Samsung Washing Machine Squeaking? (Why + Fix)

Hearing a squeaking noise from the washer is not a normal thing as it is a sign of a fault in any components. If you have a Samsung washing machine and it is squeaking, this guide will show you how to fix it. 

If you hear this sound, this doesn’t mean your Samsung washer drum is squeaking, there could be several reasons behind noise production. It becomes easy to solve this issue when we locate the source of the noise which helps us to address the faulty part.

Technically, a worn or loose drive belt, rusted drum shaft or bearing, lack of lubricant, and drum rubbing behind the outer cover are common causes of squeaking noise from Samsung washing machine. But, you still check the root cause in your unit yourself, to fix the squeaking sound that is being produced.

Along with the causes, in this guide, we’ve described how to fix a squeaking Samsung washing machine.

Samsung Washing Machine Squeaking?

Samsung Washing Machine Squeaking when Spinning?

We found that most of their customers reported that their Samsung vrt washer squeaked when spinning. However, the reasons behind this issue are mostly similar in all Samsung washing machine models.

The following are reasons why the Samsung washing machine squeaks when spinning:

  • Loose or worn Drive belt: Every washer has a drive belt that connects the motor to the drum, and if this belt becomes loose or damaged, it can cause loud and squeaking noise. This belt is located under the back panel at the bottom of the unit. Check this belt when you hear an unusual sound when your washer spins.
  • Debris buildup on the drum: Cleaning is the most important part and effort from the user side to maintain the performance and working of their washing machine. Sometimes, some individuals skip cleaning for a long period which results in Lint, dirt, and other debris buildups on the washing drum shaft and bearing. This buildup can accumulate on the drum over time, causing it to make a squeaking noise when it rotates.
  • Lack of lubrication: washing machine drum has a bearing and a small shaft that rotates it when the motor drive belt rotates. These components require a lubricant to silently and properly rotate without an issue. A lack of lubrication on the drum shaft and bearing can cause the Samsung washer drum to make a squeaking noise as it spins. Lack of lubricant can also develop rust and corrosion in the metal of the shaft, if there is already lubricant applied, the shaft doesn’t become rusty.
  • Worn or damaged shock absorbers: every Samsung washing machine has shock absorbers, it is a small round cylindrical components made of metal and plastic/rubber. The shock absorbers are designed to reduce vibrations during the spin cycle. If they are worn or damaged, they may not be able to effectively perform their function, causing the washing machine to make a squeaking noise. However, we have rarely found this part faulty in Samsung washers.
  • Misaligned drum: If the drum is misaligned, it can cause it to make a squeaking noise as it rotates. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a worn or damaged suspension system, loose connection with a tumbler, or an unlevel floor. When the drum is misaligned or loose, it rubs against the outer cover of the washer.

Samsung Top Load Washer Squeaks when Spinning?

The most common reasons behind a Samsung top load washer squeaking when spinning is a damaged drive belt and rubbing the washing drum against the outer cover of the unit.

Top loader washers have a belt that is fitted on the drive motor pulley and drum tumbler, when the motor runs, it rotates the belt and the belt spins the drum. 

But, Over time, the belt can become loose, frayed, or otherwise damaged, causing it to slip or break. However, if the belt is rubbing against other components, it produces a squeaking sound.

If the drum is rubbing against the outer cover of your Samsung top loader washer when it spins, this can cause a squeaking sound. Moreover, if it happens for a long time, this can break out the cover and wash the drum.

You must check if the drum is connected to the unit securely or not. When the drum is loose from its position it will rub against other components.

Samsung Front-Load Washing Machine Squeaking?

Caught small objects between the drum and outer cover, worn drive belt, and loose washing drum are common reasons why the Samsung front-load washing machine squeaking.

Not every front-load Samsung washing machine has a drive belt as some models’ drums are directly connected to the drive motor through some gears. So we can’t say that the drive belt is a noise issue in the front loader washing machine. If it has a drive belt, you should check its condition.

Sometimes, small objects like coins, clips, buttons, etc get caught between the outer cover and the washing drum, and when the machine spins, the drum rubs against that object can cause squeaking noise. To remove the object stuck between the drum and the outer cover, we need to remove the upper cover that is located around the washing drum.

How to Fix a Squeaking Samsung Washing Machine?

Fixing a Samsung washing machine that squeaks is simple, but it requires proper knowledge and tools. As there are several potential causes behind this issue, first we need to locate the root cause and source of the noise.

Here are proven steps to fix your squeaking Samsung washing machine issue:

  1. Locate the source of noise: run a cycle and know from where the noise is coming, doing this will make it easier to address the root cause.
  1. Now, Unplug your unit from the outlet and turn off the water supply to it.
  1. Check the belt. If the squeaking noise is coming from the back of the machine, it may be caused by a loose or worn belt. Take a screwdriver and remove the back panel of the unit. Now, locate the drive belt and inspect it to see if it’s loose or damaged. If so, you’ll need to replace it. If the belt is fine, proceed.
  1. Try to find out if something is caught between the drum and the outer cover. Remove the upper cover of the washing drum that is located around it and see if something is stuck inside the gap or if the drum is rubbing against the outer cover. If there is some object caught, remove that.
  1. Over time, debris can build up on the drum, causing it to make a squeaking noise when it rotates. Clean the drum with a soft cloth and a solution of water and vinegar.
  1. Lubricate the drum shaft and bearing: If the squeaking noise is still present after cleaning the drum, you can try lubricating the shaft and bearing that is located inside the unit below the drum. Remove the back panel and locate the drum shaft. It is at the very bottom. Apply a few drops of a suitable lubricant to the drum shaft.

Note: Get help from a professional technician if you have no experience in repairing appliances like washers.


A squeaking Samsung washing machine is often caused by a combination of factors, including worn or damaged parts, rubbing components, rust buildup on the shaft, and a lack of lubrication. It is important to investigate the root cause manually to fix the noise issue accurately.

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