Should Kitchen Island Be A Different Color? (Solved)

Matched and mismatched kitchen designs create many options to select similar or different specifications for two or more products. If we talk about the interior, the first question that comes to mind is the color of the kitchen island and cabinets. Should you match them or not?

In this guide, you will learn about the color of the kitchen island with other cabinet ideas. You can choose which matches your taste.

Let’s discuss it in-depth!

Here’s Do Kitchen Island Be A Different Color Or Not:

The kitchen island should be a different color compared to other cabinets, but most designs prefer to match the color of the countertops. Creating contrast is excellent; first, try contrasting with countertops and other cabinets properly. It also depends on personal choice, and you can also choose what color you want to make a combination and a better design.

Should Kitchen Island Be A Different Color
Should Kitchen Island Be A Different Color?

What Color Should Your Island Be?

The answer to this question is your personal choice. On the other hand, custom well-designed kitchens have the best combination color island. For example, if the other cabinets have a brown color, you can also select a matched color for the island counter. The color of its countertops is essential to match with other countertops, so you make your kitchen design look fantastic and modern.

Everyone wants to make their kitchen island outstanding. That’s why they always get confused at selecting the color and size etc., specification for new appliances. Don’t worry if you can also not make a color choice.

Our study found that most kitchen islands in white, black, and brown colors are famous. The demand for white, brown, and black islands is higher than other color units.

Always make island color combinations with other kitchen cabinets, but the color of countertops always matches with other countertops. So Always check the color combination with the cabinet, wall, floor color while selecting your favorite color for the island.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your other kitchen cabinets are white-colored, then investing in a white color island makes more sense. The black color also made the best combination with white color.

Should You Paint Your Kitchen Island A Different Color?

Everyone can paint a kitchen island a different color. Paint will provide new life and shine to old islands when they lost their first color shine and reflect an old condition of the island cabinet.

A person needs to know some essential points and steps to paint its kitchen island differently.

After many years, any Appliance lost its color shine because of climate changes and frequent usage. Sometimes we don’t like the current color of the island, and we want to change it into a different color to provide it a new look. It’s possible, but it takes time and effort. 

The first step toward changing the color of an island is to remove the current color. Firstly, use a sandpaper or color remover solution on the cabinet body. Remove the color perfectly. Use sandpaper and rub the board sides. Prepare the island for a different color. Use a high-quality primer and color. Don’t touch the island after painting it for at least 5 hours. A quality paint gets dry well after 4 – 5 hours.

A good prep technique is a sign of best results at the end. If you prep an island great for paint, then at the end, you will get the best shine from color. It will make your kitchen shiny and satisfying.

How To Choose Kitchen Island Color

As we discuss, the combination of island color with other kitchen cabinets is the best sign for choosing a color for the island. A different and noncombination color will make the island look separate in the kitchen, and no one wants to compromise with the design. 

So combining and matching the color of one significant appliance with another is the right thing to do for getting the best interior kitchen design.

If the color of your other cabinets is black, you can choose a white or black colored island. It is not necessary to follow the other opinions. Your personal choice plays a significant role in this case. Choose what you like most. But don’t cross the limits of choice because, as we explain, the combination is a must. 

The combination makes a sleek look, making the owner more satisfied with its kitchen. It provides us with more energy and Carouge when working on our favorite kitchen design.

Can You Have A Different Color Countertop On Your Island?

In modular, lux, and average kitchen designs, the one thing in common is the color choice of the countertop makes a big difference. Experts recommend matching the color of all countertops with another countertop.

You can give a different color countertop on your island. It’s unnecessary to match the countertop color with the island cabinet color. But again, remember to make their color combination.

Most luxury kitchens have a two-color variety in all appliances. It makes sense and has a modern design look. In current trends, all the new designs have a common thing: the color combination. For example, most elegant kitchen designs contain a max of three colors. 

Two-Tone Kitchen Island Different Color From Cabinets

In expensive-looking kitchens, houses owners like to use two-tone kitchen islands different in color from the island. As we discussed, we have to match the color of the island with the other cabinets, but in two-tone islands, this case is the opposite. The two-tone islands have the same color countertop, which matches the cabinets’ color but always has a different color.

Two-tone kitchen islands have unique colors on the cabinet body. Still, their countertop colors match other cabinets, and This is the sign of uniqueness and a different variety of designs in modern houses. You can also customize the color choice in your kitchen.

These islands are gaining population in American houses. As the world goes forward with new options, the demand for different models is gaining popularity. 


Choosing the color for your kitchen island is your matter where your taste plays a significant role. As we know, we have to spend more time in our kitchen as housewives. So choosing your favorite color, which also has a great combination with other cabinets, is excellent for long-time satisfaction.