Ninja Air Fryer Shut Off While Cooking? Why + Fix

The Ninja air fryer should be working till the timer ends, thus the food inserted in the basket gets prepared. In case your Ninja air fryer shuts off while cooking, unfortunately, the dish inside the appliance is half-cooked. 

As there could be several reasons behind this issue, users have to check for each probable cause.

A loose plug, voltage drop, cracked cord, overheating, faulty outlet or internal hardware failure are some of the possible reasons why the Ninja Air Fryer shuts off while cooking. Check each cause and correct the problem as instructed. However, replace the defective part if necessary.

Let’s understand the best practices to fix a Ninja air fryer that shuts down while cooking.

Ninja Air Fryer Shut Off While Cooking? Why + Fix

Why did Ninja Air Fryer Stop Working While Cooking?

Unfortunately, the food remains half-cooked when the Ninja air fryer stops working while cooking. As there could be several causes behind this issue, you have to address what cause is in your unit. 

Here’re the probable causes of Ninja air fryer working failure while cooking:

  • A loose plug: Ninja air fryer is an electric-powered appliance. Its power cord supplies electricity from the socket to the components. 

Its plug prongs should be tightly fitted inside the socket. 

In case there is a loose connection between the air fryer’s plug and socket, it causes power supply failures, and when this comes off, a Ninja air fryer can stop cooking.

  • Voltage drop: Ninja air fryers only consume 120 volts. Almost every outlet of the house contains that much voltage. 

However, if the kitchen wiring has defects and causes voltage drops in outlets, your Ninja air fryer will stop working while running the program when it doesn’t get a voltage supply. 

If you did not find any fault in your unit, consider checking the voltage level in the outlet.

  • Cracked cord: As we discussed before the cord is responsive to transmit power from socket to appliance. 

In case the cord is cracked or damaged at any point, it can probably cause power shortage situations. Be sure the cord of your air fryer is fine and has no cut. 

If there is a hole, blackmark, or cut on the cord, you have to replace or repair it. 

  • Faulty outlet: It doesn’t mean that the unit itself is faulty when it shuts off during the program. If the outlet of your kitchen has some problem, the outlet may fail to provide a consistent current supply. 

If the outlet has a burning smell or black marks, there’s maybe a wiring problem. 

However, you can only address the issue by disassembling it.

  • Internal hardware failure: If all the above causes are not found with your unit, maybe there is an internal component issue.

It means you have to repair the appliance as one or more of its components are not working as they should. 

You can only address the internal part issues and disassembly of the unit. Take the help of technology if you can do it yourself.

How to Prevent Ninja Air Fryer From Shutting Off While Cooking?

There are several methods that you can apply to your Ninja air fryer to stop it from shutting off while cooking. Don’t disassemble the device before testing other components associated with its working.

The following are best practices to fix a randomly shutting off Ninja air fryer:

  • Connect the device with another outlet: As a faulty outlet can also stop the appliance from working, you must check the outlet status. 

If you don’t have a multimeter to test the current outlet, use another room’s outlet. 

If the Ninja air fryer doesn’t turn off on another outlet, it means the outlet you previously used for your appliance is faulty. So you have to fix the outlet.

  • Use Ninja air fryer in open space: Some individuals use a pantry, cabinets, and kitchen garage to place their appliances there. Closed spaces have ventilation problems. 

Spaces like cabinets and panties have poor ventilation. The Ninja air fryer has a fan with required open surrounding around the device, so it gets air access. 

Consider placing your appliance on the worktop. If your Ninja air fryer is overheating, it can also cause random shut-off cases. This will probably prevent it from overheating and random shutdowns.

  • Change power cord: You must see the condition of your appliance power cord. If it seems cracked or broken, consider replacing it. Don’t use any random power cord for replacement. 

Just look at the model number and get new parts according to the model number. 

The cord times cord seems good from the outside but has malfunctioned inside. must check both ends of the power cord.

  • Use fine socket: Ninja air fryer plug has standard-sized prongs similar to other appliance plugs. In case the socket you are using is too old, probably it has irregular holes for prongs. 

If the socket has a loose connection with the plug, it can cause random power cuts and stop appliances randomly. 

Use a socket where the plug has a proper connection. An extension cord is a great idea when it comes to using another socket in a single-socket room.

Things to Know about Ninja Air Fryer Auto Shut-Off:

Ninja uses automatic technology in its air fryers. When the unit auto shuts off randomly, most of us think there is a problem with appliance hardware. But nope it’s not always true.

Overheating can also auto-turn off your Ninja air fryer while cooking something. This appliance has a special feature to turn off the power to heating elements when it detects overheating is generated. 

It works like that to prevent hardware loss. 

Overheating conditions in a unit can burn or damage electrical components in the device. This is the reason why this appliance shuts off by itself when it gets overheated.

On the other hand, you must care about checking other probable causes also. 

The best thing you can do to solve this problem is to use an extension cord. It allows you to check whether the outlets have faults in them or the device itself is faulty.