LG Washing Machine Squeaking Noise When Agitating? (Why + Fix)

Whatever the washer is, it should be silent and issue-free while it agitates. If you have noticed that your LG washing machine makes a squeaking noise when agitating, this is a hardware issue in it that can be caused by several reasons. 

However, fixing a squeaking washer is simple, it just requires proper repairing knowledge and tools to fix. In this guide, we’ve described how to fix an LG washing machine that makes a squeaking noise when agitating.

If the washing drum is rubbing against the outer cover of your LG washing machine, it can cause a squeaking sound during movement. In addition, bad drum bearings, broken tumbler belts, and bad shock absorbers can also cause the washer to squeak when it agitates.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to know the causes and their fixes for squeaking LG washers.

LG Washing Machine Squeaking Noise When Agitating?

Reasons LG Front Load Washing Machine Squeaking Noise when Agitating?

Whenever your LG washing machine starts squeaking while agitating, you should turn it off immediately. Turning it off is important to prevent hardware loss. For instance, if the loose washing basket is the reason behind this noise, it can damage the drum when it loses its position and shakes unusually. However, there are several possible reasons behind this issue, that you should know to fix it.

Here’re Possible Causes of the LG washing machine squeaking noise when agitating:

The drum can rub against only when it rotates, and this can be caused by an unbalanced drum, a loose drum connection to the tumbler, or a bad suspension system. You will need to remove the upper cover unit which is fit the top side of the washing basket.

  • Worn drum bearings: Whether it is a top loader or front loader model, it has been connected to the washing tub in its bottom. 

Sometimes due to overuse and poor quality, this component becomes worn and loses its smoothness and lubricant. When the bearing goes bad, it will make a squeaking noise when the washer starts agitation.

  • The washing basket is not securely tight: In top loader LG washing machines, the washing basket is connected to a tumbler which rotates when the drive belt connected to a motor rotates. 

If the drum is not securely locked and tight to the tumbler, it will shake a rub against side components and cause a squeaking sound. In the front loader LG washing machine, the washing tub is directly connected to the drive motor with the help of gears. 

In case the front loader’s drum is not securely connected to the drive the motor’s gears, the drum will rotate loosely and can cause a squeaking sound.

  • Damaged/loose drive belt: Each washing machine has a drum that rotates and washes clothes, but do you know how it rotates? In front loader washing machines, we don’t see the drive belt as the drum rotates when the drive motor rotates gears connected to it. 

However, if we talk about top loader LG washing machines, there is a drive belt that makes connectivity between drives. motor and drum. Drum has a tumbler round component connected to its bottom inside the unit. 

If the belt connecting the motor to the drum is damaged or loose, this can also cause squeaking and loud noise. However, this issue mostly occurs in top loader models.

  • Faulty shock absorbers: LG washing machines typically have shock absorbers. This is a metal, rubber, and plastic made round and small cylindrical element which is usually located inside the washer and is fastened to the washing drum. 

This object helps in reducing vibration during the machine spin. But they also cause noise when worn out. Accessing this object requires removing the back panel of the unit. 

In case you have no experience in fixing washing machine hardware-related issues, you can take the help of a professional technician.

Why is LG Front Load Washing Machine Squeaking Noise when Agitating?

Foreign objects caught between the washing drum and outer cover, bad drum bearing, and loose washing drum are common causes of your LG front load washing machine squeaking when agitating.

However, as there are several possible causes behind this issue, you have to check the root cause manually. 

It requires technician skills to test and fix the washing machine issue. But, you can still do it yourself by taking the help of a technician or experienced person.

There is a small gap between the washing drum and the outer cover of your LG washer. This gap is necessary as it prevents the drum from rubbing against the outlet. cover. 

If by mistake or during the wash cycle any small item such as clips, coins, buttons, or any small object can get caught in the drum or between the drum and the outer tub, it will rub against the drum and outer cover and cause squeaking noise when the drum rotates.

Secondly, if the washing tub bearing is damaged this can also tend your LG washing machine to squeak noise during agitation. 

A drum beating can get damaged due to rust, overload, lack of maintenance, and overage. When we don’t clean the washing drum, this can lead to the buildup of dirt, lint, and other debris that can clog up the drum bearing and cause it to fail. 

On the other hand, if water leaks and goes inside the bearing this can cause rust and corrosion in the material of the bearing and it loses the smoothness of the bearing movement and lead it to squeak.

On the other hand, If the suspension components are not tightened properly, and suspension rods, springs, or drum bearings are damaged, the washing drum will become loose from its connection and make an unusual and improper movement, which can also cause squeaking and loud noise. 

When this happens, a crushing type sound is also audible from the center bottom of the washing tub.

How to Fix an LG Washing Machine that makes Squeaking Noise when Agitating?

As a squeaking noise during agitation in an LG washing machine can be caused by several factors, the user has to investigate the cause manually. 

It fixes any noise coming from the washer when we know the root cause and source of the noise. To perform this fix, you will need a screwdriver.

Here are steps to fix the LG washing machine squeaking noise: 

  1. Run a wash cycle again, and try to check from which part the sound is coming. This will help you to address the root cause behind the noise. 
  1. Once the source of noise is located, Now, you must unplug the washer from the mains, and turn off the water supply to inlet hoses.
  1. Take a screwdriver and remove the top cover that locates around the washing drum at the top side. Once the cover is removed, look closely at all sides of the outer cover. If you find that the washing drum is getting rubbed against the outer cover, investigate the cause.
  1. If any object is caught between the drum and the outer cover, remove that object and it will fix the squeaking noise as it was the issue. If there is no object there, proceed.
  1. Shake the washing drum with your hands, if it is shaking too much and seems loose from its position, check the drive belt and tumbler connected to the bottom of the washer.
  1. Remove the back panel of the washer and check the drive belt, tumbler, and drum bearing. If any component is damaged, replacing that component will fix the squeaking LG washer.
  1. Once you have fixed the faulty part, assemble the covers back to the unit. Now, plug in the appliance and test it.

Note: If you are not comfortable with these repairs and have no technician experience, Contact a professional technician for help.