Nuwave Air Fryer Drawer Won’t Close? (Fixes)

Nuwave is a leading air fryer company, but sometimes their units also get faulty. The most common problem users report is that their Nuwave Air Fryer drawer won’t close. However, this issue can happen with new and old units. 

There is not any internal hardware issue in your unit if its drawer is not inserted completely. We have experienced too with our old unit, but there was no manufacturing flaw.

Generally, when the shape of the cooking basket is not perfect, such as it has a broken body or manufacturing flaws, and when the device requires cleaning, the drawer of the Nuwave Air Fryer won’t close. In addition, overfilling it with food can also cause this issue.

In this guide, we’ve described everything to fix the issue of the Nuwave Air Fryer drawer, not closing, which we have personally used to fix the same issue with our units.

Nuwave Air Fryer Drawer Won't Close? (Fixes)

Why Won’t the Nuwave Air Fryer Drawer Close?

Have you checked the status/shape of your Nuwave Air Fryer’s basket? Because if the basket is not in the shape it should be, the drawer will not close. Sometimes, by mistake, the cooking basket gets dropped by someone. 

When it drops from a higher height, this can crack and damage it. The basket is made of plastic. No doubt, Nuwave Air Fryers are made of strong material, but they can break when something hits on them or it gets dropped on the floor.

Below are the Causes of the Nuwave Air Fryer drawer won’t close:

  • Maybe there’s a Manufacturing Flaw

If you just bought a new basket or your Unit is brand new, there could be a manufacturing flaw in the shape of the drawer, that’s why it won’t close. 

Remove the basket and look at every side and corner. If any side of the basket is out of shape, the basket will be stuck inside the area where we insert the drawer.

You can contact manufacturer support for replacing the faulty basket of your under-warranty unit.

  • The Basket of your Unit is Broken

If you’re using your unit for a long time, and the drawer issue comes now, a manufacturing flaw is not the issue. 

Almost all air fryer baskets are made of plastic material. and as we know plastic-made items can crack and break when something heavier hits on them, or someone drops them from a higher distance. 

The broken cooking drawer cannot go inside the appliance. Sometimes we don’t know the basket is broken when someone damages it and doesn’t tell us about their mistake. So keep an eye on the basket and be sure it is not damaged.

  • You have Overfilled Drawer

You should not overfill the drawer with a lot of food. Sometimes people think they can cook entire food in a single time. 

This can overload the basket and can cause problems like overheating, and not closing. Always cook food in batches when you have a lot to cook. 

Remove some food from the basket if it is overloaded. If you want to cook whole food at one time, consider using a large-capacity air fryer.

What to do when the Nuwave Air Fryer Drawer doesn’t Close?

It doesn’t mean that you need to buy a new unit when the drawer of the old one is not closing. However, you can claim for replacement when the unit is under warranty and has manufacturing flaws.

There are several methods to fix an air fryer drawer that’s not closing, such as you can replace it when found faulty, and prevent mistakes during its use.

  • Check the Shape of the Cooking Basket:

This is the most important step to get rid of this issue. Check the overall shape and body of the basket. If the cooking basket is broken or cracked, you’ll have to replace it. You get a new basket from online or offline stores. 

First, read the model number of your unit and get new accessories according to the model number. If the basket you have is a basket of another air fryer model, the air fryer basket will not close. 

  • Check for Manufacturing Flaws if the Unit is Brand New:

If during checking of basket shape, you found that there is a manufacturing flaw in your unit, then consider contacting manufacturer support and ask them for replacement when the device is brand new and is under warranty. Sometimes quality check teams mistakenly pass the faulty unit and ship it to customers.

  • Don’t Overfill the Drawer:

If you’re new to the usage of an air fryer, take note that you should not overfill the basket with food. You should only put the food quantity according to the product description. 

If the unit only allows 2 kg of food, don’t put in more than that. Instead, use a large capacity unit if you want to cook more food at once.

  • Clean your Unit:

Is your unit clean? If not, clean it. If you don’t clean the air fryer basket and main unit after a few uses, grease will build up on its body. 

The more you make a gap in cleaning it, the harder it will be to clean. The best is to clean it after each use. Use a soft cloth to clean the main unit. To clean the drawer, you can use water. But don’t use water for cleaning the main unit.

How to put a Basket in a Nuwave Air Fryer?

This is necessary to know how you can use the Nuwave Air Fryer in the right way. The first step, you should learn to set a smart function on it, and the other important thing you should know is how to put the basket in the right way.

Here’s the answer: First of all, make sure the unit and drawer are clean and oil build-up free. Now, put the food into the basket. Hold the basket from the handle and put it into the main unit – Do it slowly. Ensure that there is no food residue in the main unit where you insert the drawer.

Note: You cannot use another air fryer model’s basket for your unit, as both have different body shapes