Oster Toaster Oven Loud Beep? Here’s Why (+ How To Fix)

Some individuals don’t like normal noise and alert sounds from their appliances. If you want to stop the Oster toaster oven’s loud beep, you can do it. 

This is a normal indication sound that alerts you about the working of the device to stay closer to it. However, you can temporarily or permanently stop beeping from your equipment.

The Oster toaster oven usually beeps to indicate alerts to users. This sound is loud enough, so the user can hear it from other rooms. It is audible when you choose functions, set temperature/duration, press the start button, reach the targeted temperature, and at the cooking duration end. 

In this guide, we’ve gathered important information regarding the Oster toaster oven’s loud beep that you should know. Let’s dive in.

Oster Toaster Oven loud beep? Here’s Why (+ How To Fix)

Why Does Oster Toaster Oven Beep?

If you are a new user of Oster toaster ovens, you may not be familiar with its beeping sound. Some individuals think that their appliance is beeping because there is any malfunctioning, but in real cases, it is not an alert of fault, it’s just a normal sound that shows you or the toaster oven makes a change in function or working.

Its usage shows us that the Oster toaster oven beeps in four to five different situations. The meaning of Situations is changes or actions. 

  • You hear this sound when you select functions, such as baking, toasting, warming, etc. it beeps when you set the duration on the timer and temperature for food preparation. 
  • This sound is audible for three seconds when the cooking duration or cycle is going to reach its end. 
  • The Oster toaster oven beeps when it runs, which means when you press the start button to prepare something.
  • It beeps when all the settings are done and ready to run.
  • When the toaster oven reaches the target temperature to cook something, it usually beeps.

This beep sound is loud and should be loud because sometimes the user may not be in the kitchen to turn off the device. So this beep sound is designed loud enough to know food is ready in the Oster toaster oven whether you’re in the kitchen or another room.

How to Turn Off the Beep on the Oster Toaster Oven?

You may be wondering about the Oster toaster oven’s loud beep if you’re new to it. Fortunately, there are two ways to turn it off. The first method we described is a temporary solution to mute the beeping sound and the second method is to get rid of it permanently. 

However, turning it off permanently may not be a good choice, but if you don’t like loud beeps, you can go for it. For the first method, you don’t require any tools, but for the second one, you will require a screwdriver and a nut driver with you.

Here’s how to turn off the Oster toaster oven’s loud beep temporarily:

  1. Close the door of your toaster oven.
  2. Now, turn it off, but don’t unplug it (not required).
  3. While turning it off, press and hold the “Bagel” and “Toast” buttons at the same time.
  4. Now, your device deactivates the beep automatically.

Note: If you follow the above steps, you cannot hear beeping when the cooking duration will reach the end. Moreover, press both buttons back for 5 seconds to activate the beep sound.

The following are steps to turn off the beeping sound permanently from your toaster oven:

  1. Unplug your toaster oven and place it on enough counter space.
  2. Disassemble all the covers with the help of a screwdriver. Unscrew one by one, so you cannot lose any screws. Keep the cover on a good surface to avoid scratches on its body.
  3. Look at the printed circuit board and find a speaker on it. Broke the stitches of the speaker from the circuit board and removed it.
  4. Reassemble all the disassembled items back. Just do the process in reverse. Turn on the device and now it will not beep permanently as long as you disconnect the speaker from its circuit board.

Common Reasons Oster Toaster Oven Beep Too Loud:

We have seen many people who like this loud beeping sound. But the company included this sound in their toaster oven because of just user benefits. 

For example: if by chance you forget to take out the prepared food once it is done, you will not take it off at the right time you should. In this case, when the appliance beeps, you will know it’s time to serve the dish by having it from the toaster oven.

You can hear a beep sound from the Oster toaster oven when the temperature/duration is set, the temperature reaches its desired level when food is prepared, all the settings are done, and when the user presses the start button of the device.

This is a special function that the company included for its user to get to know what recent changes are happening in the device. This sound is generated by a small speaker or beeper connected to the toaster oven mechanism.

To Summarize

The loud beep is generated by a speaker connected to the Oster toaster oven printed circuit board, so you hear when any change is made in the device. Don’t think it’s any fault. It is useful because you can know that the timer reached its end even when you are in another room.