How to Fix a Gourmia Air Fryer That Won’t Close? (Explained)

It is not a secret that people who like oil-free cooking usually prefer Air Fryers. Gourmia is a leading Air Fryer manufacturer, but some of their customers reported issues during inserting drawers into the main unit. 

We cannot cook food in the Gormia Air Fryer unless its drawer is closed. If it is not closing, there is a hardware problem.

A broken basket, manufacturing defects in the unit, grease build-up, overfilling, and incorrect basket insertion are common reasons why the Gormia Air Fryer won’t shut off. You should manually check why the drawer is stuck and won’t go in, then fix the problem according to the instructions.

We’ve described everything you need to know when your Gourmia Air Fryer won’t close, thus you can fix this issue.

How to Fix a Gourmia Air Fryer That Won't Close?

Why Does Gourmia Air Fryer Not Close?

To cook the food, we have to put it in the Air Fryer drawer. However, if the drawer will not close, the food remains uncooked until the drawer goes into the main unit. 

If the same problem you are facing with your Gourmia Air Fryer, there is a problem with the basket and cleanliness of your unit. Let’s dive deeper to know the possible causes.

Here’re the causes of the Gourmia Air Fryer won’t close issue:

  • Food Basket is Broken:

We put the food in the Air Fryer drawer’s basket to cook it. In case the basket is broken from any edge or side, this will stick when we insert it. So it is important to check the basket condition first when the drawer is not closing. 

Sometimes someone drops the basket on the floor and won’t tell them about their mistake, which makes us unaware of basket cracks and broken bodies. 

  • There’s a Manufacturing Flaw in Design:

If you just bought a new Gourmia Air Fryer and it’s not closing, consider checking the shape of the basket and try to find a manufacturing flaw. Sometimes new units contain faulty accessories which cause problems during their use. 

If the basket or drawer handle top etc has a flaw, you can contact the manufacturer support to ask them about the issue.

  • The Unit requires Cleaning:

Cleaning an Air Fryer is as necessary as using a little amount of oil in it. When we skip cleaning for a longer time, this causes oil build-up on the unit, which causes issues during drawer insertion. 

Always keep the appliance clean after each use. If you’re a busy person, make a schedule to clean the unit after a few days.

  • You may have Overfilled the Basket:

New users mostly made mistakes during food filling in the drawer. If the basket is overfilled, this will cause overheating, an issue when you close the drawer. 

Overloaded food gets stuck on components and the drawer tightly goes inside the unit, which causes issues. Always put food according to unit capacity.

  • Improper Basket Insertion:

Are you using the right basket in your Gourmia Air Fryer? Each model has its design and accessory that only fits it. In case the basket you’re using is of another model, your Gourmia Air Fryer will not close. 

This is important to use proper basket insertion, that is compatible with your unit. Consider placing the basket correctly in the unit.

How to Close Gourmia Air Fryer That’s Not Closing?

If you have the same problem with your unit, first of all you have to detect the root cause of the problem. This is simple to fix this problem.

The shape of the cooking drawer and its basket matters when it comes to using it issue-free. If the basket is broken or has manufacturing flaws, you have to replace the basket. 

Consider checking the model number of your Air Fryer to get any new accessory for it. Whether you need to replace an electrical component or any accessory of your Gourmia Air Fryer, you must know your unit’s model number. 

Each model has a unique number. If there is a manufacturing flaw in your new unit, the manufacturer can replace the faulty part as a mistake made by them.

If the unit has oil buildup on it, cleaning it is necessary. Take a clean soft piece of cloth, put one drop of cleaner on it, and rub it on the area where the unit is dirty. If the basket is also dirty and needs to be cleaned, you can wash it with warm water. 

Take a soft brush and cut the grease stuck on the basket base. Let the basket dry before inserting it into the main unit. Don’t wash the main unit with water.

Don’t overfill the basket. If you have a lot of food to prepare, try to put food in batches – doing this unit will not get overfilled and prevents issues like overheating and tissue during basket installation.

If you have the wrong cooking drawer, don’t use it. It means the cooking basket should be compatible with your unit to close it into the unit.

Gourmia Air Fryer Drawer Stuck?

Is your Gourmia Air Fryer inner basket stuck? This is not a problem. But it seems. Nowadays companies are using safety features in their appliances to prevent issues.

There is a release button safety on the handle of the Gourmia Air Fryer drawer that doesn’t allow the inner basket to be removed until it is pressed. To remove the stuck basket from the drawer, press the release button given on the top side of the drawer handle.

Not all models have these safety features.

Final Thought!

No doubt, Gourmia Air Fryers are made strong, but their parts can break as they are made of plastic. If you found the basket broken, consider replacing it to reuse the appliance.

However, contact the manufacturer for a solution if your unit is brand new and has problems. Ince the main basket is fine, your Gourmia Air Fryer will start closing perfectly.