Toaster Oven Turns On But No Heat? (Reason & Fix)

Defects in some parts lead to the non-functioning of the toaster oven. Finding the root cause, if done correctly, is the first step to restoring functionality. Fast heating is the number one quality of this device, if the toaster oven is not producing heat, we can feel that this device is useless.

If you simply turn on the switch and the toaster oven turns on but no heat is being generated on the elements, some heat-generating machine components may malfunction. But it is also essential to find the right part for troubleshooting.

Suppose a toaster oven turns on but does not produce heat. In that case, it may be a fault in one of its elements, such as a faulty thermostat, a broken heating element, power not available to the heating element or it may be a fuse problem.

In this guide, we’ve listed some possible causes and their fixes for the toaster oven turning on but no heat problem.

Toaster Oven Turns on but No Heat?

Common Cause a Toaster Oven Turns On but No Heat:

A toaster oven shows several signs when something stops working or has some faults. You can’t just guess the faulted part without checking the common issues. 

If you may have unusual things with your toaster oven working, you should check some of its parts to avoid any loss. Below we have listed some common causes that you should check if your toaster oven turns on but no heat.

Broken Heating Element:

As a food toasting, baking, and preparing device, a toaster oven has elements to generate temperature according to command. 

In case the device has a broken heating element, it shows unusual activities and results whenever you use the electric oven. You would notice an increase in the electric bill, half-cooked food, slow toasting, or more possibly no heat at all. 

Technically, a broken heating element is not designed to be repaired, you should always replace it to use the appliance. If you have noticed less orange color output from the element than before and no heat is generated, it’s a clear sign, the device required heating element replacement.

Faulty Thermostat:

Heat reading is essential to control the temperature.  If the heating element of your toaster oven is fine but no heat is generated and no reading on the thermostat, it means the thermostat is faulty. 

In case your thermostat is faulty, you may not see any reading on the thermostat at all then the device may require thermostat replacement.

Fuse Problem:

If a toaster oven fuse is blown, you may see some signs of fault in the appliance working, signs such as the heating element won’t turn on, the fuse looking burnt, the control board display doesn’t work and the device doesn’t complete operation properly. 

In case you find the fuse is burnt, replace it and test the heating element working again. However, if the fuse is okay, you should check other parts(as we describe in this guide) for troubleshooting.

Control Board Fault:

All the commands we give to the toaster oven go to its control board. It is a central board that starts and ends the operation by setting the user’s declared temperature and settings in the system. 

If by chance any part of the control board stops working or gets burnt, a toaster oven will fail to generate heat. 

The Control board glows electricity through the high resistance wire which produces heating and orange color light in the device. The Control board can be repaired and rarely needs to be replaced like other parts.

Internal Connectivity Issues:

All the internal elements and parts have proper connectivity with the board to run and complete the operation. 

Typically, electric toaster ovens use a variety of components to produce heat, such as solenoids, thermal fuse, temperature sensors, a control board(also known as a circuit board), and thermostats. If any of the parts stops working, the device will fail to heat up.

How to Repair a Toaster Oven That Turns On But No Heat?

Before repairing a toaster oven that turns on but has no heat, you will need to find the actual cause of the problem. 

In case you know the actual faulty element, you should repair or replace it. Make sure the toaster oven is unplugged or turned off before repairing or dismantling it.

Fixing an unworking toaster oven is simple, first, detect the faulty component then repair or replace the unworking component. In case you’re not an electronic repair guy, approach the nearest appliance shop to ask them to detect and fix the issue. 

Sometimes the repair and component replacement costs are similar to a new toaster oven. If you’re facing similar fees, going for a new one may be beneficial to repair the existing one.

No Heat but Power On My Toaster Oven?

Using a toaster oven for a long time can create a malfunction or fault in any part, defects such as no heat production, not working lights, broken heating elements, etc. 

Technically, there would be a fault in the heating element if there is no heat but power in your toaster oven. However, you should look at all internal and external components to determine the cause of the malfunction. 

You can see the heating element inside the food preparation space of the toaster oven. It’s a high-resistance wire located on top of the food preparation rack. 

If you have noticed no broken heating element but still heat is not generating, you might need to open the body of the toaster oven to look closely at the internal hidden heating element parts. 

In case you have noticed a faulty heating element, you should replace the heating element to repair the issue. 

Don’t forget to turn off the power supply to the device before dismantling it to check for possible internal faults. 

As we explained earlier, be sure to check the thermostat and central heat-generating wire working state to do further cause-finding procedures. When you find the actual cause, troubleshoot it to reuse the appliance.

Why Won’t My Toaster Oven Heat Up?

If a toaster oven won’t heat up, something might be faulty in its system. In most repair cases, we have reported malfunctioning in thermostats and fuses. 

A sparked or faulty fuse can also malfunction the heating element working of the toaster oven. As a heat-generating appliance, toaster ovens have a fuse to prevent operation in dry conditions. 

If by chance the fuse gets sparked and is not working, it can prevent the toaster oven from heating up. Moreover, we can’t say that only the fuse is responsible for this fault as this electric oven has a variety of parts to heat the elements by glowing electricity into a high resistance voltage wire. 

Several cases can happen when a toaster oven stops generating heat inside its food-preparing space, such as power getting on but not heating at all, the device won’t turn on and no heat, or minor heat that cannot prepare the dishes. 

In some repair cases, our technicians noticed that there were melted elements in the electronic oven. Replacing that melted element such as a melted thermal fuse restarts heat generation in the toaster oven. 

Although the heating element is the main responsible detail behind heat production in the device, you should check other parts also.


The possibility is high that there will be a fault in the heating element of your toaster oven if it is not heating up. Although high resistance wire is responsible for heat generation, you should check faults inside other parts also. Replace the faulty component for fixing the issue.