Ninja Air Fryer Keeps Smoking? Here’s Why + Fix

Smoke from an appliance is not a simple thing. Users should investigate the cause behind this issue as it can affect the performance of the Ninja air fryer. 

In case, you found your ninja air fryer keeps smoking, you have to do some simple steps to stop the issue.

Using too much oil, grease stuck on the heating element, crumbs on the container, and the need for cleaning are some of the common causes of Ninja Air Fire smoking. Also if the appliance inside the dish is burning, it can also give off smoke and smell.

We’ve gathered proven information that can help you to stop the Ninja air fryers from smoking. Let’s dive into the guide.

Ninja Air Fryer Keeps Smoking? Here’s Why + Fix

What Causes Ninja Air Fryer to Smoke?

Using too much oil:

The number one mistake some new air fryer users made is they use too much oil in the basket. As an air fryer, this appliance fry items without the need for oil. 

However, you can still use a little amount of oil on the basket’s container where you set the food to be prepared.

The hot air inside the ninja air fryer heats food placed in the cooking basket. The air by=uns the oil and it forms in smoke. If the oil is under the limit as recommended, smoke won’t generate. 

On the other hand, if the oil amount is over, it forms too much smoke when getting into contact with higher temperatures.

Grease on the heating element:

Grease can cause some problems inside the air fryer. But how? The answer is simple: if the amount of grease in the basket is excessive, it can cause leakage, smoking, and cleaning problems.

Sometimes the grease gets stuck on the heating element. When the heating elements gain momentum, which means when heat up, it burns the particles stuck on them. And it causes smoke.

Commonly grease is a highly reported item that is mostly stuck on the heating coil. You may have noticed some asking about their ninja air fryer leaking grease. This comes off when the user uses more than the necessary amount.

Crumbs on the container:

Whether it’s a toaster oven or air fryer, crumbs and food residue usually get created in the container when we cook something in them. However, if users often clean their appliances, waste inside the container will not create any issues.

On the other hand, if you don’t pay attention to taking care of your air fryer and do not clean it often, this is not a good thing. 

This can cause odor and smoke from the ninja air fryer. When the crumbs mix up with food placed inside the basket, they get burned quickly and cause smoke.

Lack of Cleaning:

Whatever appliance you own, you must take their cleaning as a priority. Dirt, dust, and issue take place in appliances when you don’t clean your appliance.

As we discussed before when users don’t clean its appliance, crumbs and food residue get stuck inside the container. 

High temperature burns the food residue and makes the air fryer smoke while cooking.

How to Stop Ninja Air Fryer from Smoking?

The main point user should know why their unit smoke, it means addressing the cause first. Once you know the cause, it becomes easier to fix the problem. 

Follow the below practices to stop your Air Fryer from smoking:

Make sure the appliance is clean. The most common cause of this issue is food residue. If the basket is not clean from any part, consider cleaning it. 

Most of the time, some individuals pay less attention to cleaning and maintenance of their appliances, which results in appliance working problems.

Here’s how you can clean the ninja air fryer:

  1. Turn off the device and unplug it.
  1. If the air fryer is just turned off recently, wait for some minutes before cleaning it. This is necessary as the heating elements take some minutes to cool down when get turned off.
  2. Remove the basket from the device.
  1. Have a piece of clean cloth, wipe under the basket and remove all the food residue.
  1. Wash the basket with warm water.
  1. Take the basket in open surroundings until it gets dry.
  1. Wipe a clean cloth again on the appliance. (optional)

Is it Normal for Air Fryer Oven to Smoke?

Air fryer ovens can make a little amount of smoke which is normal. But, if it is smoking much, it’s not a good sign. Keep an eye on the unit, and try to identify from where the smoke is coming. Probably it is from the basket.

Turn off the appliance if the smoke is high. This could be a sign food inside the basket is burning or the oil inside is a lot. You have to clean the appliance if there is much oil.

If something is stuck to the heating element, this can also cause a burning smell and smoke. Thus. to stop the smell and smoke from the heating coil, you have to clean the heating element. 

Don’t touch the heating coil when it is hot or stopped working recently.

Why is Brand New Air Fryer Smoking?

If you buy a brand new air fryer and it is smoking, ask your self that are you using it in the right manner. 

For example: if you’re using much oil in the air fryer, you’re making a mistake. Are you cooking food correctly or not? Be sure food is not burning.

Consider clearly which temperature range the item requires and which you have set. If the temperature is high but the dish requires less, this can burn it and produce smoke. 

No matter whether it is a brand-new air fryer or old, it will smoke, if you use it incorrectly.

If the smoke coming from components, address the cause. Maybe there is a manufacturing flaw that makes something burn.