Oster Toaster Oven Timer Not Working? (How to Fix)

The timer should be working well to using a toaster oven. However, you cannot prepare food correctly at all when the Oster toaster oven timer is not working. 

So you should fix it as soon as possible. This issue can be caused due to certain reasons.

Technically, the Oster toaster oven timer does not work when the motherboard is faulty, the spring inside the switch is broken, connections are melted, or the switch is broken. However, if the cause is minor, you can fix this component without doing the replacement.

Let’s understand what makes the Oster toaster oven timer unworking and what you should know to fix it.

Oster Toaster Oven Timer Not Working?

Why Oster Toaster Oven Timer won’t Stop?

It could be an issue or a normal working mechanism when the Oster toaster oven won’t stop. It means you have to know when it won’t stop.

Some toaster ovens don’t allow users to stop the timer before it reaches the end. If you’re trying to stop the timer by forcing it to set at zero, it may or may not stop by doing this. We have tested many toaster ovens made by a variety of brands. 

We found that some types of toaster ovens have switches that only go to zero themself and won’t stop manually. If you’re doing the same, your Oster toaster oven switch is not allowing you to set the timer knob at zero before it reaches the ends.

On the other hand, if the timer reaches its end but time is displayed at any reading, it is a fault sign. The spring inside the time switch mechanism is responsible to run the timer if it fails to work the timer will not work or won’t stop. 

Furthermore, faulty circuit boards can also cause this issue. Because when time knobs go to the ends but still display time on LED, it is a clear sign that something is malfunctioning in its PCB.

How to Fix a Not Working Timer of the Oster Toaster Oven?

This is quite simple to fix an unworking Oster toaster oven timer. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes to do the fixing procedure. A screwdriver and a nut driver are required. You have to replace the timer switch if required. You can get new timer switches from online and offline appliance repair stores.

On average, a new timer switch costs 10 – 12 dollars only. If you replace it yourself, it saves you electrician fees. We can say that after following this guide, you can fix the timer of your toaster oven yourself.

Here’s how to fix the Oster toaster oven switch that doesn’t work:

  1. Must unplug the appliance before starting the fixing process. Don’t touch its cover when power is available to it. Place it on enough counter space, so space will not be another issue for you.
  2. You have to disassemble the upper, back, and side covers of your toaster oven to reach the timer switch from the inside. Have a long screwdriver and open cover screws from the backside. Open all the screws one by one. Keep the covers on a safe surface to prevent scratches on them.
  3. Disassemble the front side timer knob connected to the internal timer switch. Once the timer knob is disassembled, hold the internal timer mechanism.
  4. Look at all the parts of the timer system. Must check the spring that is fixed inside the switch system. If the spring is broken, that is the cause of this issue. Fix a new spring there or replace the entire timer system.
  5. In case the connections made of copper on the timer switch circuit supply are melted or broken, consider cleaning them or doing a gentle gum application there.
  6. If timer switch replacement seems necessary, do that. Before getting the new spare part, you must match the model number of the toaster oven with the new switch. Connect the new timer switch with the control board. Now, attach the timer knob on the timer switch back.
  7. Assemble all the covers back and make sure all screws are tightened. Reuse the device.

Oster Toaster Oven Timer Switch Replacement?

Timer switch replacement is the only left option when it is burned or has broken parts. Technically, a timer has many small parts in its mechanisms, including gears, shafts, springs, etc. 

When something gets broken or malfunctions, the timer will start unworking or incorrectly operating. It is a necessary part that should be on point when it comes to its working and accuracy. 

In case the timer is not working well, it can ruin the food and also damage the heating elements. You can get a new timer switch from a local electronic repair store or online. The primary thing you should check is the model number of your Oster toaster oven. 

Research parts according to model number as different modes are designed differently. Fortunately, the Oster toaster oven timer replacement is inexpensive and 8 times less expensive than changing its heating elements. 

The best thing is that you can do it yourself after understanding the basics and overall steps from this guide. 

Common Cause of Unresponsive Timer on Oster Toaster Oven:

We cannot directly say what is the real cause behind the unworking timer on the Oster toaster oven. There are multiple causes, no single one. Sometimes this happens because of a single malfunctioned component or sometimes the switch is fine but other parts cause the problem.

Here’re Common Causes of unresponsive Timer On Oster Toaster Ovens:

  • Circuit shot in switches or on printed circuit board.
  • Faulty circuit board.
  • Broken spring inside the timer mechanism.
  • Broken connections between the circuit board and timer switch.
  • Applying too much force to rotate the timer knob.
  • Due to dust and the development of black marks on the elements.
  • Broken timer switches or shafts can also lead to this problem.