Samsung Oven Light Won’t Turn Off? (Explained)

We all know that the oven light automatically turns off when we close the door. However, if your Samsung oven light won’t turn off, there is an issue with the unit components. You can fix it with proper knowledge of the fault and its solution.

Faculty door switches, issues in the control board, wiring, and temperature sensor problems can prevent the oven light from being turned off. It is advisable to detect the cause manually to address it. All these parts in the oven work with the light turned on/off work. If any one of these gets faulty, the light can stay on or off.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to know what you should do now if the light of your Samsung oven is not turning off.

Samsung Oven Light Won't Turn Off

Is the oven on light supposed to turn off?

Let’s address a common question before jumping into troubleshooting: Is the oven light supposed to turn off automatically? 

The answer to this question is yes, because of its working purpose. Technically, the oven light is designed to illuminate the oven’s interior while cooking and baking. 

This light is expected to switch off when the oven door is closed or when the oven cools down after use. 

In case your Samsung oven light remains on despite these conditions, it’s time to investigate potential causes.

Why won’t my Samsung oven light won’t turn off?

As we discussed before, Several factors could contribute to the oven light failing to turn off as intended. Now it’s time to understand all of them in-depth.

Here are some common reasons:

  1. Faulty Door Switch: 

The oven light is often connected to a door switch, which activates when the oven door is opened and deactivates when it is closed. 

A malfunctioning door switch might not detect the door’s closure, leading to the light staying on. The door switch can be damaged by the completion of its lifespan, and due to short circuits.

  1. Control Board Issues: 

Every Samsung oven has a control board. Some people call it a Printed circuit board(PCB). A defective control board can disrupt the communication between various oven components, including the oven light. 

If the door switch is providing the signal to the control board that the door is closed but the control board is not responding to the input, it will cause the light to remain on continuously.

  1. Temperature Sensor Problems: 

This is a rare case. But If the temperature sensor of an oven fails to detect that the oven has cooled down, it can continue to send a signal to keep the light on. 

Most oven models keep their light on after cooking until the oven gets cooled completely.

  1. Wiring or Electrical Problems: 

Most of us know that the electrical components get linked to each other through the wires. Technically, Loose or damaged wiring can interrupt the electrical flow. 

This issue of interrupted electrical floes can prevent the oven light from turning off.

How to fix a Samsung oven light that won’t turn off?

Now, We hope that you understand perfectly the potential reason why a Samsung oven light can stay on continuously. Let’s explore the steps to troubleshoot and fix the issue:

#Step 1: Check the Door Switch

The first thing you want to do is open and close the oven door firmly. Make sure it’s making proper contact with the door switch. 

Check for any flickering or if the light turns off momentarily when you close the door. If you notice these signs, the door switch likely needs to be replaced.

#Step 2: Power Cycle the Oven

Sometimes, electrical glitches can cause unexpected issues. You should turn off the oven at the circuit breaker or simply unplug it for a few minutes to reset the control board and potentially fix the problem. 

This can work wonders for resolving minor electrical hiccups that might be causing the light to misbehave.

#Step 3: Verify Temperature Sensor 

If the light is still not cooperating, it’s time to take a look at the temperature sensor. If you’ve recently been using the oven, give it some time to cool down completely. 

If the light is still on, the temperature sensor might be acting up. In this case, it’s best to have it checked by a professional technician. They have the expertise to diagnose and handle such issues safely.

#Step 4: Inspect Wiring Connections 

Carefully examine the wiring for any signs of loose or damaged connections. If you spot any issues, it’s crucial to have them repaired or replaced by a qualified technician. 

Dealing with electrical components can be risky, so it’s best to leave it to the experts who know how to handle it safely.

How to turn off the Samsung oven light?

You don’t need to do any manual work to turn off the Samsung oven light if it’s working well. The light will turn off automatically when you close the oven door. However, if the light is not turning off and remains on continuously, it requires inspection. 

Sometimes a quick fix can be as simple as manually turning off the oven light while troubleshooting is essential. 

On most Samsung ovens, you can find the light switch located near the oven door or on the control panel. A quick press should do the trick!


A Samsung oven light that won’t turn off issues can be tackled with the knowledge of potential causes and troubleshooting steps. Checking and fixing any faulty parts from the door switch, wiring, control board, and temperature sensor can help you to get rid of this problem.

Remember to always prioritize safety and consult a professional technician if you encounter any complex electrical or technical issues.