Oster Toaster Oven Light Not Turning On? Here’s Solution

If you plugged it in, but the Oster Toaster Oven light isn’t turning on, your device won’t turn on and has some issues. You have to manually check where the problem is and what is preventing the device from turning on. 

Technically, this problem can occur for a few reasons. So you have to check every possible issue yourself. Once you know the actual cause, you can fix that as per instructions.

In case the Oster toaster oven is not turning on, there is an issue with the power supply or in its PCB. Check if there is power available in the outlet. Make sure the cord has no breakage or cuts. You may have to disassemble the covers to test the internal parts. 

We’ve gathered important information reading Oster toaster oven light not turning on in this guide that you should know.

Oster Toaster Oven Light Not Turning On?

Why is the Oster Toaster Oven Light Not Turning On?

There could be single or more reasons behind unworking of your Oster toaster oven. We have done many repair operations, and we found that most individuals with old appliances have this problem.

The following are some possible causes that you should check if your Oster toaster oven light is not turning on:

  1. The outlet may be faulty and fails to provide power:

Sometimes we think the malfunction is in our appliance so that’s why the light is not turning on, but that is not always true. It could have happened because of a faulty outlet. Yes, it is possible. Sometimes an electric shock happens in the outlet burning its wiring connections. So whenever you plug in any device to a faulty outlet that has burned wiring inside it, the device won’t run at all, and you will not see On-Light on that device.

  1. It may be a power cut or power shortage:

Make sure power is available to your room outlet. Sometimes it is a power cut in your town and you’re mistakenly thinking that the device has a problem because its lights are not turning on. You can also turn on any kitchen light to know the power status of your house.

  1. Burnt Cord or Cord has some cut:

Every toaster oven has a long cord that supplies power to it from the outlet when it is plugged in. This cord is usually made of flexible plastic-type materials. If something cuts that cord, the power supply will be broken and stopped. This cord may burn with overheating in its wires. You should always check the status of the cord from one end to another.

  1. The appliance is not plugged firmly:

Maybe the plug is not plugged-in properly. This can happen when you plug in the cord fast without focus or when the plug is not getting tightly inserted in the outlet. Keep an eye on the plug and hold it and once again, try to insert it tightly into the outlet.

  1. Due to internal broken electrical connections:

The toaster oven cannot turn on when the power flow in it is not fine. In simple words, when the power supplying cord fails to provide current to the printed circuit board. This happens when the wires have broken stitches on the circuit board. Once the connection between the power supply cord and the device system is broken, power will not flow and the Oster toaster oven’s light will not turn on. 

  1. Hardware failure

The circuit board of the toaster oven may be electrically short. When the printed control board itself has problems such as broken stitches, dust, and dirt, it prevents the system from working with good grace. So you should check the PCB after getting the reasons described above.

How to Fix the Oster Toaster Oven that won’t turn On:

Fixing an Oster toaster oven is easy and inexpensive that won’t turn on. It takes 15 – 30 minutes to do this work. You should have one electrical wire tape, a screwdriver, and a digital multimeter(DMM). We will go through many steps to detect the real cause and fix it instantly.

Here’re some steps that helps you to fix your toaster oven:

  1. You can check the power status in your house and see if there is a power cut in your area or not.
  1. Check the working of the outlet where you have plugged in your device. To do this, you can plug in any other electrical device there to know if the outlet is working or not. If the outlet is okay, proceed further.
  1. Keep an eye on the power supply cord of your toaster oven, so you can identify if the cord is okay or not. Sometimes overheating or any sharp item can cut some part of the cord and you may not know about it.
  1. Now, you have to disassemble the toaster oven if all the above issues do not exist. Take a screwdriver and open all the covers. Consider collecting the opened screws in one place. First, check the power supply cord connections. In case any connection is broken, stitch it with the use of a soldering iron tool.
  1. If the connections are fine, test the power flow all over the printed circuit board. Use a digital multimeter to test the current flow in the circuit board(some technicians called it the motherboard or control board).
  1. In case one part of the circuit board is not working, you have to replace it. You must note what is the model number of your Oster toaster oven. Now, search for its motherboard online or offline in an electronic spare parts store. If it is not found, reach out to company support and ask them about your issue.
  1. Now replace the circuit board and fit all the connections back. Do all the steps reverse. Assemble all the parts back. Make Sure screws are tightened, so they cannot open when the toaster oven runs.

Final Thought!

You have to manually check for the malfunction in your toaster oven if you don’t want to approach the company’s customer support. We can say that you surely fix this issue once you know what is the real cause.