Nuwave Air Fryer Display Not Working? Here’s Why + Fixes

Nowadays we can find displays on almost all air fryer models, however, some contain only buttons instead of a touch screen. Nuwave Air Fryer has a customer base in the thousands since their air fryers are popular internationally. 

However, their customers have reported issues with their unit, such as their Nuwave Air Fryer display not working, it is unresponsive, or totally black. This problem can happen due to a fault in the device, but it can also occur when we make some mistake during its use.

If your NuWave Air Fryer display is not working, it could be due to no power access to the unit, or internal faults, such as a damaged display, wiring problem, and unresponsive PCB. However, first, check the power status of the unit, then check for the internal root cause of the issue.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide and understand how you can fix the Nuwave Air Fryer non-working display.

Nuwave Air Fryer Display Not Working?

Why is the Nuwave Air Fryer Display not Working?

When the unit is brand new and has some working issues, we have the option to contact the manufacturer for free assistance since the unit is under warranty. 

But, when the display issue comes in the old unit, we’ve to investigate the root cause of the display issue, to fix it according to instructions. 

As we discussed before, Nuwave Air Fryer display issues can happen due to our own mistakes during use, and this could be caused by faulty elements.

Here’re the Causes of the Nuwave Air Fryer Display not Working:

  • The unit has no Power Access

Your Nuwave Air Fryer is an electric-powered device. It requires power to work. And when it works, its display starts showing changes and lighting up. 

In case, your unit is unplugged, or if it is plugged in but the outlet has no power, This will not turn on your unit. 

On the other hand, if the power cord of your appliance is broken or damaged, this will also create power issues. That’s why you must check whether the power is available to your Nuwave Air Fryer or not.

  • Internal Wiring Issue

The display of your air fryer is connected to the circuit board through wires. These wires transfer current and signal from PCB to the display. 

If any wire gets damaged, this will break the connection between the display and the circuit board and as result, the display will not work. Most of the electrical elements in an air fryer are connected to other elements with the help of wires. 

Each electrical element is interdependent, if anyone stops working, it makes another on-working due to a broken chain.

  • Display is Damaged

If the Nuwave Air Fryer is turned on, and all other elements are working apart from the display, then probably the issue is a damaged display. 

When the air fryer display is cracked, chipped, and damaged from inside out outside, it stops working. 

To check the status of the display, users have to remove the side and top covers of the unit as this provides you access to the display backside. If you see any chipped area on the display, you have to replace the display as it cannot be repaired.

  • The issue in Printed Circuit Board 

Whatever symbols, messages, and settings you see on display come from circuit board output. It means as the display is connected to the circuit board to get power and output, if for any reason the circuit board is not working, the display will also stop working. 

Circuit boards can stop working due to electric shorts, overheating, and no power access. So, testing the PCB is also important when the Nuwave Air Fryer display does not work.

What to do when the Nuwave Air Fryer Display is not Working?

This is a true fact, you cannot use an air fryer when its display is not working. Thus, users have to fix the display issue to use it again. First of all, we need to know what is the root cause of the issue that happened in the unit. 

We can only fix the Nuwave Air Fryer display issue when we know the cause and the solution to that cause. Note: Contact a professional technician if you don’t have experience in repairing electronics.

Here’s How to Fix Nuwave Air Fryer Display that’s Not Working:

  • Check if the power is available to the device or not. Check if the plug is plugged in, the outlet has power, and the cord status. If the power cord is damaged. You have to replace it. Get a new power cord according to the model number. If these things are already fine, proceed.
  • Unplug the air fryer before starting to fix the issue. This is necessary, don’t skip this step.
  • Take a screwdriver and open the top cover screws. Remove the top panel. Now, open the screws of the main side cover of your unit. Remove the side cover.
  • Now you have access to display the backside and elements connected to it. Keep an eye on all the elements and try to find damaged ones. 
  • First, check the wires connected to the display. If any of the wires are disconnected or broken, there is an issue. Use a soldering tool to connect the disconnected wire. And if it is broken, then replace it. 
  • If the wires are fine, check the printed circuit board. If there are black marks on it like burnt marks, this means it is chipped. You can also use a digital multimeter to test the continuity of the printed circuit board. If you don’t know how to use a digital multimeter, take the help of a technician. If the circuit board is faulty, you have to replace it.
  • Test the display. Look at the backside of the display and if it is cracked, chipped, or damaged, replace it. Note the model number of your unit and get the same element according to the model number.


Air fryers make cooking more enjoyable and easier. However, if any issue comes in the unit, it requires repair to re-cook anything. 

The display is the most important part of Nuwave Air Fryers, if it is not working, check power access to the unit and the status of all elements connected to the display along with its status. Status means to see if any element is chipped, cracked, or damaged.