Bosch Washing Machine Filter Leaking? (Causes + Fixes)

Bosch Washing Machines have a drain pump filter in the front behind a hatch. However, there are some more filters such as inlet and lint, but the issues mostly occur with drain one. 

The unit properly drains and filters drum water when the coin trap filter is working fine. But, if the Bosch Washing Machine filter is leaking, this wastes water and causes draining issues. In fact, there is not a single possible cause that can lead to this issue.

Technically, a damaged or contaminated seal, cracked/broken filter, and improperly installed filter are common reasons behind Bosch washing machine filter leaking. However, the user needs to remove the filter first to address the root cause of the leakage.

Along with the reasons, in this guide, we have explained how to fix a leaking Bosch Washing Machine filter.

Bosch Washing Machine Filter Leaking?

Reason Bosch Washing Machine Filter Leaking:

Is your Bosch Washing Machine leaking from the bottom? This can happen due to leaking drain filters. Bosch Washing Machines have a drain pump in the bottom similar to other brands’ Washers. This filter requires cleaning at least once a month to maintain its performance and to make it long-lasting.

Sometimes we randomly found water coming from the hatch where the filter was located behind it. If the same happens with your unit, Open the hatch and look at the coin trap which is the exterior of the drain pump filter. To identify what is causing it, check the below causes.

Here are the common causes of Bosch Washing Machine filter leaking:

  • Improperly Installed Filter: Sometimes we found our Bosch Washing Machine filter is leaking after cleaning, this happens when we improperly reinstall the filter. The filter has a little notch at the bottom which should be lined up with the small tab inside the housing where the drain filter goes in. 

In case the filter is not tight enough, its seal remains loose and creates a gap for water leaking. However, if the filter is tightly installed and not rotating, but still leaks, the reason is a stuck particle. 

If this happens to your unit, just remove the filter and clean it, and also clean the filter housing too. Fit the filter back and securely lock it.

  • Broken Filter Seal: Every Bosch Washing Machine has a seal on its drain filter. This seal helps to securely install and tighten the drain filter into the housing. 

In case the seal is broken for any reason, a gap between the filter and the Washer body gets crested and it loses the filter connection, resulting in filter leakage. The seal on the filter looks round as a rubber band of black color.

  • Contaminated Seal: clean filter works for a long time, but only when the user cleans it at least once a month. When we don’t clean out the filter its seal becomes contaminated with grit and fine particles. 

This means the seal requires cleaning when it is contaminated. First, remove the coin trap and clean out the seal with a piece of cloth. You can also use warm water to clean out the entire drain filter.

  • Broken or Cracked Filter: Have you checked the body of the filter? If not, check it. Filters of Bosch Washing Machines are made of plastic. Sometimes older filters get cracked due to overuse and lack of cleaning. 

This is necessary to have a good quality drain filter in a Washer to avoid leakage from it. However, it also depends on care from your side. When we skip cleaning out a dirty and clogged washer hose and filter, the chances of cracks in filter material become higher.

Bosch Washing Machine Filter Cap Leaking?

The Bosch Washing Machine drain pump filter has a cap attached to it. Some models’ filters have removable caps, but most have permanently fixed caps on them. We usually call it a coin trap. However, this is the part that we hold too tight and open the Bosch Washer filter.

In case the seal put on the filter behind the filter cap is damaged or the cap itself is cracked, this will cause water leakage. Each broken or cracked part of a Washing Machine filter only gets replaced. 

So if the filter cap of the Bosch washing machine is leaking as it is cracked, its replacement is the only way to stop the leakage.

On the other hand, be sure the cap is tightly locked to the housing. The fighter cap is part of the filter which connects and locks the filter with the unit. So, be sure there is no loose connection between the cap and the unit.

Rotate the Bosch Washer filter counterclockwise to open and remove it. Once it is removed, keep an eye on the cap, if it is cracked or broken from any part, you have to replace it.

Why is Bosch Washing Machine Leaking From the Pump Filter?

If you got your Bosch Washing Machine leaking from the pump filter, this means you have to remove it to address the root cause behind the leakage. This could happen when the pump filter is not securely locked or cracked, or the seal on the filter causes the issue.

As this requires manual investigation, we can’t say that there are any specific reasons behind it. As a user of this appliance, you have to remove the pump filter and should ensure there is no clog inside the filter housing.

A clogged filter and its housing can stop the water from going inside the drain pump, and when it happens, this creates pressure on the drain filter. 

When the water is too much in the drum which needs to drain, it creates pressure on clogged pump filters and affects its seal. And when the seal of the filter gets contaminated or loose due to grit and high pressure, this can cause water leakage. So this is also necessary to keep the drain filter clean to prevent any issues with it.

The Bosch Washing Machine pump filter looks round and cylindrical and is located at the bottom of the unit’s front exterior. You can use a clean piece of cloth to clean out the clogged filter.

How to Fix a Bosch Washing Machine Filter that’s Leaking?

Sometimes we require Bosch Washing Machine filter replacement to fix leaking filters when the cause is a broken or cracked filter. But, if the broken filter is not the reason behind the leakage, you have to follow a different approach to fix this issue. 

A towel or piece of cloth and a container to store water are required to fix the leaking filter.

Here’s How to fix a leaking Bosch Washing Machine filter:

  1. Unplug your Washing Machine before proceeding further.
  1. Locate the filter area from where it is leaking.
  1. Take a towel or piece of cloth and put it on the floor down to the filter location. Now, remove the water from the filter and store it in the container.
  1. Check the filter seal and entire the filter shape. If the filter or filter seal is broken, get a new one to replace it. Read the model number and find the same part for replacement.
  1. If the filter or its housing is clogged, clean it.
  1. Now, insert the filter back into the unit. And make sure the bottom notch of the filter is lined up with the housing’s inside tab.
  1. Rotate the coin trap clockwise unless it gets tight and securely locked with a unit.