Do White Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow? (Explained)

If you plan to invest in a cabinet and someone else asks you white kitchen cabinets turn yellow over time, this post will solve all your doubts. Investigation in the quality and specifications of a product helps us choose the right one.

The plus point of white cabinets is their popularity and high demand usage in lux, modular, etc., kitchens designs.

Let’s discuss how and why you may see this issue over time.

Here’s Do Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow Over Time:

White color cabinets turn lighter yellow when they are installed in direct sunlight. The place of installment and climate makes a reaction on the surfaces of the cabinet, which provides UV rays effect on the color. White color is a sensitive color that quickly gets dirty and affected. Climate heat starts reacting on surfaces which causes Yellowstone on the body of a white cabinet. You can also find this reaction on other white furniture over time.

Do White Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow
Do White Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow

Why White Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow?

This case is frustrating to see our expensive white cabinets, doors, and windows have yellow color over time. Did you know you can keep your white cabinets from turning yellow? If not, don’t worry. We will discuss it in the following passage. Let’s discuss why you see yellow on your kitchen cabinet.

Steam, high temperature, direct sunlight, and moisture are the main reasons why white cabinets turn yellow over time. Cooking oily foods causes moisture. If a white painted wood object faces high moisture for a long time, the yellow color comes, and the slowly white color goes away.

It may also be able to see when you don’t use an exhaust fan, and the surface gets dirty. So make sure your exhaust fan is ON when you’re cooking or working in the kitchen.

Most products have a formal notice on their packaging sticker, and it seems like “Prevent it from direct sunlight.” Direct sunlight is also not good for white things; the white color tends to turn yellow if it gets direct sunlight for a long time. The UV rays with heat temp disturb the shine of the white surface and force it to turn its color by losing white shine.

Most people use lamination on doors, windows, or other furniture for protection purposes. In some cases, white laminate cabinets also turn yellow when installed in direct sunlight. The vinyl-wrapped things are not familiar with sunlight heat.

Doing work in the kitchen is also a reason white cabinets turn yellow as we know our hands have dirt on them when we do work like cooking etc. 

This effect is also findable on mobile covers and plastic things. This effect works on every type of white material. Wood, plastic, rubber, iron, etc., the material does not have any plus point to keep an object white from turning yellow. It does not matter what material has white paint. If the sunlight is directly on its surface, then the chances of turning white objects into yellow become high.

It takes time to see this effect, but you need to know some essential and easy-to-follow guidelines if you want to prevent it from happening.

How To Keep White Cabinets From Turning Yellow?

Caring, prevention, taking actions is core to protecting anything. The excellent point is that you can keep white cabinets from turning yellow by following caring steps. You may wonder and think, what are these steps, and how can you implement them? Don’t worry; we are going to discuss it.

Some precautions from your side make this work easier for you. The following tips are easy to implement and follow.

Here Are Tips To Keep White Cabinets From Turning Yellow:

  1. Make sure your exhaust fan is On. It’s essential to use an exhaust fan in white kitchens.
  2. Protect white cabinets from Direct Sunlight. 
  3. Clean cabinets when you feel there is dust on the cabinets.
  4. Use Homemade cleaning paste for cleaning the yellow effect.
  5. Avoid using moisturizer creating things in the kitchen.
  6. Use the brush for cleaning stains on laminated areas.
  7. Don’t leave cabinets dirty for a long time.
  8. Make sure you do not touch cabinets with dirty hands.

Pros And Cons Of White Kitchen Cabinets:

The beauty of white cabinets is the main reason most modular kitchens have priority to use this color furniture and appliances. Before using them, we need to know all the necessary advantages and disadvantages. It makes it easy to decide why and which type of thing we can use when we know all the essential specifications.

Let’s discuss its advantages first!

Pros Of White Kitchens Cabinets:

  • White kitchen cabinets are classic, and the classic style will never get out of style
  • Looks more expensive and proprietary when selling a house.
  • Easy to repair, like if you have a scratch on its surface, you can easily replace it with color.
  • They provide possessive vibes and make you calm during work.
  • Reflect shine in the form of light.
  • White cabinets can increase the resale value because of high demand.

Cons OF White Kitchen Cabinets:

  • White kitchen cabinets are not easy to clean.
  • The surface of white cabinets gets dirty quickly and often.
  • Its color turns yellow over time.
  • It may make the kitchen feel too big because of its color reflection.
  • White cabinets make your kitchen feel clinical and cold.
  • You may get bored by cleaning it every day after using them for a long time.
  • Not suitable for busy people who have no time for cleaning the kitchen. 

Do All White Kitchen Cabinets Turn Yellow?

If you are guessing all-white kitchen cabinets turn yellow, then you’re making the wrong assumption. Not all white cabinets turn yellow, but most. People who use tips and tricks to prevent turning their cabinets white successfully keep their cabinets white over time.

Maybe you’re thinking about a specific quality of material that may keep white color white. But the confirmed fact is that no material can keep white color white. The care from your side prevents white cabinets, doors, etc., from turning yellow. If you follow guidelines of protection and caring, it will help you keep your appliances shiner.

When you know what turns white color into yellow, then you have the option to prevent this effect on your products. Avoid direct sunlight, moisturizer, smoke, etc., in your kitchen; it will protect white color objects for a long time. You will notice your white island cabinets are staying white over time when you follow these protection guidelines.

The quality of manufacturing needs to be top-notch to maintain the color quality of a thing. It will be easy to see a bad experience with the color shining on a low-quality manufacturing product. So investing in a branded product that guarantees color is more beneficial than investing in non-branded products.

How Do You Clean Yellowed White Cabinets?

Cleaning is a part of the care that has many benefits over time. The white objects get dirty quickly because of the pureness of the color. Most experts recommend using a homemade paste to clean yellow-white cabinets. This method costs you zero. You just need to pay your efforts to get all the work done. 

Use our described steps which provide white shiner back in your kitchen. Try to make sure you’re not skipping any step during the cleansing time.

Here Are Steps To Clean Yellow White Cabinets:

  1. Take Baking soda and water.
  2. Mix half cup baking soda in ¼ cup water to make a cleaner paste.
  3. Take a soft sponge or a brush.
  4. Dip the sponge or a brush into the paste.
  5. Now find the yellow spot on white cabinets.
  6. Scrub the sponge or brush on yellow-spotted areas.
  7. Leave the baking soda paste on cabinets for at least 5 – 7 minutes.
  8. Take a clean piece of small cotton cloth.
  9. Scrub the cloth on the paste areas and remove the paste.

#Note: Ensure the cabinet is well cleaned and there is no paste left in any area.