No Permanent Press Cycle On Washing Machine? (What To Do)

A permanent press or perm press cycle helps keep clothes bright and wrinkle-free. Many laundry experts recommend this cycle setting for removing creases, dirt, and stain from your pricey fabrics.

So what if there is no permanent press cycle on the washing machine? Every washer comes with different features and details, so you need to find a similar facility in your model.

Use the delicate cycle If there is no permanent press cycle on your washing machine. Set the spin speed to medium (400 – 800 rpm), and set the temperature to warm. However, some companies mention this cycle as wrinkle control or casual; different label names despite working the same. 

Let’s dive into the guide to understand more about what you should do if there is no permanent press cycle on your washing machine!

No Permanent Press Cycle on Washing Machine?

What Permanent Press Wash Cycle?

A permanent press wash cycle is a washing setting on washing machines that washes clothes in a slow spin with warm water and followed by a cool water rinse. It takes 5 minutes less than the regular cycle and is more gentle. This cycle is suitable for every type of clothes, such as pants, t-shirts, towels, etc.

Almost every company provides this feature on their washing machine. If unfortunately, you don’t have this setting on your washer, you have to use another set similar to it. 

Moreover, first, find synonyms labels such as wrinkle control or casual if there is no permanent press cycle in your device.

You can wash anything with it, from caps to socks and bed sheets to pillowcases. 

It happens many times, users have no access to the perm press option, and have to use other cycles. 

So how delicate cycle settings can help you as a perm press cycle?

First, know the step-by-step process of the permanent press cycle, including its cycle completion period, water state, and spin speed. 

After understanding these things, you will run a delicate cycle instead of perm press by setting the exact water temperature and spin speed.

In the next section, we explain how to use the delicate cycle as a permanent press.

What to do If there is No Permanent Press Cycle on Washing Machine?

There is no problem if your washing machine has no perm press option, fortunately, in this case, the delicate cycle feature will help you to get the same results on your clothes. 

Verify whether your washer has another label name in place of per press, such as wrinkle control or casual or not. 

Here’s how to use a delicate cycle instead of a permanent press cycle:

  1. Open the drum door of your washing machine.
  2. Put your clothes into the tub.
  3. Choose a delicate cycle apart from other cycles.
  4. Set the temperature to warm.
  5. Set the spin cycle at low. For i.e. 400 – 80 RPMs.
  6. Run the cycle and wait for cycle completion.
  7. Take off clothes from the washing drum. All done!

No Permanent Press Cycle on GE Washing Machine:

GE Washing machines have a permanent press cycle to prevent wrinkles from setting in fabrics. However, if your GE washing machine doesn’t have a permanent press cycle, you should choose the delicate cycle.

Confirm if there is a synonym label on your device or not. We don’t know the reason or an alternative way when we have to face a new problem. Take it easy, It commonly happens when we just bought a new model or start the use of a new cycle.

Ge washing machines provide a long spray rinse to remove and prevent wrinkles which consumes approx 45 seconds. 

You should only use this cycle for permanent press fabrics to wash them more effectively. 

As this cycle uses normal wash speed and normal spin speed, you have to take care of these things when choosing a delicate cycle in case of no permanent press cycle.

No Permanent Press Cycle on LG Washing Machine:

A Permanent press cycle in LG washing machines is a type of cycle that is designed for synthetic and delicate fabrics. If you find that there is a permanent press cycle on your LG washing machine, you should use a delicate cycle at a warm temperature with low spin.

Moreover, you should also need to know what fabric cycles are not good when choosing a perm press cycle alternative option. Polyester knits are an example from those types of cycles.  

As technology is growing in the washer industry, new technology washing machines offer an option to set the speed of the cycle, which can help you to customize the perm press cycle.

To Summarize

A delicate cycle is the best alternative option to a permanent press cycle. You just need to set the temperature to warm and the spin speed to low. However, it will take more than five minutes to complete the cycle. Moreover, verify if there’s a ‘casual’ or ‘wrinkle’ control option available; these two are synonyms of perm press.