Samsung Washing Machine Filter Leaking? (Why + Fixes)

Samsung washing machines have different types of filters to trap dirt, and particles and maintain and improve performance. When we take a look at Samsung washer users’ feedback, we can see that some of their users have filter-related issues in their units. 

Sometimes the filter gets blocked and in other cases, it leaks. However, whatever the issue is, this causes a hitch in working.

Broken or contaminated seals, cracked filters, and improper filter installation are common causes of leaking Samsung washing machine filters. Remove the filter and check its condition, if any part is broken, replace it. If it is OK, reinstall it according to the instructions in the manual.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to understand how to fix filter leaking on a Samsung washer.

Samsung Washing Machine Filter Leaking?

Why is Samsung Washing Machine Pump Filter Leaking?

There is much importance in a clean and properly installed filter in a washing machine, no matter what the model or brand of the unit is.

Technically, there could be several reasons behind Samsung washing machine pump filters leaking. It can leak due to improper installation, broken coin traps, and damaged seals and blockage.

Here are common reasons behind Samsung washer pump filter leakage:

  • Pump Filter is not Securely locked: Depending on the model, the pump filter could be different at the Samsung washer. But, the Shape and installation of the pump filter are the same in each model. 

If the pump filter is installed, ensure that it is tightly and securely installed. Try to shake it. If it is shaking and rotating to any side, this means it is not locked and is improperly installed. 

To fix leakage from the coin trap of the pump filter, reinstall it. Remove it from the unit and clean it and filter the housing. 

Line up the bottom notch of the filter with a small tab inside the housing. Push the filter in, and rotate it clockwise along with hard pressure. Rotate unless it is locked tightly.

  • Broken Coin Trap: Maybe the coin trap is broken or cracked. As this part is made of plastic, sometimes it can break and crack with hard pressure and when it gets hit by a metal. 

Remove the coin trap and keep an eye on its all parts. If you find it broken or cracked from any side, you have to replace it. Read the model number of your Samsung washer, and get the same pump filter for it.

  • Damaged Filter Seal: There is a black colored seal on the pump filter. It is located behind the coin trap. Look at this and check it on all sides. If it is damaged from any side or has some visible cuts, you have to put a new seal on your Samsung washing machine pump filter. 

This seal could be damaged after some years of use or when we often reinstall the pump filter tightly. Make sure the seal you will use for replacement fits tightly on the filter, so it can’t shake during filter installation. 

The size of the seal also matters. When the seal loses its size, it creates a gap which leads to leakage. On the other hand, when the seal is extra in size, this also creates a gap between the housing and coin trap locks.

  • Clogged Filter: is the filter of your Samsung washing machine clean? Pump filters often get filled with dirt and particles as it traps them and prevents them from going inside the pump. 

So, you must consider checking the filter. Remove the pump filter to see whether it is clogged or not. In addition, you must check the housing where the pump filter is attached. 

Sometimes debris buildup in housing also holds water in the filter and causes heavy pressure which results in leakage. This is necessary to keep the pump filter clean to prevent several issues in a Samsung washing machine.

Reasons Samsung Washing Machine Debris Filter Leaking?

Sometimes we find our Samsung Washer Leaking from the Bottom after Cleaning Filter, and sometimes the debris filter starts leaking during the drain cycle. A debris filter traps the dirt particles inside it and filters the water that drains from the washing drum. 

In case it is filled with dirt and particles, this clogged it and put pressure on its seal. A seal is connected to the debris filter end where the unit housing end is. In case the seal is broken or weak, the Samsung washer filter cap will leak. 

Sometimes we don’t know what is the cause of leakage as the debris filter is installed already. But, the truth is that installing a debris filter is not enough if it is installed improperly or it is cracked or broken from any side, this can also cause the issue of Samsung washing machine debris filter leakage. 

The best is to investigate the cause manually by removing the filter from its housing. In our research, we have found that users reported that their Samsung vrt steam washer leaking from the filter as several online discussions represent. 

However, whenever this issue occurs in your unit, immediately fix it to stop wasting water and to properly use your unit again.

How to Fix a Samsung Washer Filter that’s Leaking?

Whether your Samsung washer leaking from the bottom or its filter cap is leaking, the fix described in this section solves every Samsung washer filter problem. The location filter depends on the model of your unit, but the fix is the same for each model.

  • Tools required: A towel or piece of cloth, a shallow container, and a screwdriver(on;y. If the pump filter is underneath the back panel). If the filter is in front, there is no need for a screwdriver.
  • Time: 3 to 5 minutes.

Here’s How to Fix a Leaking Samsung Washing Machine Filter:

  1. Before accessing the filter, you must unplug the washer.
  1. Locate the filter, if it is on the front exterior, open the hatch to access the filter, and if it is located underneath the back panel, remove the panel with the help of a screwdriver.
  1. Take a towel or piece of cloth and place it down on the filter location on the floor. Put a shallow container down to the filter to store water coming from the filter.
  1. Rotate the coin trap counterclockwise and remove the filter. Clean out the filter and housing.
  1. If the filter is broken or its seal is damaged, you have to replace it.
  1. Now, reinstall the filter, to do this, you have to take care of some points. For instance, the button of the filter has a notch which should be lined up with a housing filter small tab when you insert it into it. This will properly seal the coin trap. Push the filter hard and make sure it is tight now. All done, now your Samsung washing machine filter will not leak.