LG Washing Machine Drain Hose Clogged With Sand?

Washing machines usually start draining slowly or mostly won’t drain when the drain hose gets clogged. If you’re LG washing machine drain hose clogged with sand, you should unclog it for further use.

It is necessary to have a clean drain pipe for using the washing machine whether it is made of Lg or other brands.

Remove the drain hose from your washing machine and put a thin iron wire into it. Pull off the sand by hitting on it with the wire end. Drain hot water through the pipe to properly clean it. Verify if it’s now unclogged or not. Reattach the drain hose to the device.

We’ve gathered all the best practices to unclog the LG washing machine drain hose whether it is clogged with sand or other particles. 

Let’s dive into the guide!

LG Washing Machine Drain Hose Clogged With Sand?

How do I Unclog the Drain Hose on my LG Washing Machine?

When the washer doesn’t drain or drains slowly, it is a clear sign clog will be the reason. If you want to unclog the drain hose on your LG washing machine, you just have to follow simple steps. 

Clogs can be developed by many things, such as dirt particles, sand, detergent waste, etc. Fortunately, whether a clog is developed by anything, you can unclog it with the same process.

Here’s how to unclog the drain hose on the LG washing machine:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Locate the drain hose connection with the washer and detach it.
  3. Clean out the usual dirt.
  4. Use wire and put it inside, and pull out the clog.
  5. Reattach the drain. All done!

Keep the process simple and avoid skipping any of the described steps. You should run a test to verify that the clog is removed. 

To run this test without turning on the machine, you have to take it detached. 

Take some water and put the water into the drain pipe. Shake the pipe for cleaning normal dirt. 

Drain water rapidly and if water is draining properly and fastly, the drain hose is completely unclogged. 

Tip: If you use hot water, it will help you to remove odor and clean fastly.

How to get Sand Out of the LG Washer?

Sometimes we wash regular dirty garments, but sometimes we wash too dirty once in the washer. In some cases, if we had washed some dirty clothes, particles like sand are typical to be found. 

If you recently saw sand inside your LG washer drum or in its drain hose, you need to get sand out of your washer to prevent issues like clogging. 

You don’t need to take the help of others, do this work manually. Just follow our described steps!

If sand is in the drum of the LG washer, open the drum door first. Next, add some warm water to the drum. Use a clean cloth and clean all sides of the drum to verify the sand is properly dissolved in the water. 

Pull off the water from the drum. Once the drum gets cleaned, use a dry piece of cloth and reclean the drum to confirm that the sand is out of the washing drum.

If the sand is in the LG washer’s drain hose, you can clean it with simple effort. First, remove the cabinet to access the drain hose attached to the drain pump. 

Once the hose is disconnected, take a thin iron wire larger than the hose. Put the wire inside the pipe. The wire will automatically stop where the clog is located. 

Now apply some force to hit on sand clog by the wire end. Once the water starts to drain through it, keep hot water with you. Now, drain hot water through the drain hose. After that, the sand will be out from the drain hose. 

In case, sand still exists: If you find that sand is still inside, put the compressor’s air inside the drain pipe. Air pressure pulls sand efficiently as it applies decent force.

Why is an LG Washing Machine Drain Hose Clogged with Sand?

A clogged drain hose is a common problem in every company’s washing machine. To know why a drain hose is clogged with sand, you should learn how it forms.

As we know, every washing machine user puts many garments into their device to get clean and fresh clothes. These machines have a part called a drain pump which helps the device drain waste through the drain hose. Sometimes, some particles get stuck inside the hose, and over time they become a clog.

As we described above, when we wash sand-trapped clothes frequently in the LG washing machine, sometimes, Sand gets stuck and creates a clog inside the drain hose.

However, it will not cause any severe issues, but it can stop draining. Every washer has a different mechanism and sometimes we find a drain hose at a different location. Prevent mistakes like cuts or un placement on the drain hose.

Bottom Line

Cleaning the drain hose will make the LG washer drain hose sand-free. It will take 5 – 15 minutes to unclog it. However, the method you use matters most to determine how much time it will take and what effort you have to pay. 

Experts recommend using air pressure or thin wire to pull out the sand-made clogging. If it is getting clogged free slowly, you should repeat the process till it will be 100% unclogged.