Oster Toaster Oven Door Won’t Close? Why + Fix

Oster toaster oven door should be closed properly to trap heat in the oven. Sometimes you can face some problems with it. If your Oster toaster oven door doesn’t close, you should manually check what is causing the problem.

This is a common Oster toaster oven door problem that many of their users have experienced as reviews show. However, it’s simple to fix this issue, just follow the steps described in this guide.

When some crumbs get stuck in things or spring deals with problems, the Oster toaster oven door won’t close. Furthermore, Dust, dents in the iron bar, and lack of lubricant on things can also cause this issue. You should disassemble the door from the hinges to investigate and fix the cause.

This guide explained to you how you can fix an Oster toaster oven door that doesn’t close. Let’s dive in.

Oster Toaster Oven Door Won't Close

Why Won’t the Oster Toaster Oven Door Close?

Technically, we cannot say that this single thing is causing the door issue without confirming the real cause. This is because certain possible faults can lead to this issue in your toaster oven. Whether it’s a French oven door or a single door, both do not close when they face the same issue in their parts.

In simple words, the problem with door hardware prevents the toaster oven door from closing.

The following are some proven and possible problems with your toaster oven that won’t close its door:

Stuck crumbs in door hinges:

Every Oster toaster oven has a crumb collecting tray called a crumb tray. When we cook something in the appliance, crumbs of that food automatically get collected in this tray.

We often remove this tray from the device to make it crumb-free. But sometimes very tiny food crumbs fall near door hinges, and they get stuck in the hinges space. Once they get stuck, they prevent the door from fully rotating with its hinges, and this leaves the door unclosed.

If you’re a guy who doesn’t clean his toaster oven often, you must consider cleaning it. If the stuck crumbs or dust particles are the problems, this will be fixed by cleaning.

Door System Spring Problem:

Technically, the door of the toaster oven has a properly designed system to get closed and open with good grace. These doors have springs that make their iron bars tight.

In case the spring is not in its place or fails to get tight, the door of the toaster oven does not stay closed. This spring can be seen after dismantling the side cover where the door closing and opening mechanism exits.

You cannot reach it without removing the cover. This spring can break, slack, or get stuck with something, so you should always check it when your Oster toaster oven door won’t close properly.

Dent in the Iron bar System:

If your toaster oven fell on the floor or was hit by anything, it can be possible to see dents on the body. But you can only see which internal part has dents after looking at them.

Technically, you cannot view those parts if the covers are still assembled on the sides. This problem mostly occurs in french door hinges that are fitted inside the cover.

Sometimes we don’t know that our device fell because if it is caused by someone, they may not tell us that. So that’s why we mentioned this point in this part.  

Lack of lubricant:

Lubricant is a necessary item for rotating things. Every toaster oven door requires a small amount of lubricant. You should always use flameless lubricant, such as non-flammable silicone spray.

Don’t use oil or grease on hinges, when the toaster oven becomes old, it loses lubricant on its parts where it was applied by the company. In case the hinges have no or very less lubricant,  you will note that the door will start to close and open tightly.

And in case there are no lubricant and dust particles are stuck on the hinges, it does not allow the door to be closed properly. You will know the lubricant status only after dismantling the door from its hinges.

Rust developed on rotating parts:

The old appliances usually face rust problems after some time. If you have an old Oster toaster oven, you must keep it on its body because over time, rust develops on the parts.

It will not cause some serious problems if dust occurs on the cover but will be a problem when rust develops in rotating parts. If you have not been using your toaster oven for a long time, it’s common that rust can take place on its door rotating parts.

Some toaster oven models don’t have hinges in the shape of rotating hardware. If you find rust on the hinges, remove it with sandpaper.

How to fix the Oster Toaster Oven Door that won’t Close?

No matter what is preventing the Oster toaster oven door from closing, you have to disassemble it for sure. Tools required for this fix are one non-flammable silicone spray, a screwdriver, a nut driver, and a plier. The procedure will take 15 to 30 minutes to fix the unclosing toaster door.

The following are steps to fix a toaster oven door that won’t close:

  1. You must unplug the toaster oven, and be sure no power connection is connected to the appliance.
  2. Test the door and see how much gap is there between the oven and its door. While doing this look at the hinges.
  3. Check how many components are connected to the toaster oven door that helps it in opening and close.
  4. If the door is fixed on hinges with screws, use a screwdriver to open the screws. Consider collecting all the screws in one container, so you cannot lose them.
  5. Grab the door and right it up by disassembling it. Keep the door on a clean and secure surface where there is no risk of scratches on the door.
  6. Clean out the hinges, if some part has dents, fix them. Just hold the bend area with a plier and take that in its original shape.
  7. Open the side cover if the door has one iron bar that helps the door to be tightly closed. This bar has a spring. After disassembling the side cover, see if something prevents the spring from being tight.
  8. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the hinges.
  9. Reassemble all the things. Just do all the steps in reverse.
  10. Test the door. Now it closes perfectly and smoothly.

You can repeat the same process with other companies’ toaster ovens, as all of them mostly have the same machines.