Samsung Washer 3c2 Error Code? (Explained)

Samsung washers can show certain types of error codes when any issue occurs in their functioning. Sometimes solving the code is just as simple as dialing the function, but sometimes it takes proper hardware repair. 

Users often wonder when they see a 3c2 error code on the Samsung washer. However, this code can be fixed if done correctly.

3c2 error code on the display of the Samsung washer due to motor fault. The drum will not rotate again until the error is resolved. You will have to manually check the operation of the motor and see what is stopping it from running. In addition, you should check the motherboard, see if any part of it is defective.

Let’s deep dive into the topic regarding the Samsung washer 32c error code and understand what you should know to fix it.

Samsung Washer 3c2 Error Code? (Explained)

What is a 3c2 Error Code on a Samsung Washer?

In simple words, a 3c2 error code on a Samsung washer means that the motor is defective or fails to work. This could happen when the motor burns out or has some problem. 

However, some repair cases show it can also cause this problem when the motherboard that operates the motor and provides display information has an issue with its components. 

The motor can choke when it has rust on its shaft. If your washer is too old, maybe the rust developed over time on the motor shaft is in the motor. In fact, you have to check both components; the motor and its motherboard. 

Old motors typically stop working when electrically shot and deal with continuous use for a long time. Some users overuse their appliances, which can affect the working components of washers. 

If you use your washing machine daily continuously for more than three hours, it can be over. You must take care of the washer, as overheating can burn the washer motor. 

If your Samsung washer is brand new, but still shows a 3c2 error, it means the motor is defective because of manufacturing flaws. 

In the new unit case, you must report the problem to Samsung, so they can deal with possible solutions. The motherboard is primarily responsible for all errors, it can also show errors when it fails to detect the motor working. 

But as the washer stops in the mid-cycle when this happens, it doesn’t mean there is any software glitch. You have to investigate the actual cause after disassembling the back panel of the washer.

Samsung Flex Washer Error Code 3c2:

If your samsung flex washer displays error code 3c2, it means the inverter circuit board is faulty. In addition, motor defects can also cause this. But, you must replace the inverter circuit board, this will probably fix this issue.

3c2 error is a common error code that mostly occurs in samsung flex washers. An electric shot can create a malfunction in the inverter circuit board and can damage some small components on it. 

Unfortunately, we cannot repair the inverter circuit board, you can only replace it. Furthermore, it is not expensive to get.

Samsung washers have several circuit boards, so you have to detect which is the inverter circuit board before thinking about replacing it. 

To identify this, you have to come off the cover of your washer. You can find the inverter circuit board on the bottom left side as you face the fear of the washer.

You can remove it from its position with the help of a screwdriver. Must disconnect the wires connected to the circuit board. 

You can take a picture of wires when they are connected to the inverter circuit board which will help you remember the connection when you do the replacement.

Keep an eye on the inverter circuit board serial number to get the same new board. 

Don’t randomly select circuit boards, only choose according to your current model number. Every inverter circuit board available in the market is not compatible with Samsung washers.

How do I Fix 3c2 Error Code On a Samsung Washer?

You must try to reset the washer first. just Switch off the samsung washer at the mains then wait 30 seconds. Switch appliances back on again and start a new program. If the error code is still there, you have to manually fix it. 

It may take 20 – 35 minutes to complete the reaping procedure. A new component which will be faulty, screwdriver and digital multimeter are must things.

Here are steps to fix the 3c2 error code on the samsung washer:

  1. Must unplug the appliance before starting to fix it. This is necessary for safety.
  2. Have a screwdriver and open the back panel of your washer. You can find an inverter circuit board bottom left side as you face the fear of washers.
  3. Check this inverter circuit board, if it has burnt or damaged components, this is causing the problem. You have to replace this board to fix this problem. If the washer starts instantly after replacing it, all okay. If the inverter circuit board is fine but has error 3c2, check the motor.
  4. Access the motor and remove it from the washer. Use a screwdriver to disengage it. First, remove the drive belt and then the motor.
  5. If the motor has a burning smell, replace it. Unfortunately, washer motors can not be repaired. Consider tightening the screws holding the motor, so the motor cannot lose its position when running.
  6. After replacing the motor, and turning on the washer, now 3c2 error no longer exists.
  7. Assemble the opened panel back. All done.