Nuwave Air Fryer Blinking Fan Light? Here’s Why

When someone buys a new appliance like an air fryer or just wants to use it for the first time, the most important thing is to understand how the unit works. 

For example, users should know why the Nuwave air fryer blinks fan light on the LCD. However, not all models by Nuwave contain this feature, but still, it is worth knowing.

The Nuwave Air fryer blinks the fan light until the set temperature is reached. Fan symbols can also flash from time to time representing the unit heating to ensure a consistent temperature for cooking. It is not a fault sign, it is just a feature that can be found in some models.

Let’s understand more regarding the Nuwave air fryer blinking fan light.

Nuwave Air Fryer Blinking Fan Light? Here’s Why

Why is Nuwave Air Fryer Blinking Fan Light?

No doubt, the Nuwave air fryer is full of advanced features and its design makes it unique in look. Most companies try to add additional features to make their product unique and easier to use, and Nuwave did the same by providing fan symbol light on the LCD.

The fan light starts to blink and shows on the Nuwave air fryer display when the user just presses the start/pause button to start the program. 

In some models, the fan light blinks constantly when the selected temperature is reached. The unit blocks the fan light symbol on the display from time to time to just indicate the appliance is heating.

This is a small feature but makes a difference in working. In some standard air fryer models, this feature is missing, thus if you haven’t seen this before, it is not a problem in your new unit.

Typically, the fan light blinks in blue color. This light is also beautiful and realized like we are using advanced technology having a unit. 

However, this light goes off automatically, no manual step needs to be taken. If you’re new to using the Nuwave air fryer, reading and understanding the user manual given with the new unit would be beneficial for you.

You can also see some other symbols on the panel that blinks when users press the buttons. Fan light is helpful to analyze the working of heating elements. Because when the heating element is working, the fan light blinks. 

In case the unit has a problem generating heat, the fan light might not show on the LCD.

What Should You Do When a Nuwave Air Fryer Blinks Fan Light?

Now, you know why the fan light on the Nuwave air fryer blinks. If you think about what you should do when it blicks, the answer is nothing. This is an automatic feature in the unit working, specially designed to make the user work easier.

Every air fryer should be working well to get better cooking results from it. Heating production is the most necessary work in air fryers. 

The fan symbol on the appliance should be blinking when the Nuwave air fryer reaches the set temperature. 

Sometimes new users get worried and they think the blinking light is an indication of a fault in the appliance. The fan symbol is not indicating any fan-related issue, you don’t need to do anything with it.

The fan symbol on the display can remain displayed continuously for some seconds when the unit reaches the set temperature. But, it can also go off and on when the function is running.

Note: Nuwave company has different types of air fryer models. You cannot find similar features in each model. Thus, it is not fixed that every air fryer by Nuwave has a fan light.

Why does the Light on the Air Fryer Go on and Off?

As we discussed before, not every air fryer model contains the same feature and working procedure. Thus in some air fryer models, there could be another light in place of the fan light that indicates the unit is heating or reheating.

Typically, the light on the air fryer only goes on and off when the set temperature is reached. For example, when the unit is heating the light remains on, and when it gets heated, the light goes off. 

However, this light can turn on again when the appliance automatically starts reheating when required.

There is no voltage drop or fault in the unit which is the reason behind the light blinking, it is just a feature in your appliance that is helpful and you must know it.

Some air fryers don’t have light to indicate the temperature range, but they have different ways to display the user of temperature level.

The one thing you must consider is that the appliance should turn off the light when it has reached the desired temperature and start the cooking program. 

If the light doesn’t go off and remains on the unit the appliance gets unplugged, there is a fault in the main unit. 

Probably the control board is faulty when the light on an air fryer is not working as it should be.

What do Lights mean on Nuwave Air Fryer?

Nuwave air fryers have different buttons but they only have two colors of light – only one button has an orange light and all other buttons have a blue light.

The start/Pause Button is orange and lights up when the unit is on. But, the orange light will go off when you press the On/Off button. 

When the On/Off button is pressed, only blue color button lights will show on the Nuwave air fryer.

The Start/Pause orange color will turn blue when the user has set the temperature and the unit starts to preheat. 

Every error code or normal code displays in blue color light. Each light symbol has a unique meaning.


Blinking fan symbols is not a fault in your Nuwave air fryer, thus you don’t need to do this with this light. It will automatically stop blinking when the program reaches its end. 

It can remain continuous and go on and off, which is not a problem. You can also read the user manual to deeply understand the working of this unit.