Toaster Oven Light Not Working? (Cause & Fix)

Is your toaster oven light not working and you just discovered it wouldn’t work? It’s a common issue that occurs in many ovens whether they are new or old.

In another case, sometimes, the device works well but its lights don’t. Fortunately, this issue can easily be fixed if the user detects the faulty part.

Technically, the toaster oven light does not work due to some possible faults, such as a fault in the plug, cord, control board, damaged bulb, or no power available to the device. However, replacing or repairing faulty parts can solve this issue. Be sure the power is off before troubleshooting.

We’ve listed all the necessary information in this guide to help you fix the not working light of the toaster oven. Let’s dive in.

Toaster Oven Light Not Working

Common Causes Toaster Oven Light is not Working:

Faulty Spark Plug:

The electrical plug is the main source where the device cord gets the electricity supply. In case the plug is sparked and goes bad, it can cause several issues for the connected devices. 

A faulty plug can slow down your appliance and might not supply electricity at all to the plugged cord. If there are black marks and a burning smell when the device is plugged in, look at the outlet and analyze the current status of the wire and plug. Changing the faulty plug may fix the not working toaster oven light if this is the only cause of this problem.

Faulty or Cracked Cord:

As we discussed above, a cord is a source of the electrical input to the toaster oven which transfers electricity from the outlet to the device system. Technically, some cords can be cracked in too-cold climates as these have plastic layers to cover the actual iron or copper. 

Some people own modular kitchens and they place their devices in cupboards, pantries, and small appliance garages. If your toaster oven is located in a similar space, you should check its cords and try to find any cut or fault on the cord while keeping an eye on other possible causes. fix the cut or faulted wire with a broken wire connection and cover the joint with tape. 

Don’t touch the wire if the power is on. Before finding any possible fault for unworking toaster oven lights, you must unplug the device and turn off the electricity supply.  

Switch Issue:

If the power switch is a speaker and goes bad, it prevents electricity from passing from the cord to the appliance system. This issue doesn’t turn on the device. In regard to the toaster oven power switch is faulty, the lights cannot turn on and the device will not work. 

Unfortunately, we cannot detect the switch fault without dismantling the device, it is an electrician’s work that only an electronic repair expert can check and fix. Don’t try to disperse the toaster oven to check the fault in the power switch if you don’t have the electrician skills and experience in repairing the toaster oven. 

Unworking Control Board:

As a smart and electrical appliance, the toaster oven also has a control board to operate the heating element based on user inputs and made commands. To find the issue in the circuit(control) board, we have to look inside the device and it requires dispersing the body of the toaster oven. 

Unscrew the body and try to find fault on the control board. There might be black burned sports and burned residue on board if it is faulty. Take the device to the electronic repair shop to replace or repair the unworking and faulty control board of the toaster oven.

Broken Light Connection with Board:

Technically, Every component and electrical part of the toaster oven requires a connection with the circuit board of the device to run. If the joint between the light and the circuit board is broken, you possibly found the toaster oven lights not working. 

Rejoining the light with an electric board can fix not working lights. This fix can be only fixed with the help of an electronic repair person who has technical and electronic fix skills. A repair person uses a tool called a coil to join the broken connection of parts or wires with the board.

Burnt Light:

It is a usual fact that a faulty and burned light would work. In case you recently repaired your device and the lights are not working, it may happen because the repair person left some issues to fix. On the other hand, if you recently noticed low voltage in the electrical supply that may also burn some parts of the device. 

If the light is burnt, you might see the black color inside the lamp. Unfortunately, if the light is burned, you can only replace it, cannot repair it. In short, do the light replacement if required.

How to Fix a Not-Working Light Toaster Oven?

The light of the toaster oven works to help the user to check whether the appliance is turned on and represents the placed dish inside the device by creating light in the darkness. 

In simple words, the light indicates to the user that the toaster oven is turned on and heating or toasting the dish. However, if it’s not working, it makes it difficult to notice whether the oven is turned on or not.

If you’re facing the same issue and your toaster oven light is not working, you should detect the main cause to fix the problem at the right time.

To fix a not working light of a toaster oven, first, check the possible causes as we listed in the about section. Make sure the bulb or light inside the food preparation space is not fused. 

Don’t touch the device’s power-containing parts before turning off the electricity supply. Make sure the toaster oven is unplugged before detecting the possible causes. Moreover, wear safety gloves to fix the issue.

If the bulb is fused and goes bad, replace it with a new one. Be sure the new bulb has the same specifications as the older one. 

We also have reported that sometimes the toaster oven heats up perfectly but it is light to work, if the same happens with your device, there is a problem with the wiring or bulb and less possibility of board fault. 

In case you don’t want to find the cause and are not capable of fixing the issue, contacting the nearest electronic repair engineer is a great option.

Toaster Oven Light not Working and not Heat:

Every time you want to prepare a meal in a toaster oven, you are required to preheat the device. Unfortunately, If you find your toaster oven light not working and does not heat into it, you have to take action to analyze the cause for a quick fix.

It’s easy to use a toast oven whether its light is working or not, but it becomes harder to operate when its heating element stops working.

Make sure the appliance power plug is connected to an outlet and there is electric power available to a device for running. 

If the device is turning on and no light working and no heat is generated, it could be because of a fault in the control board, a damaged lamp, and a heating element of the device.

Technically, the cause of this problem can be detected only after testing all its internal and external parts. Be sure the outlet has electric power on it where you have connected the appliance.


The toaster oven may have one fault or more than that if its light is not working. Testing its bulb, control board, cord, and overall parts connectivity with the control board can represent the actual cause. 

However, fixing the fault is a possible way to shine the not working light. If you’re testing out the parts working, ensure your and your device’s safety.