is damaged, torn, or worn out, the result will be improper closure. Door seals usually become poor over time or when something cuts them.
  • Misaligned or loose hinges: when we open or close the door, the hinges attached to the oven door work. In case these hinges are misaligned or loose due to regular use or accidental force, it can prevent the door from closing properly. You can see them at the bottom of the open door from inside.
  • Obstruction or debris: Sometimes Small objects, utensils, or food particles can get lodged in the door mechanism, which results in hindering its ability to close fully. This situation usually occurs if items accidentally fall into the oven or if the oven wasn’t cleaned thoroughly. You must keep your oven and its door clean to avoid this issue.
  • Lack of lubricant: The hinges of your Miele oven door require lubricant on them in sufficient quantity. Over time, they lose lubricant and lose smoothness in moving the door. If there is no lubricant available on the hinges, the hinges will scratch the door part, resulting in toughness in closing the oven door.

How to fix a Miele oven door that’s not closing?

Technically it is possible to fix a not closing oven door, but only when you know the actual cause behind the issue. Sometimes it takes just 5 minutes to fix, or sometimes it could take half an hour to completely fix the problem. 

Follow the below steps to fix the Miele oven door not closing issue:

  1. First of all, inspect the real cause. You can do this by checking the hinges, door seal(gasket), lubricant amount on the hinges, and the body of the door.
  1. If the hinges are not properly aligned, then set them as per requirement. Grab the door and disassemble it from the hinges. Now set the hinges again. Once the hinges are in the right position, fit the door again.
  1. In case the gasket is bad, you need to replace it. Search the same gasket according to the model number in the market and then replace it. If you feel tough in replacing the door gasket, take help from someone.
  1. If the issue is a lack of lubricant, get a non-flammable silicone spray to lubricate the hinges. First, clean the hinges until they shine. Once they are clean, apply a small amount of silicon spray on the hinges.
  1. Assuming the door body has bents, you probably need to contact the technician to resolve the problem. Bent on the door can prevent the door from closing properly.
  1. Once you fix the issue and the door of your Miele oven starts closing, clean the door again before using the appliance.

What can you do if the Miele oven door is not closing properly?

Make sure the door and oven are cleaned properly. If something is stuck in hinges this will also cause this problem. Moreover, don’t force close the door until you get it fixed.

First of all, find what is causing the door to not close properly. If the door gets closed but reopens, there may be an issue with its lock mechanism or latch elements. In case a small gap is getting created, hinges may be causing the issue.

Do the below-described things if your Miele oven door is not closing properly:

  • Check for obstructions
  • Clean the door and its gasket 
  • Adjust the alignment of the door and its hinges
  • Check the door latch mechanism
  • Contact the manufacturer if you’re not sure about the cause.

If you also hear a squeaking sound, you will need to lubricate the hinges. Most of the time, metal-made hinges start making a squeaking noise when there is a lack of lubricant.


Whenever your Miele oven door won’t close, first check if something is stuck between the door and the oven. If there is nothing, then check the lubricant on the hinges, alignment of hinges, and door gasket. If you found anything not on point, repair that cause. Once the cause is fixed, the door will start closing again.