Why Does My Samsung Washing Machine Keep Draining? (Fixes)

Filling the washing drum with water becomes impossible when the washer is draining continuously. It’s a common issue in the laundry, reported by many new users of every washer company.

If your Samsung washing machine keeps draining, this guide shows you how to fix this issue and the cause of this problem.

Wrongly positioned drain hose causes siphoning issues known as keep draining problems in washing machines. You can fix it by positioning the hose up from the washer water level. Moreover, this problem can also occur if the drain hose is too far down into the house drainpipe.

To fix the keep drawing issue in the Samsung washing machine, you just have to take the simple fixing steps described by us. Let’s dive in.

Why Does My Samsung Washing Machine Keep Draining?

Reasons Samsung Washing Machine Keeps Draining:

There is not only one case that causes keep draining issues in most washing machines, but several reasons can also play a role in this issue occurrence. The siphoning problem can happen if the drainage system is not correct as it should be.

Here’re four possible reasons Samsung washing machine keeps draining:

The drain hose is not properly placed: If you just have set your washing machine at a new place, you might have this issue because several mistakes could happen. First, check the height of the drain. You might have fastened the drain hose down to the tub water level. This may seem normal to have a small height of drain hose position, but it can cause siphoning. Check how far up the drain hose goes from the floor. If the hose is positioned down to the washer water level, keep it up 2 – 3 inches up from the drum.

The drain hose went too far down into the house drain pipe: if the drain hose is placed correctly, but still the issue is there. Now check how far the hose is inserted into the standpipe. 

The recommended and correct drain that needs to be inserted into the standpipe is 6 inches. Not less or more than 6 inches. If the hose of your Samsung washer is too far or less inserted into the standpipe, rearrange it to the correct measurement.

The draining method is incorrect: New washing machine users mostly don’t pay attention to reading the user manual which takes them away from some necessary manual recommendations. For instance, every front loader washing machine needs to be elevated. In simple words, you have to drain it inside a utility sink or standpipe by taking the hose up from the device’s water level. If you’re draining the washer directly to the floor drain connected with the use of a standpipe, this method is wrong and can cause a constant draining issue in your washer. However, some top-loader washing machines don’t need to be drained elevated.

The issue in internal parts: If all the draining methods are correct and still the washing machine is filling water continuously and also draining it continuously, there might be an issue inside the internal parts.

If a Samsung machine has any fault, contact the customer care center, they can provide you with the best possible solutions.

How to Fix an LG Washing Machine that Keeps Draining?

It is simple to fix a Samsung washing machine that keeps draining. Just detect the main fault in the draining method and equipment and fix it according to the instructions.

No one wants to have an issue like this. Sometimes, water comes back into the washer drum. If you missed checking the user manual given with the device, you should have read it first. 

Several problems regarding washing machines can be fixed by following the possible causes and their fixes. However, it’s not necessary that we can only find solutions in the user manual, most of the time, we have to check the cause manually.

Every person likes to use a different drain strategy for their washer. Some individuals drain the water into the utility sink and some into the standpipe.

Whether you’re draining gray water into a sink or drainpipe, you have to take the device to the drain pipe 2 – 3 inches up from its drum. Yes, if the drain hose position is not as required technically, it is the main reason your Samsung washing machine drains continuously.

As we described the primary possible four causes of these issues, each step by step. If the cause gets detected, fix it as we described. 

Samsung Top Load Washing Machine Water Draining Continuously?

Water fills but drains at the same time in any washing machine can be caused by several possible reasons. Moreover, it wastes gallons of water. You should immediately stop filling the water inside the drum when siphoning occurs. After stopping the water filling, detect the cause and try to fix it. 

The following are some possible reasons for washing machine water draining continuously:

  1. The drain pump is faulty and stops controlling the flow of water.
  1. A standpipe is positioned at the wrong distance and in an incorrect way. 
  1. You’re draining a front loader into the floor drain but needs to be elevated.
  1. Drain pumps have issues and are stuck open, making water free to drain directly to the standpipe. 
  1. The drain hose is too far down into the standpipe or utility sink.
  1. The hose is inserted less than 6 inches in the standpipe. 

If any of the above causes you to notice something in your washing machine, fix it as soon as possible to stop unwanted draining. 

To Summarize

An issue called siphoning exists in the Samsung washing machine if it drains continuously. You can fix it by changing the hose height from the floor. In this problem, water fills continuously in the drum but the drum doesn’t get full since the machine keeps draining water. 

It is a common issue in every washing machine whether it is made by Samsung or other companies.