Ninja Air Fryer Timer Not Working? (Why + Fix)

If you’re using a ninja air fryer then you must know what features it has and what problems you may face with it. 

Although this can prepare your meal at the right time, it will not run if the ninja air fryer timer is not working. However, the user can fix this issue if done correctly.

Ninja Air fryer does not allow the user to set the time until the frying basket is not fit in its place. This is a default feature, not a fault in the appliance. On the contrary, If the timer is not working when the basket is there, you must try to reset the unit. 

Let’s understand what you should do when your ninja air fryer timer does not work to make it responsive.

Ninja Air Fryer Timer Not Working? (Why + Fix)

Why Does the Ninja Air Fryer Timer Not Work?

Ninja air dryers have different features that make the user’s work easier. However, timer-related issues in the Ninja air fryer are reported by some users as feedback represents.

There could be some reasons why your ninja air fryer timer is not working, such as the basket is not inserted properly, the basket is not in the appliance, or a software glitch. Let’s understand each probable cause in depth.

  • Fry Basted is not Placed correctly: Ninja Air fryers are engineered with advanced technology. This unit has an electrical system that sends commands to the circuit board, it informs the circuit board whether the basket is inserted or not. 

When the circuit board knows the cooking drawer is not placed in its position, the timer pauses immediately. 

This is a default feature in this appliance. If the basket is inserted in the appliance but still the timer is paused, be sure it is inserted correctly.

  • The basket is not inserted: The Ninja air fryer timer gets paused immediately when the food drawer is not inserted. 

If you’re a new user of this appliance, you must read the user manual. 

Some people remove the cooking basket from the air fryer when it is frying the dish – doing this stops the countdown on display, so the selected time can be completed.

  • Software glitch: If the basket is inserted in the appliance, but still time countdown is paused on the display, you have to reset the timer. 

This could happen when a software glitch occurred in the control unit. However, if resetting would not work, be sure the unit is clean. 

Dirt can also affect the working of sensing parts. 

How to fix the Not Working Timer of Ninja Air Fryer?

Fixing the timer of the ninja air fryer is simple if done correctly. No tools are required to perform this task. The critical step is detecting the cause. 

As there could be several causes behind the unworking timer on the ninja air fryer, you have to check for each probability. Let’s fix it.

Here’s how you can fix an unworking time of the Ninja air fryer:

  • If the cooking drawer is inserted, put it in the air fryer. This will start the timer again. 
  • If the cooking drawer is already inserted, check if it properly fits in the air fryer. You can also remove it and put it back for verifying its position.
  • If the drawer is already inserted properly and still not working, you should reset the timer. Follow the below steps to reset the timer of the ninja air fryer: 
  • Remove the basket and insert it back into the device. Now, press the Start/Stop button during cooking, it will stop the cooking function and reset the timer. Start the function again and the timer will start working again.

In case the timer switch is broken, you have to replace it. You can also take the help of an electrical technician to replace any part of this appliance.

Does the Ninja Air Fryer Have a Reset Button?

Ninja air fryers have several buttons to set temperature, function, and time. However, there is no specific reset button on this appliance. But still, you can reset it by existing buttons. 

Press the Start/Stop button during the program, it will close the program and reset the ninja air fryer. Doing this also resets the timer.

You can find the Start/Stop button on the front control panel of the appliance. Don’t press it hard, just simply press with almost no pressure. 

If it is not resetting, you can try to press the button for at least more than 10 seconds. The new units also have a product manual which describes all working of your appliance. 

You can find reset instructions for your specific model. You do not have to reset the unit if the countdown is paused. 

The timer countdown stops automatically when the basket is not in the unit. So just put the basket back in the unit, and the timer will automatically start. 

In case you want to stop the program and want to set a new program with a new time and temperature input, you have to reset the appliance.

How Do You Set the Timer on a Ninja Air Fryer?

First, you have to preheat the ninja air fryer for 3 minutes before cooking something into it for a specific time. 

However, no preheating is required for using Dehydrate mode. Users cannot directly set the timer, the program is necessary to select first. 

You should know how much time the dish takes you’re going to put in the appliance. If the heat range is high, set the time according to the requirement.

Here’s how to set the timer on a ninja air fryer:

  1. Preheat the appliance for 3 minutes before selecting the program.
  2. Pull the drawer and put your items into it. Put the drawer back into the appliance.
  3. Now select the cooking function, such as Air Fry, Rehat, Roast, or Dehydrate.
  4. Once the function is selected, the default temperature will show.
  5. Now press the timer buttons and set the cooking time according to the recipe. All done.

Pro Tip: Extend the countdown on the timer to make food more crispy.