Ninja Air Fryer Won’t Go Below 300? Here’s Why

When you’re new to a Ninja air fryer, this could generate many questions about its temperature range. If you think why won’t your Ninja air fryer go below 300℉, this guide is for you. 

You can only utilize this unit when you know how to set minimum and maximum temperatures according to the dish.

Ninja Air Fryer won’t go below 300 degrees if the Dehydrate function is not on. Press Dehydrate button to set temperature below 300℉ and this will allow you to choose a range from 105 up to 195. However, you can’t do this with Air Fry, Roast, and Reheat functions.

We’ve described important information in this guide that will help you to set your Ninja air fryer temperature below 300. Let’s dive in.

Ninja Air Fryer Won't Go Below 300? Here’s Why

Why won’t Ninja Air Fryer go below 300 Degrees?

The Ninja air fryer has four different options on the control panel to set the function. Each function has a unique default temperature range. For example, if you choose the Air Fry option, the display shows you a temperature between 300℉ to 400℉. 

You can only select a temperature between 300℉ to 400℉ when Air Fry is selected. It means you have to select the Dehydrate or Reheat option to use a Ninja air fryer below 300 degrees.

The Air Fry option can only work in high-temperature ranges. If the item required below 300℉ temperature to be cooked, you can go with Dehydrate or Reheat option. 

The dehydrate option allows users to set temperatures between 105℉ to 295℉. The reheat option allows the user to set a temperature range between 295℉ to 400℉. 

Just understand how much temperature range is required for your item to prepare it.

However, you cannot use the Air Fry feature below 300℉ because it is the default temp range for this unit. Items can be only Air Fried at above 300℉ temperature range.

You must know that the 300 degrees you see on the Ninja air fryer is in ℉(Fahrenheit). If we convert it to a celsius degrees, this will be 148.889°C. For example, (300°F − 32) × 5/9 = 148.889°C

You should also check what degree is written for your food and if it is recommended to prepare it at 300 degrees below. If it is 148.888°C, this is equivalent to 300°F.

How to Fix a Ninja Air Fryer that won’t Go Below 300?

You don’t need to do anything with the Ninja Air Fryer to fix it when it is not below 300 degrees. You just need to know how to operate or use it. It means you just have to change the mode from the control panel to make it below 300℉.

New Ninja air fryers come with a user manual where the manufacturer describes all the institutions regarding the use of this unit. In case a user manual is not available, read the next section of this guide.

Usually, new users get confused when they set the temperature on their brand-new Ninja air fryer. The thing you just need is the proper understanding of all four buttons that is on the control panel down to display.

The display shows you the default temperature first when the user makes any feature selection. 

For example, when you press Dehydrate button which is on the bottom right side, the display immediately shows you the 105℉ temperature range. On the side of the display, it has a temp button, you can press it to increase the temperature from 105℉ to 295℉.

You have to manually set the temperature below 300 degrees on the Ninja Air fryer. 

This appliance only shows you the default temperature. However, you can select your desired temperature range according to the features selected on the control panel.

How to Change the Temperature On Ninja Air Fryer?

Ninja Air Fryer allows you to set the temperature from 105°F up to 400°F. Before using this appliance., you must know how to set the temperature on the Ninja air fryer whether you want to use it above or below 300 degrees.

Here’s how you can change and set the temperature on Ninja Air Fryer:

  1. Be sure the device is plugged in.
  2. Turn on it, press the power button.
  3. Select any function between Air Fry, and Roast. Reheat, and Dehydrate.
  4. Now Default temperature will display according to the selected mode.
  5. Use temperature buttons to adjust and change the temperature range. All done.

Every recipe has its time required to be cooked perfectly. Users must take care of temperature changes according to recipe instructions. 

The time adjective buttons show the real-time temperature range on display. Once you see your desired temperature number on display, stop pressing the temp buttons.

What is the Lowest Temperature on a Ninja Air Fryer?

Ninja Air fryers have different temperature ranges. The lowest temperature on the Ninja air fryer is 105℉ and the maximum is 400℉. Users have to select a dehydrate function to use the lowest temperature. 

However, you cannot air fryer any item in the lowest range. The temperature range should be between 300℉ to 400℉ for air frying in this device.

This unit also provides you the ability to check the status of food inside the fry basket even when the device is running. This is a plus point of this unit because by doing this, you can prevent your item from being overcooked and burnt.

You just have to hold the handle and remove the basket from the air fryer. Sometimes the item we want to prepare requires less time and we don’t know the actual temp and time for that item. 

So in this situation, we should prefer the lowest temperature and stand time limit. Once you know the results, you can customize the institution based on your measurements.

To set the lowest temperature, follow the same instructions described in the above sanction. But you must consider selecting the Dehydration option for the lowest temperature.

Every Ninja air fryer model has the same lowest temperature limit. You can also increase the temp. Range if the current lowest level does not seem to be working for the dish.