Philips Air Fryer Door Won’t Close? Here’s Why

A food basket is one of the most necessary air fryer accessories where we put the food to cook. In case your Philips air fryer door doesn’t close, this could happen due to several probable causes. 

As a user of this appliance, you’ve to manually address the root cause behind the drawer door issue.

Broken basket sides, dirt/build-up, improper placement of the base tray, and overfilling will cause the Philips Air Fryer door to not close. However, it is important to investigate and resolve the root cause as there are many possibilities behind this issue.

Let’s understand more why the Philips air fryer door won’t close and what you should do to close it properly.

Philips Air Fryer Door Won't Close? Here’s Why

Reasons Philips Air Fryer Drawer Won’t Close?

We can’t just guess why the drawer fails to go completely inside the main unit. Thus, users who are dealing with this problem in their unit have to manually check what is the root cause in its unit. To do this, they must know what they check to detect the cause.

Below are the Causes why Won’t Philips Air fryer Drawer Close:

  • Broken/Faulty Basket:

The most common issue behind a not closing drawer of an air fryer is a faulty or broken basket. The shape and all sides of the basket should be equal and in the right shape. 

If any side of the drawer is broken and in the wrong shape, it will not go inside the main unit. You must consider the right basket according to the air fryer model size. 

Sometimes we have more baskets available. Each Philips air fryer model is unique, so if the drawer you’re trying to insert is of another model, this will not be compatible with the current unit and the drawer will remain unclosed.

Air fryer drawers are typically designed in the shape in which they properly go in the unit and no gap gets created when the drawer is in the air fryer. 

If the drawer is broken or irregular in shape, it will stick and remain half closed.

  • Improper Placed and Inserted Basket/Handle:

The drawer of an air fryer has a basket and base tray. This base tray has a handle to hold the entire food drawer. 

This basket handle is removable and gets fixed by pressing a lock given on the top of the handle. 

If the handle is not locked and the basket base tray will shake and cause improper insertion of the drawer. 

However, if the basket is not compatible, this will also cause wrong insertion and the door won’t close in the air fryer.

  • Dirty unit:

New users typically don’t know when to clean their air fryers. Furthermore, a bust work schedule is also a reason some individuals don’t clean their air fryers sooner. 

When we don’t clean the air fryer after a few uses, the residue builds up on the sides of the unit. Over time, if the device stays dirty, inserting the basket becomes problematic in the air fryer. 

The first build-up of the material becomes a barrier for the drawer which prevents it from going inside the main unit. 

Make sure your Philips air fryer is clean from the inside and the top side of the basket is also clean whenever you put it inside the appliance.

  • Overfilling

If the basket is overfilled, the drawer of your Philips air fryer won’t close. If lucky it gets closed, still it can cause issues such as overheating and fan noise.

If you have a lot to cook, the best is to cook the food in batches. Sometimes people overfill the basket to cook much in a single use.

Overfilled food will stick to the elements inside the unit and the door will stay half or a little bit unclosed.

  • Food Crumbs Stuck Inside the Unit:

Lack of cleaning is another reason the Philips air fryer door won’t close. You should always clean the unit after each or twice use. 

Sometimes cooked food crumbs and grease got left inside the main unit which caused problems during the next use. In the next section, we’ve described what you should do to clean an air fryer.

What to Do When Philips Air Fryer Drawer won’t Close?

When the food drawer won’t close, this prevents us from cooking food. So it should be fixed as soon as possible to use the appliance for cooking your food.

The following are steps that you should follow when an air fryer drawer won’t close:

  • The first thing you note is the cleanliness of your unit. It means looking closely and seeing if grease or dirt is built up in the unit. Check the condition of the food drawer and also of the main unit.
  • If the unit needs to be cleaned, have a dish cleaner, soft bristle brush, soft sponge/cloth, and warm water. First, clean the basket. Put some dish cleaner inside the basket and wipe with a sponge and brush. Then put some water in the basket and clean it. Now take a soft sponge or soft cloth, pour 1 – 2 drops of cleaner and wipe it inside the unit where dirt is stuck. 
  • Don’t wash the main unit as it has electrical components. Let the accessory and unit dry, and try to insert the drawer back once it is dry.
  • If the basket is broken, or it is in irregular shape, you have to replace it as it can only be replaced. Read the model number of your Philips air fryer and get the same basket for it.

How to Prevent Philips Air Fryer Door Problems:

Philips air fryers work well and help cook food without the use of oil. Although manufacturers make the best quality air fryer, still some drawbacks are reported by customers as feedback represents. 

The most common problem users face is their Philips air fryer door won’t close or get broken. If you found any manufacturing flaw in the Philips air fryer door, you can contact them for a fix. 

However, before complaining the door won’t close, you must consider checking if any particle is causing the issue. 

It means that sometimes cooked food residue and dirt particles are stuck inside the unit and when we try to put the drawer inside the main unit, it becomes difficult.

Always take care of the unit and its accessories’ cleanliness. Caring is the proven way to make appliances long-lasting and prevent hardware-related problems as well.

Bottom Line

You should always note the condition of the cooking basket, the paramount unit cleanliness, and how much food is added inside the basket. If anything seems improper, follow the instructions to make it proper and compatible with the unit. Replace the cooking drawer if you found it broken or irregular in shape.